Holst to Face Gunderson at Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale


Mark ‘Boots’ Holst is set to replace Paul Taylor at the TUF 11 Finale, according to MMAJunkie.com.  Top MMA News readers will recognize Holst as the writer of the Boots Scraps column right here at Top MMA News.  Holst is on a three run win streak that includes the XKL championship victory he had over Corey Hill.

Holst will face John Gunderson at the Finale on June 19.  Gunderson has fought once in the UFC.  It was a decision loss to Rafaello Oliveira in a UFC 108.

Top MMA News contacted Mark Holst, but he would not confirm the rumor. However, later in the day, Holst contacted the site saying that the contracts are done and he now can confirm that he will be fighting in the UFC.

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  1. brodes says:

    AWESOME! Ottawa’s first fighter to make it to the UFC! Huge congrats to Mark Holst and OAMA.

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  2. chris says:

    ya its all about who you know …….holst will get his ass kicked so bad watch

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  3. Michael says:

    Chris you have no idea what you’re saying. The top organization in the world is not going to just sign guys for who they know.

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  4. chris says:

    micheal your the dumbest guy in the world man. maybe you should stop and think before you post shit bra…the fight game has alot to do with who you no losser….guys in ufc with 2-1 3-2 4-1 recoards thats cant come close to other fighters with better recoard and there in the ufc fighting .learn the fight game cause you post makes it look like you a paper boy lol 110 times

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  5. Michael says:

    You would think people would be happy for local talent and support them rather than just trash talking. I`m sure you`re an expert on all facets of the MMA game Chris, you probably post more often than you train if you train at all.

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  6. Brodes says:

    Its funny how when you achieve success all kinds of haters come out of the wood work to try and discredit you. Mark has been at this a long time and worked very hard to get this shot, and I think anybody in “the fight game” knows full well its well deserved.
    Chris, quit posting non-sensical crap. Its obvious that you’re the only one out of touch with how the sport operates.

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  7. Dave says:

    Holst is an awesome athlete. I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly during a fight card that one of my fighters was on, as was he. If you did not what a machine he is, you would never guess by looking at him, or by the way he carries himself. Real nice guy, lots of class, and a fantastic ambassador for the sport.

    Mark trains non-stop. He frequents Thailand to keep his Muay Thai sharp, is a certified Kru, trains in BJJ directly under a Gracie, travels all over North America to train with the best such as Greg Jackson, just to name a few items that illustrate what a dedicated athlete he is.

    I don’t think he will see this call from the UFC as having “made it”, but rather, as cause to work even harder. He is the shit, 150%. Good for you Mark, and congratulations to his trainer Pat as well for rearing such a fine athlete and sportsman.

    Eye of the tiger.

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  8. Mark has done more than what his “sherdog” fight finder says he has. Haters might want to take a look at what he’s done over the past 4 years and come to terms with the fact that Mark deserves this more than anyone else does.

    He smashed Mark Beecher (Forrest Griffen’s Thai boxing coach for those who couldn’t find him in the fight finder) by KO in round 2 in Pro Muay Thai in Vegas. Not to mention the times he’s fought at Lampang and in Bankock, and of course won. He barely lost his fight vs Ricci to get onto the contender show, where he beat two guys previous to the Ricci fight (in the same day)

    His one loss in MMA…well youtube it. Watch it for yourself. He owned Grandmont right up until he got caught with one wild, lucky punch.

    Not to mention his grappling accolades, his bjj gold medals, which he continues to collect, and hopefully will once again when he goes down to the Renzo invitational in a couple weeks.

    So Chris, next time do your homework, and use your spell check cause your post just totally made you look like a total asshole.

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  9. lol….ok so anyways. For those of you who are interested, Chris will be celebrating his 12th bithday at the McDonalds play pen at the Corner of Baseline and Navaho in Ottawa on June 19th, 2010.

    For real fight fans who actually know the sport of MMA, we’ll be watching the fights live on Spike TV all over the city. Check out local bar listings to see who’s playing it, but I might suggest Tailgators, Local Hero’s, Don Cherry’s, or pub 101.

    Hope to see everyone out there.


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  10. Sean Quinn says:

    Chris, spend less time suckin dick and more time training, maybe then you will make it into the UFC.

    Congrats to Host, another Canadian in the UFC is always a good thing.

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  11. Romeo says:

    Hah its funny to see how jelousy and immaturity is well played out here, training with Mark in MMA and Muay Thai is amazing, he is a very well rounded fighter and the nicest guy in the world, his attitude and skill will take him and our team far, stop the hating and grow sum real fkn balls.

