Top MMA News Canadian Light-Heavyweight Rankings – May 2010


The Light-Heavyweights are getting so thin that Top MMA News considered moving Light-Heavyweight to a Top 5!   With the departure of Travis Galbraith and the up and coming Craig Brown down to Middleweight, Top MMA News had a tough time ranking the Canadian Light-Heavyweights.  The bottom spots are wide open, so lets see who claims them over the next few months.

However, in one surprising move, Top MMA News moved Ryan Jimmo to the number one spot.  With his recent dominant win over Wilson Gouveia, Jimmo overtook Krzysztof Soszyinski in our eyes.  This is a tough decision and it is possible to consider them 1 a) and 1 b), however that is not Top MMA News‘ style.  Krzysztof Soszyinski did get a controversial win over Stephan Bonnar but it should have been scored a No Contest due to a accidental head butt.  That, combined with a loss to Brandon Vera, dropped Krzysztof Soszyinski to second behind a terrific athlete who has won thirteen fights in a row.

Top Canadian Light-Heavyweight Rankings

1. Ryan Jimmo (13-1) – Previous Rank (2) – Thirteen in a row.  A demolition of Wilson Gouveia.  The best in Canada! Who will stop The Big Deal?  No fight is lined up for Jimmo after his MFC 25 win but how about bringing Trevor Prangley back for a title bout?  How about Antwain Britt who beat him on TUF?  Next Fight: TBD

2. Krzysztof Soszyinski (21-9-1) – Previous Rank (1) – Winnipeg’s Krzysztof Soszyinski won his last bout against Stephan Bonnar when the referee missed an unintentional head butt.  K.S is 4-1 now in the big show with the only loss coming against Brandon Vera.  Does this warrant a demotion to #2 in Canada?  Arguably not.  However with a loss and what should have been a No Contest by Soszyinski, Jimmo was able to leap frog Krzysztof. The demotion could be short lived.  With an impressive victory over Bonnar in their rematch at UFC 116, Krzysztof Soszyinsk could be back on top. Next Fight: vs Stephan Bonnar at UFC 116 on July 3.

3. Martin Désilets (10-2) – Previous Rank (7) –  Désilets vs Valimaki was a well-matched TFC 9 title fight and Désilets came out on top with a victory over Valimaki who was undefeated in his previous seven fights.  Martin moves up four spots in the biggest move this ranking.  Who knows where he will fight next.  Désilets told Top MMA News that TFC had not contacted him to defend his title and it appears he will not get licensed to fight in Ringside in Quebec.  Let’s hope someone picks up this very tough fighter who makes up for his lack of polish with tremendous power.  Next Fight: TBD

4. Victor Valimaki (16-6) – Previous Rank (4) – Victor Valimaki appeared to be on the track back to the UFC after reeling off seven straight wins.  Then he ran into the fists of Martin Désilets. In a very entertaining round of fighting, Désilets took Valimaki’s TFC crown and possible UFC shot away.  Valimaki is a tough LHW and remains one of Canada’s best.  An Edmonton favorite, its possible he may wind up on the July TFC card.  Some Top MMA News matchmaking would put Valimaki against Dwayne Lewis (but we know that won’t happen) or a rematch against Martin Désilets or how about Roger Hollett?  Next Fight: TBD

5. Dwayne Lewis (11-5) – Previous Rank (3) – Dwayne Lewis drops two spots on the Top MMA News list amidst concerns that he may not overcome the superior wrestler.  It is arguable that Lewis just had a bad day against Emanuel Newton and he should be ranked ahead of Valimaki and Top MMA News agrees that this is just a matter of opinion.  MFC has been hinting at a Wilson Gouveia/Dwayne Lewis bout.  This is a good matchup that MFC fans would love to see.  Lets hope it comes to fruition.  Next Fight: TBD

6. Steve Bossé (7-1) – Previous Rank (8) – The former hockey goon (check out his stats) dropped down to 205 in 2009.  He took a step up against an aging Marvin Eastman last fight and beat him in by an uninspiring decision. Bossé has reeled off five wins in a row in Quebec and looks to be a promising LHW with wins over Craig Brown and the aforementioned Eastman.  However, like Martin Desilets, his problems with the Quebec commission leave his next fight up in the air.  Let’s hope he gets in the cage sooner rather than later as Bossé is working his way up the LHW rankings;. Next Fight: TBD

7. Roger Hollett (10-3) – Previous Rank (6) – In 2008, The Hulk lost his MFC title to Emanuel Newton.  He then went on to lose to David Heath which gave him three losses in his last four fights.  That low point in Hollett’s career appears to be over with Hollett’s Armbar victory over Aron Lofton at Heat XC 4 in a matchup that many expected Hollett to lose.  Now on a two fight winning streak, expect Hollett to take a run at the MFC’s ever-deepening LHW division.  How about Dwayne Lewis? Next Fight: TBD

8. Bill Mahood (17-7-1) – Previous Rank (10) – An aging Bill Mahood has won three consecutive fights and the KOTC Light-Heavyweight belt since returning from retirement after losing to Bobby Southworth.  Now the Butcher is saying he is retiring again and will have his last match in Prince George against journeyman Chester Post.  Not much competition for Mahood but at least he retires with a win!  Next Fight:  vs Chester Post at XFC 10 on May 29.

