Victoria Cage Fighting Company to be Featured on CBC Dragons Den


Victoria — Darren Owen and Jason Heit started their Victoria-based mixed martial arts organization Armageddon Fighting Championship (AFC) with the aim of becoming the biggest promotion in Western Canada. Next month, the duo will take their vision before the business experts on CBC’s hit show Dragons’ Den, with hopes of moving one step closer to achieving their goal.

This is a unique opportunity for the Victoria natives. While some companies are reluctant to become involved with the emerging sport, Heit and Owen won’t be looking to turn the Dragons into MMA fans.

“Whether you’re a fan of the sport or not, there is no denying that it is growing exponentially,” said Heit, one-half of the ownership tandem who will try to sell their ideas to the hard to impress business execs early next month. “Look at UFC 115; it was the fastest sell-out in UFC history. There is a huge market for this sport here, and it’s only going to keep getting bigger.”

While the rapid ticket sales for the UFC’s first show in Vancouver serves as a strong indication of the popularity of the sport in the province, Heit and Owen need only point to the success of the AFC through their first two shows as proof that people on Vancouver Island are ready and willing to support mixed martial arts.

“Our first show was almost entirely local fighters,” began Heit, “and we had over 2,300 people turn out. The second show brought in more than 2,800 spectators, and the events are now broadcast on The Fight Network. “We have fighters from all over the world contacting us about being involved in the third show this summer.” AFC 3: Evolution is scheduled for July 17, at “The Home of the AFC”, Bear Mountain Arena in Colwood.
Though neither Heit nor Owen would divulge the details of the pitch they will present to The Dragons, they see the nothing but positives coming from this experience.

“Even if no one wants to invest, this is a great opportunity to get our name out there,” offered Heit. “Of course, we’d like to come home with more than just added exposure, but who knows what possibilities and opportunities will come just from being on the program?”

Heit and Owen will travel to Toronto to make their pitch on May 12. An air date for their segment is unknown at this point. Updates will be available at

12 Responses to “ Victoria Cage Fighting Company to be Featured on CBC Dragons Den ”

  1. Chris says:

    Thats pretty bad ass. I heard that Heit is a pretty good fighter I hope he kicks Kevin O’leary in the head that guys a douche.

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  2. When presenting their product on Dragon’s Den, the person who owns the product must always talk about his company’s finances. It will be very interesting to hear how much revenue AFC brings in, how much expenses they payout, how much profit they make, what their future projections are, and how much they think the AFC is worth.

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  3. JL says:

    I found the AFC shows really profession, clean and well done. I am not sure why they would put Marcus Hicks on a main event, that doesn’t even make sence in KOTC land, but otherwise they have a really good show. At the last event they should have had the Hinchliffe/ McIvor fight as the main, but I guesse they wanted to utilize the former UFC Starnes to sell some tix.

    I’m looking forward to their show in July, and I think it’s great they are getting the promo on CBC, it will be great for them to advertise across the country.

    I thought they were well enough off as it is though, not sure why they’d need more $$, unless they are going for the free promo. I with you Keith, curious to hear the financials, maybe they are trying to plan an expansion to Aleberta, PQ, or the East Coast….

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  4. jake smith says:

    “Come On” quit being such a hater! AFC is awesome!

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  5. Dean Blais says:

    Come on = massive amounts of HATERADE overdose. “Come on” have you ever been to the AFC events??? I’m guessing not, I went to every King of the Cage in Naniamo a Bodog in Vancouver and a MFC. I have to say I’m thankful that there is a promotion close to my home that is doing things right. It’s a classy event, very good fights (Yes the Hicks thing wasn’t great, I’ll give you that but only that) Why would u piss on the people that put on a great run show with some great fighters. You can tell they put a lot of money into their events and there packed with like 3,000 people and everyone leaves happy. Apparantly they treat the fighters very well which I hear isn’t the norm. I don’t really know what dragons den is but I wish them luck and will continue to support the people who are making this sport better for everyone.

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  6. CR says:

    Pretty good idea to take it to the Dragon’s Den, as they said, at the very least they’ll get exposure. I think if their proposal is decent, they might get an investor or 2.

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  7. BC MMA FAN says:

    I went to KOTC and AFC and thought KOTC was a better show.

    Dragon’s Den is a very good idea though. Is AFC going national?

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  8. Dean Blais says:

    BC MMA FAN are you drunk and high??? Or maybe your Ken Kupsch. You can’t even compare the 2 shows. Night and Day

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  9. Chris Renton says:

    Why wouldn’t jump onboard with the AFC clearly there the best promotion in BC that’s no question. It seems like bad business for them. WAR AFC!!!

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  10. Dean Blais says:

    Hey Darren I have a fight idea for AFC 3
    COME ON vs MARCUS HICKS, I bet I know which guy will actually show up. (Probably a few pounds over weight but he’ll still show up)LOL

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  11. Come On is not BCMMAA.COM.

    All comments made by Come On have been removed.

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  12. Ben Mehdi says:

    BCMMAA is proud to support all local orgaizations in the MMA industry and related. We have a universal goal of the positive promotion of MMA in BC, including the empowerment of athletes and the growth of all BC leagues and local business. We are happy to be part of this exciting movement of MMA in BC and are only here to support all persons and organizations involved.

    To whomever the individual is that has been so enthusiastic about MMA and has such a large spectrum of opinions in regards to different participants in the industry. We would like to say that we value your opinion and would like to invite you to contact us, as it is obvious that you have a passion for MMA and we would like to give you a chance to work with us in spreading a postive word. At times it is right to speak out when you see a wrong, but we feel all participants in BC should be treated equal and supported. If you or anyone would like to join the movement of BCMMAA feel free to contact us.

    Ben Mehdi

    President of BCMMAA

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