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  12. Thanks to Quinn and Romeo for showing up and helping a real conversation go here.

    There are a lot of things that can be discussed about this fight between Holst and Gunderson. Let’s get this thing going.

    Holst has never fought a real good wrestler before, is his thai enough to keep take downs at bay? He finished Hill from his back, but took a beating during the first round, does this fight look similar? I think Holst is going to do just fine, he trains with a gracie black belt, and in my opinion one of the best lightweight grapplers in the Americas in Matt Hache.

    What do you guys see happening here?

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  13. sorry I shouldn’t call Gunderson a wrestler, he’s more of a serious grappler than wrestler….

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  14. For the record, I am very happy for Mark. He works very hard as you can read in his Boots Scraps columns here and its well deserved.

    As for Holst vs Gunderson,

    Holst was not doing well against Hill until he caught some submissions in the second. I am not sure he landed any strikes against Hill while standing.

    It’s reasonable to expect that Gunderson will put him on his back at times in this fight and look to submit him. I am thinking Mark will have learned a lot from that Hill fight though and will focus on his grappling and anti-grappling in preparation for Gunderson.

    Interesting fight.

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  15. I’m very interested in seeing how this pans out.

    I don’t think Holst landed any strikes in the fight vs Hill that didn’t come from him being on his back. As for the submission, he had Hill caught in a nice armbar, and Hill rolled, giving mark the option for a kimura.

    I’m going to go ahead and agree with you Keith that he’s going to be working hard on his sprawl and keeping the fight standing. From his back though I’m sure we’ll see him not fully extending his arms ever, and if any strikes are thrown from the bottom, they’ll be short elbows. That’s saying that Gunderson even gets Boots to his back though.

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  16. The Rock says:

    Mark Holst is man with destiny and with lots of heart. the talent he got and true dedication in the sport of mma. Be ready to see who this newcomer isgoing to bring in the UFC. The guy making negative comments need a pacifier to be exact, he seem so inmature, where do this guy lives…??

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  17. The Rock says:

    Go mark go!!! a true champion with talent and dedication is going to show the world why he is a true champion. be ready !!!

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  18. The Rock,

    Don’t worry about guy’s like that. There is always someone like that who hates people cause they reach something that they can never reach themselves.

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  19. The Rock says:

    Needless to say….Mark holst is recognised at the international level. UFC is going to be proud to have him in their organisation. The super bowl of the lightweights.!!!

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  20. The Rock says:

    I do train with mark “Boots” holst, vanillagorilla. see my last name… translate this to french …lol, you know who I am… that is correct Desrochers. Our academy has made many champions in many different levels and divisions.
    OAMA tha best!!!

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  21. Xavier! It’s going to be nice to finally roll with you at Kanata if you’re still teaching there next week. I just made my comeback to OAMA on Thursday night!

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  22. FYI…

    Mark Holst will be a guest on Top MMA News radio tomorrow.

    You can listen live at http://theroosterrocks.com at 5pm Eastern/6pm Central/7 pm Easter

    Our other guest will be Ryan Jimmo who is coming off a huge win at MFC 25.

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  23. chris says:

    holst gets ko in the first round..alberta is where the good fighters from canada are. mak the joke holst. iwatched dave kick his fucking ass in a muay thai fight marks winning recoard is from fighting bums…whos sucking COCK NOW SEAN

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  24. Brent Fryia says:

    Chris, you’re just mad because you couldn’t fight a cold. You’re the kind of guy who punches himself at night to try and get cauliflower ear to look tough.

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  25. Chris is just a Markhaile Wedderburn fan who figures that by hating on Mark Holst, he is supporting Showtime. Misguided.

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  26. donjesse99 says:

    who the fuck is this chris fag if u got some balls come down to my gym oama and i will garantie an ass kickin of your life punk bitch …..oh dont worry it wont be from any of the instructors it will be by me bitch ass!!!!!!

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  27. hawkes says:

    guys its a troll relax!!!

    your just feeding the beast.

    this is a hard fight for both guys. i train with gunderson now and he is very well rounded. good at everything. i think mark is the more technical muay thai specialist, but i think gunderson has the power advantage. its a great fight and i plan on watching it live… cant wait!

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  28. Just want to clarify my Chris/Showtime comment. Chris has posted before his support for Showtime. I was not making any hate for Showtime nor do I think Showtime has anything to do with the post.

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  29. alex says:

    crabs in a bucket.

    well, i get the feeling chris isn’t anywhere near the bucket.

