UFC 113 Breakdown


So here we begin the vigorous task of trying to figure out just who in the hell is going to win one some of these matches and the fashion in which they will pull it off. UFC 113 should have plenty of twists and will climax with a Light-Heavyweight title fight rematch between Lyoto Machida and Shogun Rua.

Lyoto Machida (-196) vs. Mauricio Rua (+140)
So here we are at the main event and the height or our climax. Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida (16-0) and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (18-4) are going to square off in a technical rematch that will hopefully go nowhere near the judges hands. As you may remember, Machida took the victory in an extremely controversial decision and kept the LHW belt. Fights like these are the exact reason I hate doing predictions. Both fighters are amazing athletes with mad technical skill. So here is how I see it going.

Machida showed in small flurries in his first fight exactly what he needs to do to win this second match up. As dangerous as it sounds and as out of character as it is for Machida; he basically needs to go head hunting and keep Rua back pedalling. He may even want to try his luck on the ground. Shogun’s camp expressed interest in taking Machida down. I think they will try this but then realize how hard this task is because not only is Machida an amazing striker, but he has also outmatched amazing wrestlers in his previous fight. Shogun will then go back to his game plan in the first fight and stick with effective leg kicks and vicious attacks that should have won him the belt in the first showdown.

Rua is an underdog going in too this and is a decent bet (if you are a gambler). However, if Machida has a viable solution to Shogun’s devastating leg kicks, he should be able to come out with a split decision victory, and hopefully not a controversial one.
Prediction: Lyoto Machida by Split Decision

Josh Koscheck (-278)  vs. Paul Daley (+187)
The semi-main event involves Josh Koscheck (14-4) and Paul Daley (23-8). This Welterweight clash has fight of the night written all over it, or at least KO of the night. This fight has gained quite a bit of hype as both fighters have expressed that they really do not like each other. This fight has already started and it took place on the internet where both fighters took fire at one another with comments and altered photos.

Josh Koscheck has already stated that he plans on standing with Daley. I think it’s safe to say that Koscheck is certainly no pussy. To win this fight, he is simply going to want a mixture of stellar striking with his dominant wrestling power. If he comes in with a good game plan he will be able to stop Daley in his tracks. Paul Daley is no stranger to knocking guys out with 18 of his fights ending in KO. This is exactly what he will try to do for a victory. He will no doubt land some big shots on Koscheck and when he does he must stay away from Koscheck’s take down attempts. If he can manage this he will be able to finish quickly. This fight is hard to pick, but it is going to be very exciting to watch. I think Josh Koscheck will get caught with the very left hook he swore to dodge and it will result in a KO victory for Daley. Don’t Blink folks!
Prediction: Paul Daley by KO

Sam Stout (-233) vs. Jeremy Stephens (-160)
Sam Stout (15-5) and Jeremy Stephens (15-5) will no doubt be a great matchup. Both fighters have similar records, although Stout has a victory over Joe Lauzon whereas Stephens suffered a submission loss to him. These two sluggers are going to go in swinging as usual. The winner in this match will be determined by technical striking. Though Stephens has good KO power, I think he will get picked apart by Stout.

Kimbo Slice (-118) vs. Matt Mitrione (-118)
Next up is Kimbo Slice (4-1) vs. Matt Mitrione (1-0). Coming off his decision victory off of LHW Houston Alexander making him somewhat of a relevant MMA fighter, Slice is set to go against Ultimate Fighter housemate Mitrione who has one fight and finished it with a KO in the 2nd round. Not bad considering this was the guy’s first pro fight and it was under the UFC banner.

Now, as a fighter we know little about former New York Giant Matt Mitrione. We do know he can hit things really hard. Mitrione is going to be able to impose his size on the internet sensation and find himself the dominant factor. Kimbo Slice will have hopefully developed some technique in his style. Even though he is a power puncher, he is a smaller fighter in this bout and has shown that he can be knocked out. Kimbo’s conditioning has been called in to question before, so hopefully he has the energy to get his opponent down and stay on top to impose some ground and pound. Kimbo has hinted that fans can expect to see his ground game.
Prediction: Matt Mitrione by KO in Round 2

Patrick Cote (-120) vs. Alan Belcher (-115)
Coming back from his two year layoff, Patrick Cote (13-5) will be able to show off his knee buckling punching power (no pun intended). He will be fighting Alan Belcher (15-6) who is coming strong off of his TKO victory over Wilson Gouveia.
Although Cote had an impressive five fight win streak before injuring his knee during his title shot against Anderson Silva, I think ring rust is going to be a strong factor in this fight. Cote has been a “balls to the wall” puncher in the past, but he is going to want to be careful that he does not over commit and make a critical error. If he manages to keep his composure, he will be able to eventually get the punches flying. This is a big fight for Alan Belcher; He is going to want to be careful of Cote’s fast attacks and possible take things to the ground to avoid dealing with a clash on the feet. If he beats Patrick Cote he will become one of the top Middleweights in the UFC.
Prediction: Patrick Cote by TKO in Round 3

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Tom Lawlor vs. Joe Doerkson
Tom Lawlor (6-2) and Joe Doerkson (44-12) face off in the sixth fight of the night. El Dirte is currently on a five fight win streak and is coming to UFC 113 with less than a month’s notice having recently beaten Chad Herrick. Filthy Tom Lawlor is coming off of a defeat Aaron Simpson in a fight where Lawlor faded after controlling the bout early. I can see this being a hard fought battle to the end with Doerkson having his hand raised making this his sixth straight win.
Prediction: Joe Doerksen by Unanimous Decision

Marcus Davis vs. Jonathan Goulet
Marcus “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis (16-6) will be fighting to stay employed by the UFC as he is sitting on two back to back losses. His last loss was at the hands, or should I say knees, of Ben Saunders. His next fight is certainly not an easy test as he is fighting Jonathan Goulet (22-10), who is also coming off of a KO loss and is fighiting right in his back yard to make things worse.
Davis, who has proven to be an exciting fighter in the past, will most likely want to be a little more conservative in this fight, because if he isn’t, it could be his last in the UFC. He will want to avoid putting himself in a position where he will get TKO’d. He has shown good ability in the past to submit his opponents and that’s what he should look for here.

