Boots Scraps – WRECK MMA 2 Recap


Hello everyone!

We had a great weekend of fights. Ottawa\Gatineau fans once again showed that they are all about supporting the sport and their local MMA fighters on top of being there to raise funds for Brian! We have the best fans in the region! On Friday evening, it was a packed event at the Robert-Guertin Arena. There were 2000+ people in the arena! It felt really good to be part of this event and to contribute to Brian’s own fight! It was my first time meeting with him and we had a little chat between the fights. I loved the “Brian, we got your back” video that was played at the beginning of the show. I got all teary when I saw it. I also got to go in the ring and say a few words to Brian and to show what the MMA community is all about and I personally donated 500$ to Brian’s daughter. It felt real good!

The 4 OAMA MMA fighters showed great professionalism by making weight perfectly and with no problem! I cornered Stephane Bernadel and cheered on the 3 other OAMA MMA fighters. Here is a quick play by play of what I saw from my teammates fights.

Randy Turner

Randy Turner was up first from the OAMA MMA fighters. This was Randy’s second MMA fight and already he looked so much better and stronger from his first fight. I could tell when we were warming him up in the backroom and about to walk out to the WRECK ring that Randy already got the W! Randy came out aggressive in the first round and was rocked by a hook from his opponent who looked like a good striker. He quickly tied him up and took him down. After a bit of a scramble Randy got side control and sunk in a head and arm choke which seemed to be tight but Mikael was a really tough guy and did not tap. Randy let the choke go and took his back, put the hooks in and started to work for the rear naked choke. Randy, a Renzo Gracie white belt, finally got his forearm under his opponent’s chin and finished the fight with the choke in an action pack first round! Congrats Randy, feels good!

Next up was Jenn Ricker from the Sudbury BJJ, an affiliate school of Renzo Gracie Ottawa. She stepped up at the last minute, in her first pro MMA fight, to fight Anna Barone ! Jenn is a great Jiu Jitsu fighter and has muay thai experience. Jenn did really good and showed a lot of heart and tenacity in the first round but unfortunately got caught by a big punch that gave Anna the victory. You made us really proud that night Jenn by accepting a fight in such short notice, fighting in a heavier division which you usually fight in and putting on a great fight showing everyone that you belong in this sport and that you have a big heart!

I was in the corner with Pat for Stephane Bernadel’s fight. He was fighting a much taller opponent and I could tell he was a bit hesitant in the first round. He could not find his rhythm and his distance. I was not impressed with his performance in the first round, but in the 2nd round he came out and found his rhythm and distance. He listened to us and caught his opponent with the famous body hook to the liver “à la Jean-Yves”. That hurt his opponent and then he went for a finish with a kick and punches on the ground to get the TKO victory in the 2nd round. Congrats brother! Another great fight!

And last we had Xavier Desrochers, who stepped in on very short notice to fight Ian Loveland for the WRECK MMA Bantam Belt. Ian is a very experienced fighter and to have Xavier step in at the last minute shows a lot what Xavier is all about! CAJONES! Xavier stood on the outside with Ian and got caught with a mean uppercut early in the 1st round. Ian’s speech after the fight was really good, he thanked Xavier for the fight and was very respectful.

All in all WRECK II was a great success and we were able to raise a good amount of money not only for Brian but also for his daughter. I’m sure that everyone who participated in the event felt really good being part of it. My hat goes off to Nick Castiglia and Pat Cooligan for putting together a great fight card and for having a successful fund-raising for a great cause!

As for me, I am back at training hard now. I am getting ready for the NYC Open BJJ tournament May 1st. So lots of Gi training! Last night was an in-house fight night at OAMA. I got to corner all the OAMA fighters with some of them doing their Muay thai debut. It was a great night with action-packed fights. Now we are Saturday morning, a few hours before I get to train in a OAMA Muay Thai seminar with the living legend of Muay Thai: Coban Lookchaomaesaitong!!! Coban has 270 fights, 250 wins! I can’t wait!

I will post again after the week end! The weather is great and I have been running outside a lot! Lovin’ it! Like Kru Chris would say ‘’I am living the dream’’!

Take care everyone!

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