9. Clay Davidson (4-1) – Previous Rank (NR) – Clay Davidson debuts on this list due to Travis Galbraith and Craig Brown moving to Middleweight and Todd Gouwenberg not fighting in the past year.  By all accounts Davidson is a very tough individual who is undefeated since losing to #5 Dwayne Lewis in Davidson’s debut fight.  After improving his record to 4-1, the Toshido fighter claims his spot on this list.  Expect Davidson to beat Devon Neis this weekend at Aggression to further solidify his spot.  Next Fight: vs Devon Neis at Aggression May 21.

10. Dana Dickeson (5-1) – Previous Rank (NR) – Dickeson enters this list with a loss in his last fight to Craig Brown.  Previous to that, Dickeson was cleaning up on the East Coast of Canada.  He was scheduled to fight for the Elite 1 Light-Heavyweight crown but that fight has recently been scrapped.  Needless to say that the 10th spot on this list is up for grabs.  Dickeson needs to win to hold on to it or someone off this list needs to step up.  Next Fight: TBD

Just Out of the Top 10:

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:
Ray Penny (4-1)
Sebastien Gauthier (5-2)
Jay Whitford (3-1)
Todd Gouwenberg (9-5)

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67 Responses to “ Top MMA News Canadian Light-Heavyweight Rankings – May 2010 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    A few names for the TBD slot that sit just outside… Tom Murphy, Cody Krahn, Trent Thorne, Bill Mesi, and once Penner gets healthy I’m sure he’ll shoot up the ladder pretty quick! But that’s just my opinion! lol

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Penner hasn’t fought LHW. Murphy is American.

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Just outside should be that, just outside.

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  4. James Locke says:

    I’m glad to see my man jimmo at the top of that’s list. He’s worked hard and deserves a title if you ask me.
    Lots if room in this weight class. Also lots at heavyweight in Canada.

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  5. Cruesome says:

    My man Jimmo?

    What do you have to do with Jimmo?

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  6. I wish Murphy was Canadian. We need more Light-Heavyweights.

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    “My man Jimmo?

    What do you have to do with Jimmo?”


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  8. mark says:

    hey rumple………Trent Thorne in the top 10 canada, thats a joke no offence.

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  9. Who should be “Just Out of the Top 10” for LHW?

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    No Mark…. I said those guys should be considered for “Just Out of the Top 10”
    Who would you put in that spot?

    With the lack of top level Light Heavyweights in Canada the next best guys that are active would be guys like Cody Krahn (6-2) Bill Mesi (3-1) and Trent Thorne (5-2)… however Krahn says he’s going to be fighting more at Middleweight.

    …and Bobby when I mentioned Penner I meant that when he does get healthy and has a fight at 205 he will have a good chance move up the rankings pretty quickly!

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    Also Bastien Huveneers (8-2-1) recently picked up a win over Marcus Vinicios after a year of inactivity so he is another one who could be considered!

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  12. Bobby Karimi says:

    Bastien Huveneers is from Belgium.

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  13. I sent a note to Bastien last night asking him his citizenship status.

    Bastien was born in Belgium, but lives in Canada.

    Holanda was born in Brazil but has landed immigrant status and is in process of becoming Canadian, so he was considered.

    Murphy is American living in Canada and has no plans to be Canadian. Not considered.

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    I wasn’t sure if Bastein was Canadian or not but I saw that he was listed in the last 205 Rankings inactivity list so I figured he must be a citizen at least!

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  15. Bobby Karimi says:

    Man, I love being right :)

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  16. Cody Rempel says:

    Dammit Bobby… you’re making me sound like an idiot these last few days! haha

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  17. Bobby Karimi says:

    lol, what else did I say?

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  18. Bobby Karimi says:

    Anyone know why these guys are inactive?
    Ray Penny (4-1)
    Sebastien Gauthier (5-2)
    Jay Whitford (3-1)
    Todd Gouwenberg (9-5)

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  19. Huveneers immigrated from Belgium last year. Belgian citizen.

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  20. Darren Owen says:

    Huveneers fights at 185 and would possibly do a catch at 195 but doesn’t fight at 205. I would add Misha Cirkunov to the just outside top 10 but getting ready to smash his way in. Yes he’s currently 1-0 but we all know what potential he has.

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  21. Bobby Karimi says:

    “I would add Misha Cirkunov to the just outside top 10 but getting ready to smash his way in. Yes he’s currently 1-0 but we all know what potential he has.”