Jonathan Goulet, who is coming off of lengthy stay on the disabled list, suffered a first round TKO loss against Mike Swick at UFC: Fight For The Troops. Although he is coming off of a KO loss, Goulet will be able to go wherever the fight goes. He will be able to deal with Marcus on the ground or standing. This should be his fight. Let’s hope Dana White is feeling generous and lets Marcus Davis have another chance.
Prediction: Jonathan Goulet by TKO in Round 2

Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs. Michael Guyman
Both fighters are facing each other after both suffering losses. Yoshida who is currently 2-2 in the UFC, was dismantled by Anthony Johnson at UFC 104, and now he will look for a comeback victory. He will want to take down Guymon and grind out a decision victory.
Micheal Guymon was submitted by Rory Macdonald in his last fight and will most likely go for a TKO victory against Yoshida.
Prediction: Guymon by TKO in Round 3

Tim Hague vs Joey Beltran
This is Tim Hague’s (10-3) second attempt at the UFC, and let’s face it, Dana White is all about second chances. His opponent is Joey “The Mexicutioner” Beltran. This matchup is an interesting one. You have Hague who is a wild punching “Thrashing Machine”, who is also extremely powerful and able to sub or TKO his opponents. He will want a big win in Montreal after his very controversial loss against Chris Tuchscherer at UFC 109. His best bet for a win is to take the aggressive striking Beltran down and use his power to keep him there and work for a submission. Joey Beltran likes to finish his fights big and fast and he rarely sees outside of the second round. He is going to want to shock Tim Hague with a fast and furious barrage of punches and give “The Thrashing Machine” very little time to think. Despite Hague’s luck in the UFC thus far, I think he will come in as a wiser fighter and manage to come out with a three round victory using his raw power to deal with his opponents attacks.
Prediction: Tim Hague by Unanimous Decision

Johny Hendricks VS. T.J. Grant
In the next bout, we have Johny Hendricks (7-0) against Halifax’s pride and joy T.J. Grant (15-3). This happens to be a match up I am personally looking forward too, not only because Grant is a Hali boy, STRAIGHT UP SON! But also because both fighters happen to have notable wins over some pretty darn good fighters.

T.J. Grant is coming off an impressive 1st round TKO victory against Kevin Burns. Former WEC fighter Johny Hendricks has a TKO victory over Amir Sadollah and also a decision victory against Ricardo Funch. This fight is important for both fighters because there are definitely big things in store for the winner. Grant is going to want to do exactly what has got him this far and that’s go for a submission. In the past, he has shown he is a decent wrestler and an absolute Jiu Jitsu ace who has amazing moves off his back. If he can get Hendricks down he will have his best chance to pull off a submission victory. That being said the Nova Scotia native has his work cut out for him as Hendricks is a NCAA champion wrestler who has also been able to finish fights early from the standing position.
Prediction: TJ Grant by Arm Bar in Round 3

Jason “The Athlete” Macdonald vs John Salter
First match up consists of Canada’s very own Jason “The Athlete” Macdonald (24-13) against John Salter (4-1) who suffered his first loss at the hands of Gerald Harris at UFN 20. Jason Macdonald is fresh off of a unanimous decision victory against Matt Horwich at LGIO MMA 1 on 23-Apr-2010. He will be looking to take Salter down early in the fight and continuously look for the submission. Macdonald will control the majority of the fight and will most likely find himself attempting to pass Salter’s guard. Salter will want to keep this fight standing as his opponent has proven in the past to be very dangerous off his back. If he can keep Macdonald at a distance and nullify his takedown attempts, he may be able to edge out a victory.
Prediction: Jason MacDonald by Unanimous Decision

Well these are my predictions and you’re more than welcome to agree or disagree with them. This is a solid card and it’s like the time you proposed a threesome with your girlfriend and her best friend, there is going to be lots of blood and bruises but anything can happen!

Till next time.

6 Responses to “ UFC 113 Breakdown ”

  1. Davis says:

    Guymon will get submitted
    Beltran is getting the tko
    Lawlor by dec.

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  2. Nice job, Brodie.

    I put down a few bucks on Mitrione when he was at +100 and the underdog at the start of the week.

    Now he is down to -118 and has even odds with Kimbo. Lots of late action on Mitrione.

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  3. Brodie Saunders says:

    Thanks Keith

    I really think Mitrione deserves better than-118. He will destroy Kimbo. Kimbo looked good against a smaller Houston Alexander but Mitrione is a bit bigger and stronger.

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  4. James Locke says:

    I missed the bus with the good odds on Mitrione. Instead I hope to find my winnings in a couple different paralys.
    Good picks though Brodie.
    I got Machida with a split descision as well
    Koscheck by submission, if you can dig it.
    Stout by TKO
    Kimbo by KO
    Cote TKO
    Joe Doerksen by descision- possible fight of the
    night battle

    Also hoping for the best with Hague, TJ and JMac! Go team Canada!

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  5. Cote has dropped to favorite in the odds today.

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  6. gd up says:

    war joeeeeeeeeee

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