Ryan Jimmo’s Fight to be Canada’s Top 205 lber


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Anyone who’s paying attention to Canadian MMA is familiar with the name Ryan “The Big Deal” Jimmo. Jimmo is 12-1 in his MMA career with his only loss coming in his debut fight to CFL defensive end and one time MMA fighter Adam Braidwood. Jimmo has appeared predominantly in the Maximum Fighting Championship and has wins over the best in the MFC Light-Heavyweight division. These wins include Dwayne Lewis (14-4), Marvin Eastman (16-13-1) and his latest win over Emanuel Newton (12-6-1).

Jimmo grew up in Saint John, New Brunswick and was no stranger to confrontations. I had once heard of a fight where he and another guy had started fighting around 3:00pm, they had fought hard for over an hour when all the spectators decided to go home for dinner and they were still hard at it when everyone came back. The cardio and will this man has is unbelievable. Jimmo had this to say about growing up tough in SJ;

“SJ is a very blue collar city; I fought because it garnished respect and awe. I think everyone wishes to be respected and fighting seemed to be the best way I knew how when I was a teenager.”

Ryan is also very well known in SJ for his break dancing ability, a feature many now see after a win as his “signature” move at the end of a fight. I remember watching him demonstrate at many high school dances and underground hip-hop shows in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

“I think my dancing was another attempt to garnish respect. It was a skill that I could perfect on my own. The school dances was simply a platform for me to use to project myself to a wider audience. It gave me some tools to use in the ring like precise body control and some rhythm as well.”

Jimmo has been quoted time and time again about his Karate background and the instruction from his father. The karate stance and kicking technique he has taken from the art into the ring has made him a dominating fighter, but those aren’t the only tools he learned from his father.

“My father taught me to have a blue collar work ethic towards my passions. More importantly, he taught me to be a genuine human being, to be honest in what I do.”

Jimmo’s dedication, patience and flexibility allow him to be a great dancer and karate practitioner. Once you put his skills together it makes for one hell of a MMA fighter. With only one record loss to Adam Braidwood, Jimmo has shown his resilience during this fight to the top of the Canadian 205lb rankings.

“I really hate losing and after my first loss I told myself that I didn’t want to lose anymore, so I just put the appropriate steps in place to ensure I win.”

Jimmo kicks Newton (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Jimmo kicks Newton (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

With his superb 12-1 record, and after taking on the best 205lb fighters the MFC has to offer, the question many fight fans have is where is the belt? Many critiques say Jimmo has yet to be offered a title opportunity because he is not finishing his fights or putting on a solid show for the fans. Jimmo addressed this to Top MMA News,

“My last two fights have been with wrestlers, this tends to make for a boring fight, to be honest, I’m looking for a win and if a fight has to go the distance to get that, I’m perfectly ok with that.”

Hopefully Mark Pavelich and the MFC team can see things the same way and give Jimmo a shot to prove he is the best in the light heavyweight division. Jimmo is next set to fight Wilson Gouveia at MFC 25, May 7th in Edmonton. This card is stacked with the MFC’s biggest stars; Thales Leites vs. Jesse Taylor, Dwayne Lewis vs. Emanuel Newton, Gavin Neil vs. Richie Hightower and will surely be a great night of fights. Can we expect to hear an announcement that Jimmo will be fighting for a title in the near future or does Jimmo have any plans for what’s next after Gouveia?

“At this point I’m just focusing on Wilson Gouveia; I’m not looking past him. Best not to plan on how you’re going to step of the curb three blocks from where you are, you’re likely to stumble, best for me to pay attention on where I’m stepping right now.”

I expect to see big things from Ryan Jimmo, if he secures a win at MFC 25, it could put him at the very top of the Canadian Light Heavyweight rankings.

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7 Responses to “ Ryan Jimmo’s Fight to be Canada’s Top 205 lber ”

  1. I talked to Mark Pavelich last week. He foresees the following for the MFC LHW title.

    Winner of Jimmo/Gouveia gets a title shot.

    If Dwayne Lewis beats Emanuel Newton, Lewis gets title shot.

    If Newton beats Lewis, no title shot and back to drawing board regarding LHW title fight.

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  2. Dwayne Lewis says:

    Jimmo is a stud and I expect his fight with Gouveia to be a great war ! Jimmo wins TKO round 3 !

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  3. mickey main says:


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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Jimmo takes this one by TKO.

    He’s looking real sharp and training his ass off!

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  5. The "Ordeal" says:

    Jimmo will either knock this bitch out or submit her!!!!!
    Done deal. Can’t wait to see it live….
    I’ll be in the house RJ – “do what ya do”

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  6. This fight will be the toughest challenge of Jimmo’s career so far. I see him as the underdog, but with the right game plan beating Gouveia is definitely doable.

    ps- I think you meant “garner,” and not “garnish.”

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  7. Brodie says:

    I am really looking forward to this fight. Gouviea is a tough dude and a big name. If Jimmo get by him it will be a great stepping stone for him.

    The whole card is pretty stacked!!!

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