EFC Lloydminster is a Canadian MMA Hotspot


Evolution FC is less than one week from hosting its fourth show in Lloydminster, AB. In a city with a population of roughly 28 000, EFC has been able to sell out every show so far with crowds of 3500. Top MMA News had the opportunity to link up with EFC front man Mark “Lurch” Lindskog to talk about the many successes of this promotion.

Lloydminster only recently established an athletic commission to sanction MMA events such as EFC. This may be the fastest set-up of a commission thus far in the sport. How did they do it?

“It only took about 4-5 months to get the commission set-up and running.  The city council was 100% behind it so it went pretty smooth. Some of the council are fans of the sport, we have lots of community sponsorship and support. I think at the vote there was only one no vote. That really goes to show the support this city has.”

With shows selling out with 3500 in attendance per show in a city of 28 000, EFC is probably the most well-attended promotion in Alberta and Lloydminster may be the MMA fan capital per capita in Canada.  Lindskog says,

“Lloydminster shows amazing support for sports and community events. For us to sell out is no surprise. This is a hockey town and has always been known for some good fights. The exposure we are getting is awesome! I have been receiving calls from Las Vegas.  We’re going to be aired on the Fight Network, we’ve received offers from Spike TV to submit footage for a “Top MMA Knock Outs” production they are creating and I’ve recently heard from Full Tilt poker with sponsorship offers from them. The thing is, I’ve never even thought to call places and beg for sponsors because we have so much support from right here in the community. There is a lot of oil money here and businesses like it to stay in the city.”

EFC 4 is being held Saturday, April 24th at the Lloydminster Civic Center. The Fight Network will be airing the event approximately two weeks later; details will be released in the near future.

“I am really excited to work with The Fight Network. We were originally supposed to be given a one hour time slot to air EFC 4.  Once I sent them the footage from EFC 3, they decided to bump us up to two hours in a prime time slot of 7-9pm. They are also going to air EFC 3 about a week before they show EFC 4, it will be a one hour slot. EFC 3 has already been aired on our local network in Lloydminster.”

EFC 4 has a stacked card including three title bouts. Ten Lloydminster fighters will be on this card and there has been some trash talk leading up to the Bantamweight Title fight.   Lindskog tells Top MMA News what to look forward to with EFC 4.

“This card is huge and features lots of local well know fighters. The fight to look forward to will definitely be the main event, it’s a Lightweight Championship fight between two undefeated 5-0 stars Kelly Gervais [Lloydminster] and Tyson Steele [Saskatoon]. Kelly is one of Lloydminster’s most popular guys and will surely draw a crowd. Another great fight I am looking forward to is the Bantamweight Title. These two guys [Owen Carr 2 – 2 from Lloydminster and Marc Beausoliel 3 – 0 also from Lloydminster] are old friends and there has been a lot of trash talk leading up to this fight, I think everyone in town is looking forward to seeing these two go at it.”

Kenny “KenFlo” Florian will be in attendance as a special guest for this event, signing autographs and attending the weigh-ins and fight night. UFC ring girl, Anne Rivera will also be a special guest for this event.

Stay tuned to Top MMA News for more info on the airing of EFC 4 on The Fight Network, as well as results and photos from EFC 4.

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