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  30. Rob says:

    Lots of love to the man known as Mark Holst.

    Great first impression of him and all of OAMA when I joined a year ago and wish him the best of luck.

    Haters gunna hate, good thing chris won’t post who he is, lots of fans would probably track him down if they were out west for a thai fight, hahaha

    Best of luck!

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  31. chris says:

    holst will get what he thinks he can handle… then he will turn into a want to be has bin…

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  32. chris says:

    before you all talk do your home work who the hell did mark fight to get in the ufc. nobody …so if the fight game is about fighting good guys to make it to the next levelOR THE TOP ORGANIZATION mark has yet to do that the best guy he fought he lost to then HE started winnig against losers like nabil the local bum chris the slouch verono please someone tell me who did he beat to deserve to fight in the ufc… im no fool to the game and people always want to run from the truth or hide from it.whats in the dark will always come out in the light…money buys anything,and contacks and everyone knows oamas money…I REST MY FUCKING CASE…..FEED ON THAT

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  33. The Rock says:

    Gorrilla , I know who you are, I will be in kanata next week.You are welcome to come train with us anytime. As you know the Great news about our teammate, Kru mark “boots” holst. I have met him many years ago and had been calling him CAMPEON all these years,be ready to see who this newcomer is and also what he is going to bring to the UFC.Team Renzo gracie has been supporting us all the way. Now, lets wait and see. June 19th 2010…..The UFC journey begins!

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  34. Chris, you obviously don’t know the game. Holst beat Hill who is currently under contract with the UFC. Hoslt MMA record consists of 8-1, with all his wins being finishes. He’s recognized internationally as a very skilled Muay Thai fighter, and as I said above has taken home grappling championships from major tournaments. Finally, he trains at a highly respected gym that produces international talent, and has produced the likes of Ricardo Almeida, Matt Serra, and a laundry list of others (In team Renzo Gracie).

    Also you, or your gym don’t need money to get into the UFC. They run a business, if they bring in shit fighters that nobody cares about, they can’t sell fights.

    Finally, even if Holst loses in the UFC, he’s young, very young, and people recognize his tallent. Some of the biggest names lose fights in the UFC. Mark won’t be a has been, he’ll keep looking forward to improve himself.

    Finally Mark will always be a better man that yourself, cause he’d never talk shit about you if you got a contract, cause he has class. He’ll never be a has been, and you’ll always be a never was.

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  35. Tyler says:

    I don’t know the “fight game”. I’m a computer nerd and hip-hop fan. I don’t train, i haven’t fought anyone since grade 7 and i’m pretty sure I’d lose if someone tried to fight me today. Great fighters may in fact come from Alberta and Holst’s deal with UFC may be crooked (i don’t know, as i said i’m not that well versed with MMA industry).

    What I DO know is that this “chris” person is a gloriously successful douche bag. Each posting makes him look more and more retarded. I’m shocked this moron even knows how to use his fingers; nevermind a computer. Not sure where he did his “homework” but searching “mark holst mma record” in google gave me his wiki. I’d say anyone who has not lost more than 1 fight at any type of fighting style is pretty damn good (4 kinds of fighting, all records with 1 loss only). In summation…. chris is fuckbag.

    More to the point, if the likes of Sean Quinn are telling me to fuck off, i’ll probably fuck off. I value my existence that way. chris might want to consider this idea

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  36. Tyler says:

    also, congrats to Boots and good luck. represent Canada properly good sir and show them all the kind of ‘tough son-of-a-bitch’ attitude we’re made of up here.

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  37. donjesse99 says:

    I would like to let u know something oama is not about money is about training and havin a huge heart mark got an big oportunity to represent our contry ur stupid ass should be proud obiusly the only way u are representing is by running ur mouth so i suggest u to shut the fuck up and i am extending an invitation for u to come to my gym and get your ass kick by me so i can show u that oama is all about big heart hard training and big balls that u dont have please come and try us out or should i say come try me out bitch!!!!!

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  38. There is NO way Holst is in the UFC because there is anything crooked going on. Pat works hard to bring in the best resources for the OAMA schools, and brings the guys on the road to continuously improve their game.

    Hard work and dedication is what got Holst to the UFC, and it’s what will keep him there.

    I think the fact that there are haters, just proves that Mark has arrived.

    In this case it’s just 1 fixated person, who shouldn’t be able to get a rise out of the OAMA army as he is. (Don’t feed the troll guys)

    Congrats to Mark and we can’t wait to see him compete.

