Ringside returns in June with: No Escape


Top MMA News has learned that Ringside MMA will return with their 7th installment, titled No Escape on June 18th at the Centre Pierre Charbonneau. Guillaume de Lorenzi is scheduled to face UFC vet Dale Hartt as he continues his quest to join the UFC ranks and move up the Canadian lightweight ranks where he currently sits 3rd. Hartt is most famous for being the guy who was fighting Corey Hill when Hill’s shin snapped when he threw a kick at Hartt. The two will meet for the Ringside Lightweight Championship Title.

Tim Wadsworth is back to take on Dave Scholten after dismantling Manitoba’s Dwight Sutherland at Ringside 6: Rage. Also on the card is Tri Star up and comer Alex Garcia as he looks to continue his rise in the 170 pound division.

Here is the rest of the card for Ringside 7: No Escape, and stay tuned to Top MMA news for all your latest Ringside info.

Guillaume de Lorenzi vs Dale Hartt
Tim Wadsworth vs Dave Scholten
Jason Mackay vs TBA
Alex Garcia vs Ricky Goodall
Daylin Logan vs Lloyd Galindo
Eugenio Carpine vs Rejean Groulx
Christopher Boisvert vs Kevin Morin
Mark Fraser vs Adam Kastner
Yohan Gariépy vs Dany St-Gelais
Matt Northcott vs Tyler Solomon

12 Responses to “ Ringside returns in June with: No Escape ”

  1. James says:

    Ringside vs W1 on the same night in Montreal?

    Should be interesting. I’m confused as to why Ringside wants to go up against them head to head.

    Any thoughts out there?

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  2. Michele says:

    WOW….I guess Ringside thinks they can crush W1 by going head to head.

    Kang, Bosse and Quenville will be tough for Ringside to compete against with the card announced above.

    I’m shocked.

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  3. James says:

    I think they are dumb for doing this. Why split dollars?

    Both events will end up losing money. Maybe they think they can put W1 under. Interesting strategy.

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  4. James says:

    Can you even have two MMA events on the same night in the same province? I didn’t think that was allowed.

    Did W1 cancel or move it’s date?

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  5. Michele says:

    Looks like the event is the night before on June 18th. I think this articel has it wrong. Interesting tactic. They will still split fans with W1 as very few will go to both.

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  6. W1 is scheduled for June 18th, and Ringside June 19th.

    Martin Desilet and Steve Bosse wont’ be fighting for anybody in Quebec as they were both denied their liceneses.

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  7. Michele says:

    Joey Benoit says Ringside is the 18th and W1’s website says the 19th.

    Were Bosse and Desilet’s premanently denied or temporarily denied like Loiseau’s?

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  8. Noel says:

    W1 is definitely June 19.

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  9. Sorry for the confusion. Joey Benoit confirmed Ringside is on the 18th. The Quebec Commission confirmed that W1 is on the 19th.

    Post has been updated.

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  10. Oops, sorry i said that backwards in my comment.

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  11. Michele, right now Steve Bosse is denied his license to fight. Martin Desilet still needs to attend a hearing with the commission and after that they will determine whether he gets licensed or not.

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  12. Stenson Stark says:

    Crummy fight card. I use to love Ringside. I hope they pick up more talent.

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