Doerksen Headlines CFC 5 After UFC Win


After five consecutive wins in organizations such as Sengoku and the Canadian Fighting Championship, Winnipeg’s Joe Doerksen was signed by the UFC to fight at UFC 113 in Montreal. This was to be Doerksen’s second fight in less than a month. The result? El Dirte submitted Tom Lawlor in the second round of a very exciting fight that made the UFC 113 Pay Per View broadcast. In fact, Doerksen was the only Canadian out of seven to win at UFC 113!

With his sixth consecutive victory under his belt, his UFC win bonus in his bank account, and a freshly minted UFC contract, there is no way that Joe Doerksen will still headline CFC 5 on June 4th. Right?


Many are assuming that Doerksen has pulled out of the CFC 5 event. Let the Canadian Fighting Championship set the record straight – Joe Doerksen WILL be headlining CFC 5 against Shawn Marchand on June 4th.

As Joe Doerksen told Top MMA News Radio recently when asked if he was still fighting on CFC 5:

“Absolutely! The top three experiences as a fighter have been fighting in the UFC, fighting in Japan, and fighting in Winnipeg. Winnipeg’s my hometown…it’s my friends and family…I don’t know how to explain it…there’s no feeling like it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

CFC fans should be honored that a warrior of Joe Doerksen’s calibre will be gracing the Steel Circle in Winnipeg. It is a very rare opportunity to see a fighter on the current UFC roster fight outside the UFC. Fans will have that chance on June 4th.

Why would Joe Doerksen take this local fight when he is also fighting for the biggest MMA promotion in the world?

Doerksen replies, “For me fighting in the CFC is different, but is just as big a deal for me as fighting in the UFC.”

Fans can purchase tickets to see Joe Doerksen fight live in his hometown by calling 772-2599 and through Ticketmaster.Remember that this event is now open to fans sixteen years old and older.

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4 Responses to “ Doerksen Headlines CFC 5 After UFC Win ”

  1. Can’t wait :)

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  2. kris says:

    Classy. Good for both cfc and joe

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Props to Doerksen for making sure he could honor his contract for CFC… Best of luck getting lucky #7 in a row Joe!

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  4. The Rock says:

    Joe Doerksen, is a true ambassador for this sport. Among the best fighters in the world, possible in the top five today. He was in ottawa last December, when of course Nabil K. got K.O by our teammate and UFC contender Mark”Boots”Holst. I was truly glad i met this athlete from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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