Wreck MMA 2: Weighin Results


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MAIN EVENT – Wreck Bantamweight Title

Ian ‘The Barn Owl’ Loveland 134 vs. Xavier Desrochers 134.4


Simon ‘The Mutant’ Marini 169 vs. Louis-Philippe ‘The Joker’ Carle 170.6

Samuel Guillet 155.6 vs. Kurt Southern 157.8*

Chase Degenhardt 185.2 vs. Craig ‘Farmer’ Brown 188*

Stephane Pelletier 135 vs. Mike ‘Hurricane’ Hong 134.4

Justin Smethurst 147.4* vs. Stephane Bernadel 145.4

Jeff Laughren 168.8 vs. Gerry Bruyere 167

Jenn Ricker 144 vs. Anna ‘Smiles’ Barone 146

Paul Ebejer 132.4* vs. Mike Reily 124 
(Catchweight of 125)
Mikael Pellerin 135.8 vs. Randy Turner 134.4

Albert Cheng 155.2 vs. Wes Ranger 153.8

11 Responses to “ Wreck MMA 2: Weighin Results ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Jesus 4 guys missed weight.
    2 of them real pro dudes, a little surprised by Farmer and Southern

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  2. Ebejer guy missed by a lot.

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    That guy is a joker, I don’t even count him.

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  4. Chris B says:

    Ebejer is 0-4 and all four losses within the first minute. He was part of an ill-fated gimmick a few years ago with KOTC where he was fighting another guy who had never won. The loser had to quit MMA. Luckily the fight never went through.

    I’m shocked by Farmer missing by 3 lbs. I think this is his first cut to 185 and I guess he miscalculated.

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  5. Farmer says:

    First of all let me apologize for not making weight.
    Our set weight was 186 giving a pound leeway. Upon my arrival I weighed in at 187 (1 lb over) with 5 min till weigh in. So I drank pedeialite before the weigh in.

    No excuses, I messed up and paid for it as leaving my house my good scale read 185.5 to both me and my coach.
    Doesn’t matter now now I have a job to do and fans to put on a show for . I just wanted to apologize to all who have backed me through the years.
    Craig Brown

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  6. Adam Lorenz says:

    It definitely sucks and i am sure that Kurt was not happy about it, however, Southern taking a fight on a weeks notice, getting flown into town late last night and then having to get down by 1 o’clock presented a lot more of a challenge to cut in time then usual.
    And Farmer, I heard from my coach that Kurt was at 156 on our gym’s scale, which turned out to be a couple pounds lighter then the official scale, so I believe you.

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  7. Chris B says:

    Let it be known that Farmer Brown is a 100% class act. WAR FARMER!

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  8. Dan says:


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  9. Paul says:

    Hey folks you might think I’m a joke but my hearts in the right place and you look at the dudes I have fought. When no one else would take the fights I did so do me a favour cut a guy a break. Tonight all that changes. Thanks Wreck and sorry about the weight I tryed to get there. I dropped from almost 160 in under 9 days but I will put on a better performence tonight and I will come out with the win

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  10. Thanks for coming on here and explaining your side to the story guys.

    We truly appreciate it.

    Good luck to everybody.

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  11. I’ve seen Southern cut weight, and he does it like a champ.

    Hard to fault him when he is brought in last minute. And isn’t he owed a few pounds from the last time he fought in Quebec? ;)

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