Lets Get It On 1 Recap


Top MMA News was on hand for the debut of Elaine McCarthy’s Let’s Get It On MMA Promotion. The Welterweights took center stage on this night with eight up and coming young Canadians vying for a chance to advance to the semi finals. In the end Jordan Mein, Colin Daynes and Advin Omic moved one step closer to the $25,000 purse and a Strikeforce Contract. The opening round was not without controversy as Andrew Buckland was penalized 1 point for a late blow in the second round of his bout against Ryan McGillivray which cost him the victory as the deduction forced a majority draw. The two will meet in a rematch on a future card to decide who will advance to the second round of the tournament.

Two of MMA’s most recognizable faces and names were also on hand as “Big” John McCarthy and Dan Henderson were cageside to witness the great night of fights. The main event of the evening saw 10x UFC veteran Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald avenge an earlier loss to fellow UFC Veteran Matt Horwich with a Unanimous Decision win to capture his third straight win.

Nolan Clark captured the Top MMA News KO of the night with his 35 second decimation of Dan Chambers. Top MMA News Submission of the Night went to Jordan Mein with his quick and vicious neck crank on Victor Bachman in their opening round tournament fight.

Rob Roy vs. Cory Knapp
Knapp opens with a leg kick and then shoots in and presses Roy against the cage. Knapp gets caught in a guillotine but scoops up Roy and slams him to the mat. Roy executes a nice reversal and transitions from side mount to full mount. Knapp turns over and gives up his back at which point Roy sinks in a rear naked choke inducing the fight ending tap out from Knapp.
Rob Roy defeats Cory Knapp via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:14 of Round 1

Robert Curtis vs. Brandt Dewsberry
Dewsberry lands a leg kick which is met with a push kick from Curtis. Curtis comes forward with a flurry of punches before rushing forward with a wild running side kick followed by a spinning back kick. Dewsberry locks Curtis up and takes him down with a leg trip landing in his guard. Curtis scrambles out from underneath Dewsberry but gives up his back in the process. Dewsberry takes advantage and sinks in a rear naked choke forcing Curtis to submit.
Brandt Dewsberry defeats Robert Curtis via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:55 of Round 1

Dan Chambers vs. Nolan Clark
After a short feeling out process Clark lands a huge overhand that drops Chambers. Clark seizes the opportunity and jumps on top pounding Chamber out cold until the referee jumps in to rescue Chambers from any further damage putting an end the the fight and the four fighting losing streak by Clark.
Nolan Clark defeats Dan Chambers via TKO at 0:35 of Round 1

Advin Omic vs. Jose Rodriguez
Round 1:
Omic comes out with a leg kick. Rodriguez responds with a head kick which is caught by Omic who scoops him up and dumps him to the mat landing in side control. The two fighters get back to their feet and jockey for position against the cage. Rodriguez trips Omic to the mat but both are quick to get the fight back to the feet. Rodriguez sets up a takedown attempt with a superman punch. Omic stuffs the takedown and both men trade shots against the cage. Rodriguez tags Omic with a combo which briefly stuns Omic but he recovers and hits Rodriguez with a kick to the body. Omic takes him down landing in Rodriguez guard. Rodriguez looks for a Kimura from the bottom and Omic lands body shots until the closing seconds of the round.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Rodriguez

Round 2:
Omic lands a leg kick followed by a body kick. Rodriguez responds with punches and knees against the cage. Omic gets a double leg takedown and lands in Rodriguez guard before transitioning to side control. Rodriguez scrambles back to half guard and then to full guard. Rodriguez stays busy with elbows from the bottom. Omic postures up and passes to half guard and then to mount. Rodriguez gets Omic back into his guard and again threatens with a Kimura from the bottom. Rodriguez lets go of the submission attempt and begins to land elbows to the body with Omic in his guard. Omic lands a few body shots of his own as the round winds down. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Omic

Round 3:
Omic is the aggressor to begin the fight once again as he throws a high kick right out of the gate. Rodriguez comes back with a combo of punches and leg kicks. Omic grabs a hold of Rodriguez taking him to the mat landing in his butterfly guard. Omic postures up and lands a big right. Rodriguez fires away again with elbows from the bottom. Rodriquez throws up a triangle attempt which is brushed aside by Omic and he lands another shot from his guard. Rodriguez attempts to scramble back to his feet but is thwarted by Omic. Rodriguez grabs the fence in an attempt to improve his position. The referee stops and takes a point from Rodriguez for the infraction. Rodriguez gets to north/south position after the restart and gets back to his feet. Rodriguez kicks the legs of the downed opponent before attempting to drop a punch as the fight comes to an end. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Rodriguez. With the point deduction its 9-9.  Top MMA News scores the fight a draw.
Advin Omic defeats Jose Rodriguez via Unanimous Decision (All three judge score the bout 30-26)

Andrew Buckland vs. Ryan McGillivray
Round 1:
McGillivray comes forward with a combo, pressing Buckland against the cage. McGillivray scoops him up and executes a big slam landing in Buckland’s guard before passing to half guard. Buckland reverses and ends up in side control and then full mount. McGillivray escapes back to guard and then gets to north/south position then to side mount. Buckland bucks McGillivray off and lands in side control. Buckland gets to north/south but McGillivray drives forward and gets the mount. Buckland reverses again and lands in guard. Buckland pounds away on the body until the end of the round.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for McGillivray

Round 2:
Buckland comes out with a body kick which is met with a McGillivray takedown. Buckland defends the takedown and takes the back sinking in a body triangle and  a rear naked choke attempt. McGillivray defends and spins into Buckland’s guard. Both fighters get back to their feet and Buckland comes forward, picks up McGillivray and slams him hard to the mat landing in his guard before advancing to half guard. Buckland wraps up a guillotine attempt but releases it. McGillivray reverses position and lands in mount. Buckland works back to half guard and then full guard staying there until the end of the round. After the bell as McGillivray is getting to his feet Buckland lands an uppercut which rocks McGillivray and leaves him laying on the mat for several seconds. The referee takes a point away from Buckland for the illegal blow.           Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Buckland which becomes 9-9 with the point deduction.

