Penticton King of the Cage Results – Severn Prevails


The ageless wonder Dan Severn (93-16-7) came to Penticton to take on Kelown’s Sam Flood in what was Flood’s second professional fight.  To no one’s suprise, Severn utilized his 100+ match experience to defeat Flood in the first round.  Does Severn’s advanced age make matching up a fighter with 115 fights against a fighter with one fight fair?  What do Top MMA News readers think?

In the main event, British Columbia’s Bill Mahood, KOTC Light-Heavyweight title holder, defeated journeyman Shannon Ritch.

Here are the quick results:

Pro Fights
Bill Mahood submits Shannon Ritch by Verbal Tap due to GNP in Round 1, 1:00
Dan Severn submits Sam Flood by Front Choke in Round 1, 3:57
Matt Baker defeats Jamey Dearman by KO in Round 1, 0:23
Rob Bastone submits Scott Chetman by Arm Bar in Round 1, 1:48
Amateur Fights
Jay Brooks defeats Dustin Little by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 2:39
Chris Price submits Alex Houston by Kimura in Round 2, 1:25
Chris Day submits Scott Lees by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 1;47
Julius Hughes defeats Dave Kennedy by Unanimous Decision

23 Responses to “ Penticton King of the Cage Results – Severn Prevails ”

  1. BC MMA FAN says:

    Ridiculous as Sam Flood is a guy who does not train at all. Just a loud mouth bartender.

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  2. Dean B says:

    King of the cage is pathetic, there a discrace to this sport. I feel sorry for Mahood being associated with them. They need to stop with the pathetic attempts to promote a decent event.

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  3. Phil Baroni says:

    severn vs mahood maybe at HW for a legends match….make it happen ken :)

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  4. Phil Baroni says:

    haha deanB what was wrong with the event? ive been to plenty of kotc events and yes some of the production is terrible but i dont think ken is taking a run at ufc anytime soon.but all around the fights have usually been exciting so what seems to be the problem

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  5. Phil Baroni says:

    every fight besides 1 was a finish so i doubt it could of been that boring..but i do agree they gotta find someone a litte tougher for severn if he comes back.

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  6. Josh Oliveira BC MMA FAN says:

    I operate a website called The above comment does not reflect our site’s opinion of Mr. Flood. He fought bravely against Dan Sevren in Penticton last night. This should clear up any confusion.

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  7. Josh Oliveira BC MMA FAN says:

    Edit: Severn

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  8. buck smith says:

    kotc is the worst

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  9. buck smith says:

    how can ant real comission let a person with 2 fights fight someone with 100 low budget crap.

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  10. Rob Bastone says:

    I fought on this card and had a great time! Dan, Shannon and Bill are not only incredible warriors they are also great guys and excellent representation for this sport. Ken took good care of us fighters and in my opinion any and all events thrown in B.C. only help to give the sport the regonition it deserves.

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    Buck, Commission’s do it all the time it has nothing to do with the promoter. Just look at some of the opponents Severn has fought over the last few years! We also have to remember that Dan is 51 years old! You can’t really put him out there against Lesnar or Carwin and expect them not to break his hip!

    A lot of promoter’s want to put Severn on their cards and to keep Dan active by only fighting guys with a record close to his we’d have to watch him fight Travis Fulton 6 times a year!

    Here’s some of the guys he’s faced over the last 5 years! A lot of these guys take the fight on the off chance that they can get a win over a UFC Hall of Famer! Always looks good on the resume!

    Sam Flood 1-0
    Buddie Dixon 2-1
    Woody Young 1-0
    Steve Eakins 0-0
    Ian Asham 1-0
    Victor Vincelette 1-2
    Terrell Pree 0-0
    Jason Keith 2-0
    Kasey Geyer 0-0
    Clifford Coon 0-0
    Lanny Griffin 0-0
    Victor Vincelette 1-1

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  12. OnTheMat says:

    Huge congrats to Chris Day who fought amateur. This kid is only 19 years old and already 6-0 in amateur mma and a bjj blue belt. Definitely a prospect to look out for.

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  13. Eric Copes says:

    Was at King of the Cage last night.It was very entertaining as 7 of 8 fights were KO or submission wins. The show started about 20 minutes late, which is unprofessional. The ring girls were totally clueless as to what was required of them. They were pretty but disorganised with no instructions as to what to do. Good entertainment overall but not a polished, well run event. I would like to see bigger names on the card. I went to see Dan Severn and Bill Mahood. They both needed better competition.

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  14. Dan says:

    Need 2 check out CFC…WINNIPEG!!! ENOUGH SAID!! kotc.. Sounds like a joke!!!

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  15. Congrats on your win Rob. Thanks for commenting.

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  16. Chris says:

    Dan severan is just a ticket seller, and Shannon rich has like 150 fights so not a bad fight for mahood. Still fight of the night was the riotmaker baker as soon as he gets better on the ground. Their is nobody middleweight or light heavy that can stand and bang with with him. He lost to clay davidson because of ground game and he killed clay I have never seen so much blood. The amatuer fight with the kamloops kids was a battle too I think the card was good they just needed to serve more beer the cut off was weak

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  17. MMAnimal says:

    I thought the card was great. Mat bakers fight was no doubt fight of the night and the guy he fought was a pro boxer? it didn’t really look like he new how to throw a punch with Mats crazy pressure. I have seen mat both times in penticton and the rematch with davidson in Vernon he knocks everybody to the ground with his first combo, but he is no match for toshidos ground game! It’s awesome having local people like Mat, clay davidson, Bryan codwell doing so good around their home towns! bakers crowd uproar was way louder then BC favorite the butcher mahood and even UFC champ fan Severn everone loves local talent. I can’t wait for the next fight card on Vernon

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  18. f*** says:

    KOTC SUCKS I’ve said this for years now, they have nobody, I’ve seen more talent at bars in the parking lot. lol Cmon Ken!

    (EDITOR NOTE: I edited the Author name, URL, and the words before ‘Ken’. Comments are always welcome, but keep it relatively clean)

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  19. Phil Baroni says:

    kotc has nobody? do you forgot rory macdonald and tim hague are in the UFC and started off in KOTC and im sure gary wright is top 10 in 170 in canada

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  20. Cody Rempel says:

    Gary Wright most likely be Top 10 if he was more actvive! He’d need to fight a lot more often to crack that list!

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  21. Gary Wright was in our Top 10 until he was dropped due to inactivity.

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  22. MMAnimal says:

    KOTC shows i think have become kinda weak becuase ken throws a card every month which he is probbabbly just loosing money on as for talent Chiappe is a great champ but like wright he disapeared after he won the belt, baker is definatly a westren canada favorite, and clay davidson is great talent as well, rory came form king of the cage, so has kajan jhonson, travis galibrith. I think the fights are getting some what lame becuase everyone who thinks he trains wants to fight now, and when the season guys face them in the cage they just destroy them. Long gone are the days where black belts where on their first fights and great atheletes for a first pro fight, now its chumps that think they can roll becuase they play the UFC game on xbox

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  23. Submission king says:

    Dan Severn and Shannon Ritch are not even a draw why do they keep getting them on shows. Spend that time and effort building up young talent or local stars that can bring people into there shows.

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