Quebec Octagon Bylaws Force LGIO to Cancel Shows


Let’s Get It On MMA (LGIO) has announced the cancellation of all Eastern shows scheduled to take place at the Casino Lac Leamy throughout 2010.

Issues involving the regulatory bylaws of the province of Quebec, which governs combative sports, are cited as the reason for the cancellation.

For several months LGIO MMA has been in discussions with the RACJ Sports de Combat, which serves as the athletic commission in Quebec and is the regulatory body, which oversees all combative sports in the province.

The RACJ has bylaws that mandate the type of combative platform that is allowed to be used during Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events. The RACJ bylaws mandate that an “octagon” style of cage is the only approved cage-fighting platform. Currently Zuffa, LLC, the parent company of the UFC, owns the trademark rights to any octagonal (or anything similar to an octagon) cage-fighting platform. Any promoter wishing to use an octagon must first seek approval and licensing through Zuffa, LLC. LGIO has not been able to secure any approval from Zuffa, LLC, despite numerous attempts to contact them over the past several months. “At this time it would be hazardous for the reputation and legal standing of LGIO to use a trademarked cage without the expressed approval of the trademark owner”, stated Elaine McCarthy, Executive Producer and Promoter of LGIO.

LGIO MMA uses a distinct circular cage because of their belief that it is the best and least obtrusive fighting environment available. After multiple discussions and presentations by LGIO, the RACJ was ultimately unable to make an amendment in their legislative regulations or bylaws in time to give approval to LGIO for their first scheduled show in the east in May.

LGIO MMA is currently in the process of re-working the tournament format to take place at the River Cree Resort and Casino, at Enoch Alberta, just outside of Edmonton.

Elaine McCarthy had these final words to say – “This has had a terrible trickle-down effect on everyone involved with our promotion. I have repeatedly apologized to the representatives of Casino Lac Leamy and feel terrible that it had to come to this. The lost revenue for both the casino and the city of Ottawa Gatineau weighs heavily on me.

We have contacted all of the fighters under contract and advised them of the situation. They are free to fight elsewhere until we are able to re-group and offer them a new contract. My partners and I have all agreed that we will be offering more lucrative contracts to those fighters wishing to continue with our promotion.

It is still hard for me to comprehend how a government agency is forcing all MMA promoters within their province to use a specific cage as their fighting platform, obtain approval and pay a fee for the rights to another promoter to use that cage.”

8 Responses to “ Quebec Octagon Bylaws Force LGIO to Cancel Shows ”

  1. buck smith says:

    what a joke

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  2. Dean Blais says:

    What about W-1? They use a Hexagon cage in Montreal do they not? Will they be sanctioned for future events?

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  3. Stenson Stark says:

    W-1 uses an octagon.

    I really don’t understand why the shape of the cage matters.

    I saw W-1’s last event (3 fights anyways) on the Score last week and the fights were prett amazing. Carvalho is super talented. I can’t wait to see more of him.

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Quebec seems to have a VERY picky commision! You don’t hear about problems like this anywhere else… and I’m sure the UFC didn’t get back to them because of thier personal issues with Big John!

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  5. hawkes says:

    this is what happens when you allow an orgazization to draft the rules and regulations regarding a territory of mma. the way i understand it is that the ufc helped the Quebec boxing commission revamp their rules regarding mma when they had their first show there. now there are rules regarding mma in quebec that benefit the ufc alone. other organizations can use the cage but only with the permission of the ufc.

    Im guessing that the LGIO not being allowed to use the cage has to do with the same reason big john mcarthy is not reffing in the ufc.

    the ufc can now chose what organization can be sanctioned in that area becuase the rules say that you have to use a cage… and to use a cage you need permission from the ufc in order not to get sued.

    fucked up isnt it!!

    the ufc is quickly gaining a monopoly over the competition and this is one tactic they are using. its really smart on their part.

    however, its the fighters that are suffering over these petty squables.

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  6. Brent Fryia says:

    Terrible. A viable promotion that can give fighters a step up to the next level is shut down for some shady reasons. Hate to see it. It’s tough enough for Ontario fighters to get fights and Quebec is the best option… Hope the commission gets their heads on straight soon.

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  7. Sean Quinn says:

    Squabbles, imo. Kinda like bubbles, but with more squa and bu.

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  8. Lethbridge Fan says:

    Great looking site.

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