Friday Night Fights – Dartmouth – July 9


Date: July 9, 2010
Location: Rodeo Lounge in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
TV: None

@230 (Catch)
Roger “the Hulk” Hollett vs Ilya “the Russian Monster” Woronowski

Steven Rogers vs Rory McDonnell

Chris Currie vs Jeff Lundberg

Ricky Goodall vs Tim Skidmore

Justin Steele vs Jonathan Williams

Matt Murray vs Chris Goguen

Vincent Cormier vs Chris Keledes

Ryan Vansnick vs James Saunders

Kameron Johnson vs Stephen Clement

Jeff Black vs Dave Spense

9 Responses to “ Friday Night Fights – Dartmouth – July 9 ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Wow a lot of those guys have not-so-hot records. Who is putting this on?

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  2. Brodie says:

    Its actually a Promotion called Friday night fights. Apparently 4 friends put this one together and they signed exclusive with the Rodeo Lounge so no other MMA event will ever be held there.

    Its near impossible to find out anything more trust me I have tried lol.

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  3. paul says:

    i hear a rumor that Roger The Hulk Hollett will be on that card

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Anyone know of Roger’s move to Heavyweight is a one time deal or is it a permanent move?

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  5. Ricky Goodall says:

    Hey guys,

    This will be Roger’s only heavyweight fight at this time. He has been signed to a larger promotion in the near future and will be competing at light heavyweight at that time.

    This event is being promoted by Kemp Waterman, former Phoenix Fight Promotions co-owner.

    This should be a great night of fights and tickets will sell FAST (only 200 tickets and 30 tables available). I have tickets available cheaper than the advertised price, feel free to contact me at or 902-754-9261

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  6. Appreciate the update Ricky.

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  7. Brodie says:

    Apparently Shane Daley is off this card due to problems he had with a commission more to follow.

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  8. paul says:

    tickets are going very fast, better get in while the going is good, last crack to see Roger in Halifax fighting for a bit, and a great line up of new fighter to the MMA scene

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  9. paul says:

    was a good night of fights, unfortunately the Hulk fight was cancelled due to an injury but Rog and Ilya have agreed to get that fight on at the next event being held in September, lots of hype as they exchanged some words in an interview in the ring which became a little ruff, with the Hulk giving The Russian Monster a nice get the hell out of my way push…..gonna be hot here in September

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