    Like you mentioned, he’s 1-0. Also his win is over no one of any recognition. You can’t have him just outside the Top 10.

    Obviously Misha is talented, but let’s give him a few fights first. :)

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  22. MurphFan says:

    Murphy is NOT American living in Canada, he is an American living in America but trains in Canada. And quite frankly Tom Murphy in my opinion is top 3 of the list in Canada….. by far. BUt he is American :)

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  23. Darren Owen says:

    Bobby, what do you think Misha’s record would be if he fought everyone in the top 10? Just curious.

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  24. Bobby Karimi says:

    Its hard to say cuz he’s only had 1 fight. But with the proper training I’d see him being at very worst a 5-5 against them. I’d go with 7-3.

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  25. Bobby Karimi says:

    Like I mean between 5-5 to 7-3 maybe even 8-2, if he fought the Top 10 today.

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  26. Mitch Hudson says:

    If he fought the Top 10 today, 10-0

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  27. Bobby Karimi says:

    Chances are when the new rankings come out KSOS will be #1 again. He’ll hopefully have beaten Bonnar.

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  28. Tom Vick says:

    Misha is all hype wait till he get’s punched in the face a few times.

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  29. Tom Vick says:

    Jimmo is awesome and getting better with each fight.

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  30. Bobby Karimi says:

    Real curious to see how Misha does in his fight on W-1 vs Ion Cherdivara. I’ve heard good things about Cherdivara.

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  31. Big Jake says:

    Whitford has been training and teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu out of his camp for the past year. He’s looking at making another run at it late this year.

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  32. Good to hear, Big Jake. Need more tough Canadian LHWs.

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  33. Linda Jimmo says:

    Ryan Jimmo is in #1 spot because Ryan “Big Deal ” Jimmo is the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  34. slicric says:

    I’ve seen Misha roll and at 20% he’s killing guys, right now theres no 1 over 185 that can touch his ground game …. his stand up is well you’ll see !!! Jimmo has got the total package it seems , and as long as he stays humble and focus’d he’ll stay around 1 or 2 ..

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  35. Slicric, Misha beats Munduruca on the ground?

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  36. slicric says:

    in my opinion , 100000% !!! never seen munduruca roll in person but from the vids i have seen and the guys he`s rolled with , misha would eat them alive !!!! munduruca has got about 30 – 40 pounds on misha at fight weight , but theres no one with misha`s explosiveness and power… not knocking rodrigo abilities , but ……….

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  37. Darren Owen says:

    I’ve seen Misha roll with some very legit guys and it’s like watching a big brother do whatever he wants to a defenceless little brother. I would bet he is the best grappler in Canada. Extremely impressive. I haven’t seen his standup yet.

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  38. Cody Rempel says:

    I think Linda might be a little biased! lol

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  39. the "ordeal" stone says:

    I want to see JIMMO vs The POLISH EXPERIMENT,
    then, i want to see Jimmo vs poppa Jimmo(a 5th degree black belt)…

    bring it on………….:)

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  40. trent says:

    lol wow just kinda stumbled upon this lol Well i would have to agree all of these guys would kill me! i am sure! But hey its nice to be talked about thats for sure! love me or hate me my name is in the mix! lol

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  41. Darren Owen says:

    Just found a guy named Tim Chemelli 5-0 not sure if he’s on your radar.

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  42. hey there i think Ray penny should still be there on the list he has fought some very tough guys that alot of guys hats off to Ray Penny look forward to seeing him back in action.

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  43. We got Tim down on our list of guys we follow. He is beating unknown guys very quickly.

    Penny is on the inactive list as he has not fought in 2 years.

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  44. trent thorne says:

    chemelli is a tough dude for sure i was disappointed that he never got to fight Toney Lopez this summer. would have been a great fight to see where exactly he lies in the rankings i would think? Also Sean Wright beat him by submission i do believe that was his only loss! There seems to be allot of confusion around his record. Ive seen him post here before why not set us straight on your actual record? im curious

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  45. craig says:

    Hollett vs Jimmo should happen. Hollett schooled him I’m the gym and would tear him apart in my opinion

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  46. BigBoi says:

    Jimmo should drop significantly on that list after this last fight. He looked horrible. If you’re going to be the top dog you have to have killer instinct.

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  47. Bobby Karimi says:


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  48. Top MMA News does not drop guys because their fights put you to sleep.

    We drop guys because they lose, because they are inactive, or because people below them have better wins.

    There are no style points. Style points can get you to the UFC or keep you from the UFC, but does not affect your ranking.

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  49. Wow says:

    Keith loves jimmo lol jk makes sense he wins he’s on top but is kryst wins better or harder wins than Jimmos Aka cummins I feel yes

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  50. Bc says:

    It does appear through these rankings that top mma news cares more about records than the higher level of comp

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