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Top MMA News was on hand at the newly renovated Edmonton Expo Center for MFC 25: Vindication, one of the most star studded MMA events ever in Edmonton. With seven UFC Veterans and a few hometown fighters that could be headed there in the future, the fans were treated to Slick Submissions, Killer KO’s and a pair of Dominating Decisions!

The MFC presented their Knockout of the night award to Pete “The Secret Weapon” Spratt whose third round TKO of Luigi Fioravanti was well worth the wait. The Submission of the Night went to Gavin “Forrest Gump” Neil who dominated former Ultimate Fighter competitor  en route to quick Rear Naked Choke victory.

Jevon Marshall vs. Garret Nybakken
Round 1
Nybakken comes out strong knocking Marshall down with a heavy right hand. Marshall quickly gets back to his feet. Nybakken shoots in for a takedown but get’s caught in a guillotine attempt. Nybakken grabs a single leg and secures the takedown landing in Marshall’s guard. Marshall escapes back to his feet and the two fighters trade shots. Nybakken clinches and lands some knees. Marshall responds with punches and Nybakken shoots and lands a double leg takedown landing in the full guard of Marshall. Marshall throws up a triangle attempt which is easily escaped by Nybakken. Marshall sweeps Nybakken and ends up in north/south position before Nybakken works back to half guard. Marshall passes to side mount before transitioning to the back where he chips away with punches until the bell sounds to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Nybakken

Round 2
Marshall opens the round with high kick that falls short of his target followed up by a looping right that doesn’t connect. Marshall clinches and lands a few knees. Marshall secures double underhooks and sinks in a guillotine attempt. Marshall hammers on the body of Nybakken. Nybakken responds by landing a single leg takedown and dragging Marshall to the ground. Nybakken finally escapes the guillotine attempt but is unable to get anything going on the ground as Marshall continues controls the right wrist of Nybakken. Marshall throws up an armbar attempt from the bottom which is fought off by Nybakken only to be caught in a triangle attempt by Marshall which is defended and survived until the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Marshall

Round 3
Marshall comes out firing on all cylinders with a big combo that rocks Nybakken and sends him staggering back towards the ropes. Nybakken shoots in and gets caught in a guillotine attempt. Nybakken escapes and attempts a single leg takedown only to have it stuffed and Marshall winds up in north/south before moving to the back and sinking in the rear naked choke forcing Nybakken to tap out.
Jevon Marshall defeats Garret Nybakken via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:00 of Round 3

Aaron Berke vs. Keto Allen
Berke comes out with a side kick to the mid-section of Allen which is met with a leg kick and a right hook that stuns Berke. Allen jumps on Berke and lands in side control. Allen pummels away with body shots before looking for a guillotine choke. Berke escapes the submission attempt however Allen returns to side control and rains down heavy ground and pound until the referee steps in and calls a halt to the fight.
Keto Allen defeats Aaron Berke via TKO (G&P) at 2:58 of Round 1

Chad Freeman vs. Mike Froese
Freeman lands a right to begin this rematch. Froese shoots in, picks up and slams down Freeman landing in Freeman’s guard. Froese postures up with big looping punches from inside the guard. Freeman stays busy with elbows from the bottom while Froese tenderizes the body of Freeman. Froese postures up again and lands a big shot. Freeman attempts a triangle choke which is escaped by Frose who moves to side control before taking his back. Freeman spins into Froese’s guard before turning the table and taking his back. Freeman throws a leg over and secures a slick armbar inducing the fight ending submission.
Chad Freeman defeats Mike Froese via Submission (Armbar) at 3:48 of Round 1

Chase Gormley vs. Ryan Fortin
Round 1
Gormley opens with a double leg takedown into the ropes. Fortin manages to stay on his feet and fires back with a flurry of punches and kicks. Gormley executes nice leg trip take down landing in side control but the two big heavyweight get tangled in the ropes and the referee restarts them in the center of the ring. Gormley lands elbows to the body from side control. Fortin attempts to get back to his feet which allows Gormley to move to his back before the two stand a square off on their feet again. Fortin lands a few big knees before Gormley trips him back to the mat into side control. Gormley looks for a Kimura but can’t secure it and opts to work the body with elbows until the bell sounds to end the first round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Gormley

