Canada’s Top Pound For Pound Fighter Contest


Top MMA News ranks every weight category and now its time for our Top Pound for Pound Canadian fighters.  We have some ideas on who to rank, but we want to hear from you!

Simply comment on this post with your top 10 pound for pound Canadians.   Lets have some fun and some good discussion. There are no right answers!  Top MMA News would just like to generate some discussion on who are the top 10 Canadians.

From all commenters, Top MMA News will draw for a prize.  The winner will receive a UFC DVD from Top MMA News.
(Please use a valid email address when posting so we can contact you)

To start things off, here is my list off the top of my head! Trust me. Top MMA News will put more thought into the list when we publish our Top 10. Use this list to start you off or start off with our rankings. Please bash this list! I am wondering right now why Sam Stout and Denis Kang are not on it. Where’s Nick Denis?

Keith’s Top 10 Pound for Pound Canadians
1. GSP – obvious
2. Sarah Kaufman – surprise!
3. Patrick Cote
4. Mark Hominick
5. Jason MacDonald – going to take heat for this one.
6. TJ Grant
7. Krzysztof Soszyinski
8. Mark Bocek
9. Joe Doerksen
10. Ryan Jimmo

55 Responses to “ Canada’s Top Pound For Pound Fighter Contest ”

  1. Levi says:

    I just gotta ask where is Rory MacDonald? The guy is unbeaten, and he’s already in line to fight Carlos Condit, and he’s only 20 years old!

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  2. Congrats to big dogg whose name was pulled out of the hat.

    Big Dogg, I just sent you an email with details.

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Congrats Big Dogg!

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  4. paul says:

    the Hulk
    The Athlete
    the matrix
    the real deal
    rick goodall
    tannaya hantleman
    sam stout

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  5. Allday says:

    Ryan Ford last 4 fights under 6min 30sec

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