    (As I said on our radio show yesterday, UFC wanted somebody from Top MMA News to fight in the UFC. They called Keith Grienke, he was busy that weekend, so Mark got the call) :)

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  39. Remz says:

    Wow…. I train with Mark all the time and I have trained with WEC and UFC fighters….. Mark is the real deal. OAMA produces great fighters… Chris will eat his words when Mark wins. That’s all. Winnipeg does have great fighters but to say that only Winnipeg has great fighters is an insult to the whole country… Quebec, ON, BC, SASK(thats your Sean) all have great fighters… grow up and be proud to be Canadian. If its about who you know then come train at OAMA chris… that is the only way you will get into the UFC…. that goes for all other fighters. Pat is always looking to grow our MMA team so if your serious about training with our team email pat at pat@oama.ca

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  40. Alex Caporicci says:

    Obviously Chris has some personal feelings against Holst’s camp, but what can you do? Everybody is entitled to his opinion.

    I’m personally very happy for Mark as he fought his first MMA fight for me and I’ve been around for his last few fights as well. I’m very proud to consider him a friend and glad to see he’s taking the next step in his career.

    Mark deserves his shot in the UFC and you are wrong if you think otherwise. He has an impressive record and a stellar finishing rate. He did lose to a talented Martin Grandmont, but was dominating the fight until that point. Mark has beaten a UFC veteran in his last fight and a very talented Nabil Khatib (who he himself has beaten two UFC veterans) prior to that. Whether you think it was a quick stoppage or not, is not the point, he has that win on his record.

    Either than Cory Macdonald, I can’t think of any other Canadians that have as good a record as Mark and beat a UFC veteran. (But there could be someone else out there). The jealousy I’m hearing is pretty disturbing (on here and otherwise). We should all be happy to see another talented Canadian in the UFC.

    From what I’m hearing Mark has been training real hard since the Hill fight on all aspects of his game. Whatever happens in the fight, Mark will be well prepared and ready for a war.

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  41. donjesse99 says:

    hey alex why dont u go back to the venue and see if there is anybody left waiting for rides to the hotel lol!!!!

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  42. Alex, both of our TMN Radio guests on Sunday have big wins over UFCers. Ryan Jimmo is 13-1 and has beaten Gouveia and Eastman.

    Here is a link to the Holts and Jimmo interviews:


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  43. The Rock says:

    Oye…. jesse, que risas me das!!!…Nunca sabia que andavas por aqui, y te reconoci,jajaja. Es bueno saber que nuestro hermano y miembro del equipo OAMA, Mark Holst tiene esta opportunidad para demostrar a la organisacion (UFC) y al publico la razon de ser un athleta con alta qualidad. You know Mark Holst belongs in there with al those elite athletes. The capital’s first and only UFC athlete!!!!

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  44. Alex Caporicci says:

    See Keith, I knew there was more. I was too lazy to do the research. :)

    Jesse.. sorry about that again. :)

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  45. donjesse99 says:

    hey alex is cool man i was just kidding bro can you get me a fight mike reilly sounds good to me lol!!!!!

    hey xavier whats up brotha mark is gonna succed in the ufc woot woot!!!!!

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  46. The Rock says:

    Jesse,muchacho!!!!! Come by our kanata location, as you know, you are always welcome. Once a team member of OAMA, you can train at both locations, and its healthy for the mind to exchange environment. I’ll be there waiting for you brotha!!

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  47. donjesse99 says:

    hey hermano im gonna try to go next week for some bjj when my car gets fix i promise so how u doin everything good are u gonna be at the mma tryouts on saturday?

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  48. Yves says:

    Plain and simple, Chris is a troll. A troll who doesn`t have much of a grasp on the English language. (What the heck is a recoards he keeps talking about?)

    Holst earned his shot through hard work, dedication and talent. The team at the Sudbury BJJ and Muay Thai Academy are proud to be affiliated with Mark and the team at OAMA.


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  49. harry balls says:

    Good to see another canuck going to the big show. Holst is a dedicated guy.
    @vanillagorilla: I wish people would stop with the ‘lucky punch’ thing. Grandmont won that fight fair and square. I am sure Boots would tell you that himself. There is a reason why you can win by knockout…..

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  50. The Rock says:

    I will definitely see you at the mma tryous today in a few minutes…lol If you are there jesse, al the best, you always got my support brotha!! OAMA tha best!! How is training going? Fix your car and when you ready to train in kanata , you are welcome to do so. mark holst is here also during the week , so you can polish your techniques with kru mark, and get ready for your mma debut….war jesse!!

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