GSP confirmed as coach for TUF 12


Dana White just confirmed on his Twitter feed that Georges St. Pierre will be one of the two coaches for TUF 12 saying:

Gsp will be the next coach on the next season of tuf and the winner of kos and daley will be the other coach. Big fight for them sat nite!!!

Who do you think would make the better opposing coach, Josh Koscheck or Paul Daley?

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  1. James Locke says:

    Koscheck for sure!

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  2. Darren Owen says:

    Koscheck would be better for the show as GSP is the ultimate hero and Koscheck the annoying villian. Besides if it’s GSP and Daley I dont think Americans would watch as much because they won’t understand what either coach is saying. We won’t have to wait long, but I think they should have Jake Sheilds coach against GSP he deserves the fight and it would be a great way for UFC the introduce him to their fans.

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  3. Patty Whackers says:

    If you have to get your information from Twitter, then I am not going to view this website anymore. You won’t see this IP anymore. Best of luck you to you, because you are gonna need it.

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  4. LOL we usually get all our info from My Space

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  5. Dana hinted at this news in the post fight press conference at UFC 111.

    I don’t see a problem with getting information from the twitter medium if it’s from a reliable source.

    We could have easily said, Dana White said…., but we posted the proper source.

    With Dana, twitter is the closest we get to him. Most of our news is by talking to people, but was always say where it’s from.

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  6. When I can watch CNN and they quote from Twitter accounts of verified users, I don’t feel too bad when Top MMA News does it either.

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  7. Jason says:

    Well put Keith… Dana White’s account carries the “Verified” status which means it’s legit. Besides, more and more companies and people are using Twitter to disseminate information, sometimes as “Twitter exclusives” so to speak… and having it said through a medium like Twitter is better than saying “Dana White said…” with no source.

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  8. Word on the street is the Welterweight title is going to be up for grabs at the finale of TUF 12 live on Spike TV!

    Which makes sence really, since the ratings for TUF have been awful the past couple seasons, especially the finales. Hopefully this is what Spike needs to keep renewing the shows, cause rumour has it 1000 ways to die is out viewing TUF this year……that’s terrible

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  9. Also using Twitter is a legit source, especially since Dana is always vocal about going to his twitter account for news updates and hints at upcoming annoucements.

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