Ringside Announces Card for June 18


Ringside MMA is proud to announce that their 7th event will be held on June 18, 2010 at 7pm. The MMA event will be held at the Pierre-Charbonneau Center, located on 3000 Rue Viau in Montreal, under the title, “No Escape”. Guillaume “Il Toro” de Lorenzi will be making his first title defence of his lightweight belt against UFC veteran Dale Hartt. There will be no less than 12 electrifying fights for this event. Tickets are already on sale via the Ovation website. This event will also be streamed live via the Internet from the official Ringside MMA website at http://www.ringsidemma.tv for a low fee.

Fighting in the main event of the evening, Guillaume de Lorenzi (8-1-0) has stopped 7 of his 9 opponents by way of KO, with his only loss coming at the hands of UFC veteran John “War Machine” Koppenhaver in February 2009. De Lorenzi bounced back from his loss to win his last 3 fights over the likes of young prospect Lindsey Hawkes, the French Sebastien Garguier, and most recently, Ryan Machan at the last Ringside event titled “Rage”, where de Lorenzi won the lightweight belt. The American Dale Hartt (6-2) is a member of Team Sityodtong, and has made 3 appearances in the UFC. Hartt’s first appearance for the American promotion was in July 2009 at UFC Fight Night 14, where he suffered a defeat at the hands of Shannon Gugerty. He was able to rebound from that loss to capture a victory against Corey Hill at UFC Fight For the Troops, but suffered the 2nd loss in his career against Dennis Siver at UFC 99.

In the co-main event, another UFC veteran Tom Murphy (6-0-0) will face Sean Salmon (17-9-0). Still undefeated after 6 professional MMA fights, the American Tom Murphy spends much of his time training under Firas Zahabi at Tristar Gym in Montreal. After defeating Icho Larenas in UFC 58, Murphy continued his winning streak at the expense of Gregory Millard, Jason Cecil and Bruno Hosier. Salmon, who is also a veteran of the prestigious UFC promotion, lost to Rashad Evans and Alan Belcher earlier in his MMA career. Salmon has also fought for Hardcore Championship Fighting where he defeated Marcus Vinicious, as well as Strikeforce, where he fought Jorge Santiago. He is coming off a loss courtesy of Alexander Shlemenko on March 13 in Finland. Sean Salmon is looking for a return to glory if he can be the one to hand Tom Murphy the first loss of his career.

Also on the card, fighting at lightweight, will be a battle between Derek Gauthier (6-1-0) from Quebec against the Nova Scotian Jason Mackay (9-2-0). Gauthier, who has been training at both Sparmax, under Normand Grimard, as well as at the Tristar gym under the tutelage of Firas Zahabi, is looking to pick up his 2nd straight victory since dropping down to lightweight. Gauthier’s only loss was to Tyler Jackson, who is a veteran of Bodog Fight. Gauthier showed tremendous character to rebound from that loss and get the KO win over Jason Rorison in Round 1. Jason Mackay did have 8 straight wins to begin his career, but then suffered losses against Steve Claveau and UFC veteran Drew Fickett. He did get back into the win column when he scored a split decision victory over Alex Sung in August 2009. Mackay will have a tough challenge ahead of him to shake off any ring rust quickly, since Derek Gauthier is sure to be ready and looking for his 5th KO win.

Another fight sees the undefeated Alex Garcia (3-0-0) facing Ricky Goodall (5-1-0) at 170 pounds. With 3 wins and 3 KO’s behind him, Alex Garcia has quickly been gaining recognition from the public for being an exciting and athletic fighter. After defeating TJ Coletti, Matt Northcott and most recently Jaret MacIntosh at the Ringside “Rage” event in March, Garcia will be looking to maintain his perfect record. For his part, Ricky Goodall is recognized as a fighter to watch from the East Coast, with 5 wins in 6 fights. Since making his professional debut in 2007, he waited 2 years before getting back into the ring. His only loss was suffered in the first match back after the long absence. He most recently defeated Jon McGrath and submitted Brian Mazerolle while fighting for Elite 1 Promotions.

Rounding out the fight card, the undefeated Daylin “The Caveman” Logan faces Lloyd Galindo, Samuel Guillet takes on Jason Rorison, Rejean Groulx of Drummondville fights Eugenio Carpine and a highly anticipated grudge match between Christopher Boisvert and his rival Kevin Morin. Mark Fraser, Denis Puric, Matt Northcott, Taylor Solomon, Dimitri Waardenburg, Pierre-Etienne Marcoux, Yohan Gariepy and Danny St-Gelais have also been added.

