Top MMA News was live at the Robert Guertin Arena for WRECK MMA’s “Unite for Brian’s Fight”. WRECK MMA donated a portion of the live gate to Brian Dyck, a former Canadian soldier and member of the Ottawa police who has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. The crowd was treated to a great fight card featuring prospects making their pro debuts, local favorites and even a few veterans making their long awaited return to the ring.

Albert Cheng vs. Wes Ranger
Cheng comes out and shoots in and lands the takedown. Cheng passes to side control and lands a few shots. Cheng passes to mount. Ranger rolls and Cheng goes for the rear naked, but Ranger is able to fight it off and turns back into Cheng’s mount. Cheng lands some nasty elbows from mount. Ranger is able to squirm out from Cheng’s mount. Ranger goes to stand; Cheng grabs Ranger’s back and flips him to the mat. Cheng takes back control and cinches in the RNC for the tap.
Albert Cheng submits Wes Ranger by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:30

Mikael Pellerin vs. Randy Turner
Pellerin comes out swinging, but Turner ducks under and lands the double leg. Turner lands in guard and starts to work some ground n’ pound. Pellerin is able to make it back to his feet. Turner lands a nice knee from the Thai plum. They clinch up as Turner lands the trip takedown. Turner lands in side control and goes for the side choke. Pellerin rolls to avoid the choke but gives his back and Turner takes it and locks in the rear naked for the submission win.
Randy Turner submits Mikael Pellerin by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:13

Paul Ebejer vs. Mike Reilly
Ebejer grabs the Thai plum and lands some knees, as Reilly lands some nice uppercuts down the pipe. Both men continue to swing for the fences. Ebejer throws a high kick and misses, as he follows through Reilly lands a powerful uppercut that lands right in Ebejer’s throat. Ebejer backs away and falls to his knees grabbing his gullet, Reilly goes in for the kill but the ref waves the fight off. Reilly is declared the victor via TKO but the winning shot was clearly an unintentional illegal blow so the match should have been declared a No Contest.
Mike Reilly defeats Paul Ebejer by TKO (punches) in Round 1, 1:06

Jenn Ricker vs. Anna Barone
Both ladies come out swinging. Ricker grabs the plum and lands some knees to the body. Barone escapes and lands some hard overhands to Ricker’s face. Ricker goes for the plum again but Barone ties here up in the corner. Barone backs off and lands a vicious 1-2 combo that backs up Ricker. Barone lands the trip takedown and some hard elbows. Ricker kicks her off and they are back to their feet. Ricker ties up and goes for the guillotine; she then jumps guard as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Barone

Round 2
Barone lands an overhand right and drops Ricker. Ricker is able to regain herself, but Barone connects again with Ricker’s chin and this time Ricker is out.
Anna Barone defeats Jenn Ricker by KO in Round 2:55

Jeff Laughren vs. Gerry Bruyere
Bruyere starts off and lands a nice pair of leg kicks. Laughren lands the takedown and winds up in guard. Bruyere is able to shake him off and stand back up. Laughren misses with a big right hand but follows through and lands a takedown. Laughren passes to mount and Bruyere rolls and gives his back as Laughren locks in the fight ending RNC.
Jeff Laughren submits Gerry Bruyere by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:50

Stephane Pelletier vs. Mike Hong
Hong lands a nice double leg to start off the round and passes to side control. Pelletier is able to stand back up, but Hong jumps his back and pulls Pelletier to the mat. Pelletier turns into Hong’s guard, but the fight is stood up due to lack of action. Pelletier stuffs a Hong takedown, but Hong is successful on his second attempt. Hong works some strikes from side control. Pelletier pushes Hong off and stands back up but is met with two of Hong’s fists as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hong

Round 2
Both men start the second round circling each other and working their jabs. Hong slips and Pelletier follows him down to the guard. Pelletier lands some nice elbows from guard, then starts working some vicious ground n’ pound. Hong is able to kick him off to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pelletier

Round 3
Pelletier starts it off by landing some nice leg kicks. Hong then lands a takedown and passes to mount. Pelletier scrambles and puts Hong back into guard. Hong works some strikes from top position. Pelletier throws up his legs and catches Hong in an arm bar, Hong pulls out and lands some shots as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hong
Mike Hong defeats Stephane Pelletier by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

Justin Smethurst vs. Stephane Bernadel
Both fighters come out swinging, Bernadel lands the trip takedown and winds up in half guard. Bernadel backs away and both fighters are standing. Smethurst catches a Bernadel low kick and takes him down. Bernadel grabs an arm and cinches in the arm bar, the ref breaks up the sub attempt as the fighters are tangled in the ropes. With the fighters back standing, Smethurst clinches up with Bernadel and takes him to the mat. Smethurst lands some vicious strikes from top position as the round ends
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Smethurst

Round 2
The fighters begin by stalking each other around the ring and exchanging blows. Bernadel lands a nice combo that hurts Smethurst. Smethurst attempts a weak takedown that is stuffed by Bernadel. Bernadel lands another strong combo that drops Smethurst, Bernadel goes in for the finish as the ref pulls him off.
Stephane Bernadel defeats Justin Smethurst by TKO (punches) in Round 2, 2:43

Chase Degenhardt vs. Craig Brown
Chase starts it off by landing some big shots that faze Brown. Brown gets the takedown and lands in half guard. Chase scrambles and takes top position, and backs away letting Brown stand up. Brown takes Chase back to the mat and passes to side control. Brown lands some hard elbows from side position. Chase turns to avoid the onslaught and Brown takes his back. Brown works the rear naked and forces the tap.
Craig Brown submits Chase Degenhardt by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:23

Samuel Guillet vs. Kurt Southern
Southern shoots in and lands the double leg takedown. Guillet scrambles to his feet only to pull Southern back down to the canvas. Guillet throws up his legs and catches Southern in an arm bar. Southern picks up Guillet and slams him, only to have Guillet pull it tighter and coax the tap out.
Samuel Guillet submits Kurt Southern by Armbar in Round 1, 2:09

Simon Marini vs. Louis-Philipe Carles
Carles lands some nice shots that forces Marini to tie up. Both fighters continue to slug it out. Marini lands a big knee that stuns Carles. Marini follows it up with a nice combination forcing Carles to attempt a takedown. Marini holds him off until the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Marini

Round 2
Carles starts off landing a vicious leg kick, and follows it up with a hard knee. Carles attempts a takedown but Marini spins to his back. Marini locks in the rear naked choke and forces the tap out.
Simon Marini submits Louis-Philipe Carles by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 2:08

Ian Loveland vs. Xavier Desrochers
Loveland swarms all over Desrochers and catches him with a head kick that wobbles Desrochers. Loveland lands an overhand right that drops Desrocher and the fight is called.
Ian Loveland defeats Xavier Desrochers by TKO (punches) in Round 1, :41

What a great night of fights with a lot of quick decisive finishes. The only black mark was the illegal throat shot that ended the Reilly vs. Ebejer fight prematurely. The big winner of the night was Anna Barone who Top MMA News gave both Knockout of the Night and Fight of the Night honors. Samuel Guillet takes home Top MMA News’ Submission of the Night. The big story of the night was the generosity of the fighters as Randy Turner and Mark Holst both donated $500 to the night’s cause, while the Ottawa Academy of MMA chipped in $1000 to help out Brian Dyck. Top MMA News was also glad to see rising stars Samuel Guillet and Simon Marini return to action after long lay offs. Craig Brown looked great tonight as well – here’s hoping he’ll take care of his weight cutting issues that kept him from making the 185 lbs limit.

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