Loiseau Added to UFC 113


Canadians are being added at a fast and furious pace to UFC 113. First Joe Doerksen, then Tim Hague, and now David Loiseau has been added to UFC 113 according to Sportsnet‘s Showdon Joe Ferraro.

Loiseau is reportedly replacing an injured Nick Catone on the undercard of the event.  Loiseau will face John Salter (4-1) in a preliminary fight in Montreal.  Salter is 0-1 in the UFC having previously lost to Gerald Harris at UFC Fight Night 20.

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11 Responses to “ Loiseau Added to UFC 113 ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Hopefully we get the old Crow showing up, and slicing and dicing with some nice elbows.

    Loiseau is Canada’s version of Belfort.

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  2. Dean says:

    Bobby, that is a bold statement. IMO The Crow has never shown Belfort like qualities. David has some great wins but after the Franklin fight seems like a different fighter where as Vitor exploded onto the scene and wrecked shop like nobodies business and then seemed to show up or not show up for certain fights. The Crow has never impressed me in the manner which a young Belfort did. Also, Vitor seems up and down and Loiseau just seems to not want it anymore.

    Just my view on it though.

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Most definitely, I’m not saying he’s Vitor, just canada’s version of Vitor. An enigma of a fighter with a lot of potential. Definitely not saying he’s vitor. Lol

    Since his loss to Franklin he’s shown glimpses of his old self. (Like Rd3 of swick fight, the hutcherson fight)

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  4. Dean says:

    My bad, I guess I mistook what you were saying. Still disagree though. The Crow seems NOTHING like the fighter he was before Rich.

    Dont mean to sound negative and Im just a couch jockey MMA fan but I have no desire in seeing this fight.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Oh ya trust me, I don’t think he’s done anything to deserve to get back in.
    Let’s be honest everyone know why he’s back. Although he’s got a legit shot to win this fight.

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  6. Dean says:

    Legit shot indeed. Against a guy who has 2 wins over opponents with losing records and has WAY more experience. Should get the Canadian fans going though, unless he gets Herman’d again. Yawn

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  7. sky101 says:

    Doerkson, Patrick, Tim, now the crow, going to be a amazing card

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Patrick is on the Vancouver card not the Montreal Card… I’d love to see Ricardo Funch drop out of the fight against Patrick and the UFC replace him with Ryan Ford! haha

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  9. Jer says:

    I have and always will be a huge crow fan. I use yo go watch him spar with Conrad “the Bat “PLa and Dave is one of the main reasons that i am involved with the sport today! It is a priveledge to watch him train and fight and an honor to be a friend.iThat being said in my humble opinion i see this fight as the rebirth of the crow! Many things have happened since his past ufc performances that have lit a new fire under his ass. The guy had his home land of Haiti devestated, friends and family affected by the disaster, he donated his full fight purse to Haiti from his last fight and led the montreal charge to support and help. i believe that Out of something bad Dave harnessed the good and this disater reignited his drive and passion and has motivated him to a different level. I feel that good things happen to good people and this opportunity is a “higher power” repaying Dave for all the good he has done for the sport and for humanity. I also believe that this is, in a sense, his last chance but with all his skills, motivators and being surrounded by top notch training partners and coaches he will fight like we all know he can!
    Best of luck to all the Canadian fighters and their coaches at 113…..especially Crow and Road Warrior!

    oh and Cody i think sky 101 meant patrick Cote! im excited to see claude patrick in Van!

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    Good post Jer… and good catch on the Cote comment! I didn’t even think of that! :D

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  11. sky101 says:

    OH crap you are right Patrick is on the Van-city Card! Woops my bad

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