Round 3:
A Furious looking McGillivray is rushed by Buckland to open the round. McGillivray presses Buckland into the cage. Buckland drags McGillivray to the mat and lands in mount. Buckland fires away with body shots for a few minutes before getting his underhooks and pinning the arm down and landing short elbows and punches. Buckland lands a big elbow on the ground. McGillivray escapes to guard and throws some hammer fists from the bottom for the final seconds of the round. Buckland lands one more shot as the fight comes to an end. The late shot and deducted point in the second round proves costly for Buckland as the fight results in a majority draw. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Buckland
Andrew Buckland and Ryan McGillivray fight to a Majority Draw (Judges score the fight 28-28, 29-27 and 28-28)

Victor Bachman vs. Jordan Mein
Bachman comes forward with his usual fast paced flurry to open the round getting a takedown and throwing heavy bombs on the ground. Mein gets back to his feet. Bachman attempts a single leg which is stuffed by Mein who attempts a guillotine choke. Mein jumps on Bachman’s back and looks for a rear naked choke which is fought off by Bachman who gets back to his feet. Mein pushes Bachman against the cage and peppers his thigh with knees. Bachman looks for another single leg and drags Mein to the mat but he quickly returns to his feet. The two trade knees to the thigh before Mein reaches for a crossface and locks on a vicious, Exorcist like neck crank. Bachman has no choice but to tap out.
Jordan Mein defeats Victor Bachman via Submission (Neck Crank) at 4:21 of Round 1

George Belanger vs. Colin Daynes
Daynes presses forward with a quick flurry of punches and a take down landing in Belanger’s guard. Belanger holds on tight while Daynes lands body shots. Belanger uses the cage to get back to his feet and eats some punches in the process. Daynes lands a double leg takedown and fires away with big lefts from the open guard of Belanger. Daynes jumps into Belanger’s guard and eats a hammer fist on the way in. Belanger works back to his feet and is met with a flying knee that just misses from Daynes. Belanger lands a big body kick that buckles Daynes. As Daynes doubles over Belanger pounces but Daynes is able to weather the storm and lands a huge shot of his own that sends Belanger crashing to the mat. Daynes loads up a hammer fist but hesitates to give the referee a chance to stop the fight. Belanger is not quite out and the referee lets the fight continue so Daynes lets the fists rain down forcing the stoppage as the bell sounds to end the first round.
Colin Daynes defeats George Belanger via TKO at 5:00 of Round 1

Jason MacDonald vs. Matt Horwich
Round 1:
Horwich rushes forward and presses MacDonald into the cage. Horwich clinches and lands some weak knees. MacDonald reverses position and presses Horwich into the cage looking for a single leg. Both men trade shots against the cage and MacDonald looks for another takedown which is defended by Horwich. Horwich takes MacDonald down landing in his guard. MacDonald controls the wrists of Horwich and attempts a Kimura from half guard. Horwich lands a trio of hammerfist to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Horwich

Round 2:
MacDonald comes out with a combo and Horwich grabs a hold and forces MacDonald into the cage. MacDonald lands another combo and attempts another single leg. MacDonald continues to land punches. Horwich throws a body kick which is caught by MacDonald who uses it to attempt another single leg takedown. Horwich continues his great takedown defence. The two seperate and trade shots. MacDonald tries again for the single leg and is finally successful but Horwich quickly gets back to his feet. Horwich returns to the clinch game and lands knees to the body. MacDonald sneaks a few uppercuts in from inside the clinch. Horwich gets a takedown and lands in half guard before transitioning to side control. Horwich takes MacDonalds back and looks to sink a rear naked choke but MacDonald defends and spins into Horwich’s guard as the round expires. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for MacDonald

Round 3:
Horwich begins with the clinch and lands knees that open a small cut under the eye of MacDonald. MacDonald lands a takedown ending up in half guard and then working to guard. Horwich works the rubber guard and pulls the foot in front of MacDonald’s face briefly threatening with a gogoplata which is easily defended. MacDonald reverses Horwich and gets to half guard where he looks for a head and arm choke which is escaped by Horwich. MacDonald lands short elbows and stays busy with punches and elbows for the majority of the round until the bell rings to signal the end of the fight. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for MacDonald
Jason MacDonald defeats Matt Horwich via Unanimous Decision (Judges score the bout 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28)

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  1. buck smith says:

    another macdonald sleeper

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  2. Yawn says:

    Maybe UFC can reward him like they did Loiseau.

    This fight was like watching paint dry. When was the last time Horwich or MacDonald didn’t have a snoozefest?

    You’d think it was an MFC main event.

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    You know, I really like Dan Chambers, but the comission needs to make Dan take some time off and take another CT/MRI. It’s obivious from watching Dan fight that he’s received alot of head trauma and it’s clearly affecting him.
    I honestly only mean this for his own safety.

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  4. Swisher says:

    Great article. Cool.

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