Goulet and Hague Cut by UFC


Jonathan Goulet and Tim Hague have been released by the UFC following losses at UFC 113.

Goulet lost to Marcus Davis by KO last Saturday.  Goulet announced his release on Facebook yesterday saying, “Just got released fuck!!!”  He added, “Good news is, i still can fight everywhere in the world, i’m not injured and will be back stronger!! What doesn’t kill us only make you stronger!!”

Tim Hague lost to Joey Beltran in a close decision at UFC 113 in Montreal.  Tonight, the Thrashing Machine posted online the following, “Time to take things a lot more seriously. Just got released by UFC again. Just turned 27 though, ill be back. Gonna take a fight mid July, in shape, stay tuned folks.”

9 Responses to “ Goulet and Hague Cut by UFC ”

  1. JL says:

    Mid July? AFC Victoria? Probably the biggest show in that month lined up right now…

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  2. Eman says:

    Probably tfc

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Hague signed a 4 fight contract with The Fight Club after the “loss” to Tuchscherer! I believe it was exclusive in Canada!

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  4. James Locke says:

    Good for Tim on the TFC deal. Canadians love him!

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  5. Darren Owen says:

    Tim is currently not scheduled to fight for the AFC, I spoke with him before about fighting on the card then the UFC picked him back up. We wish Tim the best of luck and would love to have him under the AFC banner sooner than later.

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  6. Chris B says:

    This is total BS. Hague lost two controversial decisions. His latest loss came after he only had 3 weeks to prepare for his fight. I thought they didn’t cut people who took fights at the last minute.

    As for Goulet, this is another crock. He’s off for two years with serious injuries, and they put him in against a roid boy who only fights in jurisdictions that don’t do steroid testing. I don’t buy for a minute that he fights in Europe all the time because he’s Irish. The last time he fought in a jurisdiction that tests for steroids, he lost miserably to Ben Saunders. With the exception of Paul Georgieff, Goulet has never been given an easy fight in the UFC unlike some of their TUF winners.

    Any organization that picks up these two warriors will be a winner.

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  7. L-Boutin says:

    Goulet should have gotten another shot. Davis is a tough fight for anyone.

    Hague has lost 3 in a row now and hasn’t looked really impressive in any of his UFC fights (Even in his win over Barry, he was getting lit up on his feet before catching a quick guillotine against the kickboxer) It doesn’t really matter if 2 were close decisions, they were against lower tier journeyman fighters. He needs to take some time off and train seriously. Get a few quality wins out of the organization before coming back.

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  8. Shamrock says:

    Tim’s last fight with Beltran wasn’t close. He eas beaten from pillar to post. It was as if Joey knew how Tim was going to fight before hand.

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  9. hawkes says:

    i give both guys props and give respect to them both.

    however, you need to be impressive with every performance now days int he ufc. they want exciting fights and battles. if you dont perform, your out. simple as that.

    also, both were only on the card because it was located in Canada. no disrespect but Hague was added last minute because he was Canadian, not because he racked up a bunch of wins outside the ufc. Goulet was out for a long time with injury and was on shaky ground before his last fight.

    both are skilled fighters and can fight their way back though!

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