Loiseau out, MacDonald in at UFC 113


Top MMA News has just learned via Showdown Joe Ferraro’s Twitter feed that Sportnet.ca blogger and UFC veteran Jason MacDonald will now step in and replace Loiseau, and will face John Salter at UFC 113. Loiseau was slated to fight, however is awaiting renewal of his license with the Quebec Athletic Commission.

MacDonald has been victorious in his last three fights.  Jason MacDonald defeated Solomon Hutcherson in the MFC, Vernon White in W1, and Matt Horwich in Lets Get It On this past weekend.

UPDATED:  Rejean Therieault, director of communications for the Regie des alcools (Quebec Commission), told Top MMA News that Loiseau has received his license today after his criminal check by police passed.  However, according to Showdown “Jason MacDonald is still in, and it’s too little, too late for Loiseau – he will likely not be on UFC 113 card”.

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5 Responses to “ Loiseau out, MacDonald in at UFC 113 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    No offense to Loiseau but MacDonald definitely deserves this fight a little more! Three straight wins over solid opponents and UFC Veterans! Loiseau only has a win over Chester Post since his last UFC bout!

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  2. buck smith says:

    MacDonald will put the place to sleep. Lost to Lutter, Split against Hutcherson and a sleeper against Matt Horwich.

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  3. brodes says:

    I think MacDonald has been fighting in a safe manner to ensure victory so that he can get back to the UFC.

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  4. Billeze says:

    Buck don’t forget the snoozefest against Vernon White.

    Thankfully only about 200 people saw that one.

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  5. CR says:

    I’m happy for J Mac. I’ve only seen one of the Crow’s fights and that was the lopsided loss to Franklin. His last stint in the UFC lasted 1 fight, and from what I read, he did not put on a good performance in that loss. I think Macdonald will put on a good fight. I just wonder if his body will be up to the challenge.

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