Complete MMA Quick Results – Garbinski Wins


Top MMA News is in Regina tonight for the debut of Complete MMA. This is an amateur organization out of Regina. The fights are held in a ring and it looks to be a full house. Denis Kang is in attendance to support AJ Scales the Regina promoter.

The fights are sanctioned by the Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association. Here are the rules for Saskatchewan’s amateur fights:

Rules: Unified Mixed Martial Arts Rules (altered in two ways for amateur fighters)
– Two five minute rounds instead of three
– No elbow or knee strikes to the head

Complete MMA Results

Paul Garbinski v Dimitri Seguin – 265
The two clinch. Standing Guillotine by Garbinski. Fights over in 10-15 seconds.
Paul Garbinski submits Dimitri Seguin by Standing Guillotine in Round 1, 0:15

Brad Bernshine v Pat Sinclair
They clinch quickly. Bernshine delivers some strikes from clinch. More clinching. Sinclair has the edge in striking and lands a nice kick to Bernshine’s body. Bernshine takes Sinclair down and ends up in Sinclair’s guard. Nice sweep by Sinclair and he mounts Bernshine. Strong ground and pound and Bernshine turns to his side and gets two big punches in his face. Ref stops the fight.
Pat Sinclair defeats Brad Bernshine by TKO (Ground n Pound) in Round 1, 3:06

Jeremia Corrigal v Bill Beaudry – 260
Corrigal comes out swinging, but Beaudry covers up well. Corrigal lands a hook and throws a few more strikes. Beaudry covers, ducks and throws a big right that lands hard. Corrigal is knocked out and falls. Beaudry is on top of him and lands one hammer fist before the ref stops it.
Bill Beaudry defeats Jeremia Corrigal by KO in Round 1, 0:14

Jesse Loftler v Nick Grandbois – 155
Complete MMA’s Jesse Loftler is the hometown fighter taking on Nick Grandbois from Kenora. The fight starts with Loftler getting the clinch and takedown. The two scramble on the ground with a few strikes. The two get to their feet and clinch. Loftler gets another takedown. They scramble but Loftler keeps control. Loftler gets Grandbois’ back and secures a Rear Naked Choke.
Jesse Loftler submits Nick Grandbois by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:38

Chris Bezair v. Mat Thorburn – 170
Chris Bezair (1-0) is from Southeast Combat Sports in Saskatchewan while Mat Thorburn (1-0) hails from Kenora. Some light strikes to open up the fight. Thorburn clinches and gets the takedown. Thorburn delivers ground and pound in Bezair’s guard. Thorburn passes guard and gets side mount and inflicts more ground and pound on his opponent. Thorburn gets the mount and delivers strikes to Bezair’s face. He holds the mount for more than a minute. Chris Bezair turns his back and Thorburn continues punching. The ref steps in and stops it.
Mat Thorburn defeats Chris Bezair by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 1, 3:11

Desmond Johnson v. Chris Kading – 155
Desmond Johnson and Chris Kading exchange kicks. The two then proceed to exchange punches and kicks in an even exchange. Desmond Johnson, from Innovative Martial Arts in Winnipeg, attempts a takedown but the Brandon fighter stuffs it. In the stand up, the two exchange strikes again with Desmond Johnson giving a little more than he receives. Chris Kading then lands a big right in Johnson’s face. He follows up with a big uppercut and knees. Ref stops the fight
Chris Kading defeats Desmond Johnson by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 2:26

Hayden Bye vs Jules Beardy – 155
Hayden Bye comes to the ring with Jesse Bongfeldt in his corner.

Round 1
Beardy starts with heavy strikes, while Bye tries to tie him up with a clinch.  Bye gets a takedown and controls the ground from side mount.  The two get up and back down.  Hayden gets the mount, loses it and ends up with Jules Beardy’s back.  Bye makes a good triangle attempt.  The two stand and clinch and the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Hayden Bye

Round 2
Hayden Bye  opens with big head kick.  Some stand up then Hayden takes Jules down.  Hayden gets the mount and lands many strikes.  Ref stops the fight.
Hayden Bye defeats Jules Beardy by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 2, 3:41

Josh Harley vs Louis Fisette – 135
Fisette comes into the fight as a 3-0 amateur, while Harley is 2-0.  Curtis Brigham is in Fisette’s corner, while Jesse Bongfeldt is  in Harley’s corner.  Louis Fisette gets the take down after some initial striking.  Fisette gets the side mount and attempts a Kimura from the side.  Fisette then gets the mount and lands a bunch of strikes.  Referee stops the match.
Louis Fisette defeats Josh Harley by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 1, 1:53

2 Responses to “ Complete MMA Quick Results – Garbinski Wins ”

  1. namename says:

    bye vs beardy was a good back and forth scrap good intensity. Thought this fight was at 170? anyways not sure if the guy tapped from those strikes because they looked very very weak or if he actually just couldnt defend himself anymore but it was a hell of a fight until then.

    Bill Beaudry with the k.o of the night that was a bomb felt that from my seat

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  2. Riot says:

    The card was solid except for the main event.

    Fisete Vs Harley

    good striking from Harley. Harley picked his shots well and was throwing with speed and power. nice hip toss by fisete. Harley defended the Kimura well but couldn’t get out from underneath fisete. fisete got mount and unloaded on Harley. hard punches. Harley looked out but then he sprung right up and seemed unfazed. good first fight

    Bye Vs Beardy,

    awesome fight start to finish. Beardy seemed to run out of steam very quickly. Bye was far superior on the mat and almost sunk a triangle in at the end of the first round. the writeup for this fight is very well done. Bye Landed a lot of unanswered punches from mount as well as a nice headkick at the beginning of the second round.

    Johnson vs Kading

    good back and forth fight,
    good body shots and knees! these two were throwing at a good pace. liver shot after liver shot landed as well as some hard Knees. these guys were pretty evenly matched and both fought with everything they had

    Bezair VS Thorburn

    I was in the washroom for this fight. I just caught the ending. Good strikes from full mount by thorburn, good sportsmanship from both fighters.

    Corrigal VS Beaudry

    both came out bombing. Corrigal was throwing sloppy and got caught with a bomb. Lights out..
    only knockout on the card I think?

    Loftler VS Grandbois

    Loftler got Grandbois down pretty quick. Grandbrois got back to his feet and Loftler shot again, Grandbois threw some punches but Loftler shot Grandbois sprawled but Loftler kept pushing and got him down, took his back and sunk in the choke for the nice finish.

    Garbinski VS Seguin

    Missmatch much??? that fight was a bit of a letdown. Seguin didn’t seem to have a clue at either standup or submission defence.

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