Round 2
The two fighters trade shots in the center of the ring before Gormley goes back to the well with another leg trip takedown. Gormley quickly moves to the back. Fortin covers up as Gormley rains down punches to the head and knees to the body. After a lull in the action the referee calls for the men to get to their feet. Gormley again gets the leg trip takedown but Fortin pops right back up in the corner. Fortin lands a few big body shots. Gormley sticks with what’s working and secures yet another leg trip takedown landing in guard and hanging out there until the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gormley

Round 3
Gormley lands a leg kick and a body shot to open the round. Fortin throws a glancing head kick which is met with another leg kick by Gormley. Gormley continues to take Fortin down at will with another leg trip takedown landing in Fortin’s guard. Gormley stands but get’s right back down this time into side control. Gormley moves to north/south position and lands occasional body shots before the referee stands them up. Fortin comes forward with a big knee but Gormley lands one final takedown and lands a few shots until the bell sounds to send the fight to the judges scorecards. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gormley
Chase Gormley defeats Ryan Fortin via Unanimous Decision (All three judges score the bout 29-28)

Richie Hightower vs. Gavin Neil
After an initial feeling out process Neil counters a leg kick with a heavy right that knocks Hightower to the mat. Neil drops to side mount before transitioning to Hightower’s back. Neil sinks his hooks and induces the quick tap out in a dominating victory for the Zuma MMA product.
Gavin Neil defeats Richie Hightower via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:52 of Round 1

Luigi Fioravanti vs. Pete Spratt
Round 1
Fioravanti opens with a leg kick. Spratt presses forward but neither land anything significant. Both fighters are being cautious respecting each other’s Knockout potential. Spratt catches a leg kick attempt and throws an uppercut against the ropes. Fioravanti comes forward with a combo and Spratt responds with a leg kick. Fioravanti shoots in for a double which is defended by Spratt. Fioravanti is pressed into the ropes by Spratt before the two separate and Spratt lands a leg kick. Fioravanti lands a left and Spratt comes back with another leg kick and a take down. Fioravanti gets back to his feet quickly. Fioravanti cliches and drags Spratt to the ground with Spratt landing on top to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Spratt

Round 2
Fioravanti lands a takedown ending up in half guard. Spratt gets back to his feet only to have Fioravanti pick him up with a single leg and slam him back to the mat landing in guard. Spratt again gets to his feet. Fioravanti lands a big right and Spratt answers with a kick to the body. They clinch in the corner and Fioravanti gets separation and throws a head kick that just falls short. Spratt lands another body kick. Spratt scores a knockdown punch and jumps on top with a barrage of punches but Fioravanti is saved by the bell as the round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Spratt

Round 3
Fioravanti lands a pair of leg kicks which is met with a body kick from Spratt that causes Fioravanti to double over. Spratt lands another body kick and Fioravanti has had enough and shoots in for a double leg and gets the takedown. Spratt is right back up and clinches in the corner landing knees and uppercuts. Fioravanti lands a big right and looks for a single leg. Spratt defends the takedown and lands a back fist. Fioravanti lands another leg kick and Spratt unloads with a huge combo that sends Fioravanti tumbling to the mat. Spratt seizes the moment, jumps on top and pummels Fioravanti until the referee steps in to rescue him from any further punishment.
Pete Spratt defeats Luigi Fioravanti via TKO (G&P) at 4:02 of Round 3

