Rumble in the Cage 39 – Lethbridge – June 5


Date: June 5, 2010
Location: Lethbridge Exhibition in Lethbridge, Alberta
TV: Online PPV
Tickets: TicketLeap

1. Noah Ali 135 BDB vs. Ryland Coventry 130 Fort Mac

2. Mark Poitras 170 CMC vs. Dwight Chowace 170 GP

3. Maged Hammo 145 CMC vs. Corey Chambers 145 Scheers

4. Dave Hollet 140 Brooks vs. Ben Jansen 140 Fort Mac

5. Adam Kaupp 170 CMC vs. Kyle Coleman 170 BDB

6. Brendan Blacquier 155 CMC vs. Nigel Drapeau 155 GP

7. Sam Cameron 170 Kenora vs. Tyler Siwak 170 Scheers

8. Jeremy Smerek 220 CMC vs. Jordan Murray 230lbs IND

9. Darby Soop 230 Edmon. vs. Terry Robertson 230 GP

10. Matt Thornburn 155 Kenora vs. Derek Gatz 155 Scheers

11. Josh Kitchen 170 BDB vs. Mark Morales 170 Calgary

12. Peter Neufeld 170 CMC vs. Robert Curtis 170 Calgary

13. Dwayne Mombourquette 185 vs. Rob Bennet 185 Fort Mac

14. Sean Merkl 220 CMC vs. Chad Olmstead 220 Edmon.

15. Jordan Mein 185 CMC vs. Ben Snyder 185 Kensei.

17 Responses to “ Rumble in the Cage 39 – Lethbridge – June 5 ”

  1. Mitch Clarke says:

    Will Jordan be able to fight on this card, isn’t he still under contract with Let’s get it on cause he’s still in the tournament?

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    He’s on the poster some I’m assuming he has permission from LGIO to fight at RITC!

    The next LGIO shows are scheduled for June 25th, However this is the date for the opening round of the western 155 lbs tourney. Not sure if they’ll keep this date for the eastern 170lbs opening round or how that’ll work.

    The Semi-finals are scheduled for August 20th in Edmonton so potentially Jordan has approx. 10 months to be ready for the Semi’s between June 5th and August 20th.

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  3. The 25th will be the eastern part of the LGIO 170 tourney. The 155s are cancelled.

    Two fighters told me that they have permission to fight on other cards as long as they are over a month away from their scheduled LGIO fights.

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Good to know… oh and I actually meant he’d have 10 weeks to be ready not 10 months! lol

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  5. Clint Borton says:

    Why would I buy tickets to this when I don’t know who they are fighting ? Nobody shows up at a UFC Without the name of the opponent . eg…GSP VS TBA . This would make sense if the fight was 8 weeks away but it’s in 18 days

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  6. dwight chowace says:

    I’m wondering if there will be enough tickets at the door or could I get some in advance?

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  7. Darren Owen says:

    I would buy tickets to GSP vs TBA or even GSP vs TBA.

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Dwight tickets are usually available at The Canadian Martial Arts Center in Lethbridge or follow this link:

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  9. KENNY POWERS says:

    Trevor Reid is fighting… WHAT???!!!!!, go for liver shots Mark i heard its weak!

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  10. dwight chowace says:

    Thanx. Also can people attending be under the age of 18? I’m assuming not cause there is some people not over 18 fighting right?

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  11. Lee Mein says:

    It is an all ages event so kids under 18 are allowed in the event. Jordan Mein can fight on this show because he is fighting a pro kickboxing fight so there is no conflict with his LGIO fights.

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  12. Lee Mein says:

    It is rumble in the cage 39 and it is in Lethbridge AB not Calgary just to make sure there is no confusion with the info at the top.

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  13. Thanks Lee. Bad cut/paste error there. Updated with Online PPV info.

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  14. Shaun Driver says:

    Is it possible to purchase the PPV after the event has completed? (Will be live.. but will probably want to re-watch)

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  15. Lee Mein says:

    hi, the show will be available after the live airing so fighters and fans can see the show again, on they will be showing RITC 36 for free june 3, this show has Jesse Bongfeldt, Nick Ring, Josh Kitchen, Ben Snyder, Mark Morales, Spencer Rohovie, Tim Tamaki and many more exciting fights on it, check it out.

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  16. Jerry says:

    Right, you can watch it LIVE or On-Demand at GoFightLive. If you buy it LIVE, you can watch it any time you want in the future.

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