Date : June 18, 2010 – 7:00pm

Guillaume De Lorenzi vs Dale Hartt
Ringside MMA Lightweight (155) Championship Match

205 – Tom Murphy vs Sean Salmon
155 – Derek Gauthier vs Jason Mackay
170 – Alex Garcia vs Ricky Goodall
175 – Daylin Logan vs Lloyd Galindo
155 – Samuel Guillet vs Jason Rorison
145 – Réjean Groulx vs Eugenio Carpine
155 – Christopher Boisvert vs Kevin Morin
145 – Mark Fraser vs Denis Puric
170 – Matt Northcottvs Taylor Solomon
135 – Dimitri Waardenburg vs Pierre-Etienne Marcoux
150 – Yohan Gariepy vs Danny St-Gelais

11 Responses to “ Ringside Announces Card for June 18 ”

  1. Stenson Stark says:

    Ringside vs W-1 on back to back nights.

    Neither organization has anything to gain from this.

    Looking at the cards, if I had to go to one, it would be W-1.

    Thoughts out there?

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  2. MMA Fan says:

    I don’t think they are competing against each other in the grand scheme of things Stenson.

    They will split ticket sales which will hurt both companies on this one occasion, but overall, W-1 seems to be taking a different route than Ringside.

    W-1 is focussed on television and Ringside is/was a nice local show.

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  3. MMA Fan says:

    What does Top MMA News think about back to back fight nights?

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  4. Back to back shows have to hurt ticket sales for both shows. Not sure if this was by accident or was a business maneuver by one of the two promotions.

    I have mentioned the idea of MMA tours when Edmonton had 3 shows in 3 nights back to back to back last summer. If promoters could somehow work together, I bet you could get fans from MMA starved places like the maritimes or ontario come in buses for an MMA weekend in one of the best (if not the best) cities in Montreal.

    Personally, I loved flying in to Edmonton to catch MFC and TFC on back to back nights. More fun than the UFCs that I have attended live and less expensive.

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  5. Warrior One has a much better TV deal so ultimately, a decrease in attendance hurts Ringside far more than W1. However, only 2 fighters on the W1 card have any drawing power in Quebec, and that is Quenneville and Bruno. So with so many Quebec fighters on the Ringside card, most people who would only attend 1 event, would choose Ringside MMA.

    So at the end of the day, the impact is neutral, since W1 has built their card for TV ratings, while Ringside MMA will continue to grow their base in Quebec.

    I will be at both, and may even be wearing a great Blue Bomber cap I received ; )

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  6. Michele says:

    Excellent points Gary. I agree with your comments completely. I’m surprised that Denis Kang or Menjivar don’t have any pull in Montreal.

    W-1 really lost out with Bosse not getting his license.

    Since W-1 is clearly “made for tv”, what are the odds that they start moving around? Anyone know?

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  7. harry balls says:

    I wish XMMA would just come back…:(

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  8. Jer from MTL says:

    I am very excited for both Cards but….I dont know if i agree 100% with the argument that there is no draw power from the w-1 card but i can understand the points that were made! Not to mention i was at the last event and it was not packed at all…. My hope and opinion is that Quebec and surrounding provinces have a fair amount of die hard fans such as myself who have followed the local scene aswell as the international scene for a while! That being said i checked out the card and here are my thoughts. Even though i am fortunate to watch KAng and Menjivar train at the gym i work at it is an honor and great opportunity for me as a fan and for die hard fans to be able to watch internationally recognised veteran fighters like them fight in Montreal. AS for the up and commers i am super excited to see this kid Mischa again as there is alot of hype surrounding him and i seem to agree with it that this kid is the real deal! His Opponent Ion is a real tough guy from Jordan with good wrestling who trains with BTT Canada and Fabio holanda so you can expect decent ground game aswell!, should be a great fight! Also being a fan of topmmanews i have often read of Adrian Wooley in the rankings and updates and am looking forward to seeing him live! Anyone who by chance saw Eddie Fyvie fight as i did would be anxious to see him fight again!
    Quenneville has a huge following and deserves another title shot and there will be lots on hand to support him! All in all i am excited for Both Events and i do hope that attendance is high for both events cuz at the end of the day …..the guys that step in the cage desrve to be watched and cheered for! ALl the best!

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  9. Michele says:

    Jer – you are so right about Fyvie. I became an instant fan. He is all heart.

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  10. steve says:

    Bring them to iroquois mma championships instead of only fighting in Quebec…you will get a good fight there. Guys like Daylin Logan and other Quebec Clubs dont wanna go to fight in other areas because they are scared they will get properly matched and not fight chumps like they have been fighting. So i would seriously think about that one. I would love to guys like Willy Remero and matt macdonald , chuck monture, josh birch, ben jamieson, josh hill, Ray Penny, misha, and many other great fighters from Ontario, those are some very good fighters you wanna match for fights there that are worth the price of admission.

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  11. steve says:

    that is pathetic Logan is fighting LLoyd Galindo guy who has not fought in years give him a real opponent. That goes to show yeah how ruthless Quebec MMA pro events run things let logan fight a real fighter not chumps.

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