Emmanuel Newton vs. Dwayne Lewis
Round 1
Newton begins with a leg kick followed by a single leg and a slam into Lewis’ high guard. Lewis attempts an Omoplata and ends up in a crucifix position. Lewis briefly locks in a Kimura on the opposite arm while still holding on the Omoplata on the other arm. Newton is able to escape and get the fight back to the feet. Lewis lands a knee as he presses Newton into the corner. Newton switches positions and presses Lewis into the ropes. Newton lands knees before getting separation and teeing off on Lewis with a big combo. Newton secures a takedown and lands in guard. Lewis wraps himself around Newton’s leg with a kneebar attempt. Newton fights out of the submission and ends up underneath Lewis but sweeps him and gets in a few shots as the round comes to a close. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Newton

Round 2
Lewis looks for a double leg which is stuffed by Newton who presses Lewis into the corner where they spend about half the round jockeying for position and trading light knees and punches. Newton finally takes Lewis down landing in guard where he lands punches and short elbows until the fnal seconds of the round when Lewis begins to throw some upkicks which Newton weathers the storm and finishes the round with some ground and pound. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Newton

Round 3
Newton lands body kicks, leg kicks and a grazing head kick to open the round. Another set of body and leg kicks follow before Newton switches to punches and lands a nice combo. Newton shoots in and Lewis defends the takedown. Lewis finally shows some signs of the aggressiveness that has made him so effective in recent fights with a big flurry. Newton puts a stop to that by clinching and getting another takedown landing in guard. Lewis again trys to catch Newton with upkicks but Newton is able to get around them and drops into side control. Newton moves into full mount as the fight comes to an end. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Newton
Emmanuel Newton defeats Dwayne Lewis via Unanimous Decision (All three judges score the bout 30-27)

Wilson Gouveia vs. Ryan Jimmo
Round 1
Jimmo opens with a leg kick followed by a high kick. Both fighters slow the pace until about the 2 minute mark. The two trade leg kicks and Gouveia lands a right. The two trade blows and Jimmo lands some leg kicks. Gouveia comes forward with a combo and clinches against the cage. Jimmo secures a takedown landing in side control and lands strikes to the head. Gouveia gets back to side control and Jimmo postures up and lands a few shots before the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Jimmo

Round 2
Gouveia comes out with a head kick and Jimmo responds with a knee. Both fighters trade leg kicks. Jimmo looks for a high kick which is blocked. Gouveia fires back with a leg kick and Jimmo lands body kicks and comes up short with a high kick. Jimmo clinches in the corner and lands a huge knee combined with a right that drops Gouveia to the mat. Jimmo pounces on top and drops huge bombs but Gouveia is able to cover up and stay active enough for the referee to allow the fight to continue. With the crowd beginning to roar, Jimmo continues to pour it on with constant ground and pound until the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 for Jimmo

Round 3
Jimmo lands a leg kick on an exhausted looking Gouveia. Another leg kick and a glancing head kick land and force Gouveia into the corner. Jimmo grabs Gouveia and muscles him to the mat landing in half guard. Jimmo peppers him with short elbows and punches for the majoriy of the round. Gouveia gets back to full guard and absorbs a few punches until the end of the round. Jimmo goes to a decision yet again however it was much more exciting than his previous fights. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Jimmo
Ryan Jimmo defeats Wilson Gouveia via Unanimous Decision (Two judges scored the bout 30-26, The final judge scored it 30-27)

Jesse Taylor vs. Thales Leites
Taylor lands a quick single leg ending up in Leites’ guard. Taylor suffered a cut above his right eye during the takedown. The BJJ Black Belt Leites looks for a triangle attempt which is fough off by Taylor. Leites then secures an armbar which again is fought off by Taylor. Leites switches back to the triangle choke and sinks it in deep. The third time is the charm as Taylor is forced to tap out.
Thales Leites defeats Jesse Taylor via Submission (Triangle Choke) at 2:27 of Round 1

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    Jimmo definitly either deserves a belt opportunity asap or the UFC should scoop him up and give him some live opponents.

    The man said himself he would fight anyone, stack him against a big time striker like Tito or Chuck! Then you’ll see an entertaining Jimmo showcasing his mad karate talent!

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