Boots Scraps – NY Training Was Awesome, On to Week 2


Hello everyone!

The rest of last week was really fun! Wednesday evening Steph and I did my last private with John D and I trained some clinch work with Joe and the Renzo Gracie Muay Thai team. It was great! Then Thursday evening we headed to NJ to Ricardo’s gym to train MMA. I sparred with Frankie Edgar. Wow he is fast! What a great guy! Also I moved around with Dante (he won his fight this Saturday) and Ricardo himself! I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to train with guys of that calibre! We always have a big welcome and great training at Ricardo’s gym!

After the morning training, Steph and I went to look after Jeff Chan and Garry Ghilchrest for their Muay Thai fights in NYC. They made weight on Thursday and fought on Friday. Then, immediately after their fights, we drove home! Now I am enjoying my weekend, keeping it relax and getting ready for hard training at OAMA this coming week!

I was happy to hear that Roger Gracie won his MMA fight by RNC! Dante from Ricardo’s gym won his fight via N\S choke and also that NYC Renzo Gracie fighter John Cholish won his fight and the lightweight belt by 4th round TKO! Congrats!

On Friday May 12th there will be a big party at the Foundation club downtown Ottawa. It is a fundraising party for my UFC debut. I hope to see everyone there! Check out the facebook link here and bring lots of your friends!
I will fill you guys in on the details of training this week! Now I am going to enjoy the beautiful Sunday weather and RELAX! Once again, the comments and support are much appreciated, thank you everyone!

Take care!

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