Ringside Rage Recap and Play by Play


Top MMA News made the flight down to Montreal to check out the Ringside promotion. Ringside had a great atmosphere and the loudest crowd that this reporter has been a part of outside the UFC. A crowd approaching 2000 fans cheered on the fighters and they were not disappointed because many locals were victorious.

The site also had a couple staff members watching Ringside’s internet stream debut and found that it was a fantastic stream and much more enjoyable pay per view than UFC 112! Top MMA News encourages fans to take in the live action of this promotion in person or on the web. It is a solid promotion run by solid MMA individuals.

A few points from my Montreal trip:

* Joey Benoit, Ringside MMA promoter, has a sharp MMA mind. He has been around for a while and it was my pleasure to pick his brain over the weekend.  It is no coincidence that Ringside is the most successful Montreal MMA promotion and they have Benoit working for them.

* Two of the nicest guys in MMA are Ryan Machan and Guillaume DeLorenzi.  I had a chance to talk with both guys and they are true sportsmen and very good MMA athletes

* Alex Garcia and Tim Wadsworth are beasts.  Garcia on the feet and Wadsworth on the ground.  I am told that no one wants to fight them in Montreal, but they both need tougher opponents next Ringside.  Here is my matchmaking: Wadsworth will challenge Gagnon for the Featherweight title. How about Garcia getting Chris Clements or Matt MacGrath?

* Michel Gagnon will be top ten.  OK, Team Shredder?  I get it.  He’s good. Very good.

* I think people in Montreal should stop calling fighters “The Next GSP”.  There was no “Next Gretzky” and there will be no “Next GSP”.

* The Lightweight situation in TriStar is out of this world.  DeLorenzi, Ricci, Makdessi, Gauthier, and more.  Not to mention guys like Florian coming up to train. 

* Gary Whittaker, who runs The Franchise, is a funny guy and a huge fan of all sports!  Who knew he was a Bomber fan though?  (photo to come!)

Here is a play by play of every fight:

Dave Bedard vs Robin Helou
Helou attempts a Guillotine to start things off.  Bedard slips out.  Bedard is in Helou’s half guard and he starts landing some rights.  Bedard tees off with bigger rights and this is over as the ref stops the fight.
Dave Bedard defeats Robin Helou by TKO(GNP) Round 1, 1:36

Danny St-Gelais vs Samuel Laverriere
Laverriere starts with a leg kick and St-Gelais shoots on him.  Nice sprawl by Samuel and the two are pressed against the cage.  St-Gelais lands some knees before Laverriere puts him in a head lock, lands some shots, and drags him to the canvas. Samuel has side control before being reversed by St-Gelais.  The two exchange positions many times on the ground in exciting fashion.  At one point, St-Gelais attempts a Guillotine but Laverriere slams out of the sub attempt.  The two finish a back and forth round on the ground as the bell rings.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Laverriere

Round 2
A superman punch by St-Gelais sets the tone for another exciting round.  It lands and Laverriere is against the cage.  The two exchange punches.  A nice left by St-Gelais and then St-Gelais gets top position on the mat.  While he maintains top position, he does not work and the ref stands them up.  Laverriere lands a kick to the body.  St-Gelais responds with a tremendous left high kick that drops Laverriere. Wasting no time, St-Gelais jumps on Laverriere and lands some big hammer fists and the ref stops the bout.  One of the better fights you will ever see between two 0-0 fighters!  A great debut by both Danny and Samuel!
Danny St-Gelais defeats Samuel Laverriere by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 2, 2:27

Jeff Royer vs Kevin Morin
A looping right by Morin glances off of Royer to start Round 1 and another right lands.  The two decide to clinch and Morin lands a couple knees.  After Morin misses a right high kick, Royer shows some life and lands a strong kick to the body and and straight left and the the two clinch with Morin’s back to the cage.  Royer starts to control the round and he knees Morin nine times to the body while he has Morin around the cage.  Morin lands a kneed and as the two separate, Morin lands a right that hurts Royer.  Morin starts scoring with blows and lands a huge right that knocks out Royer.  Morin gives him two shots on the ground before the ref can stop the fight.  Morin gets KO of the Night in a good scrap by both combatants.
Kevin Morin defeats Jeff Royer in Round 1, 3:22

Pierrot Marcoux vs Guillaume Fortier
The fight begins and the two fighters trade left kicks to the body.  A takedown by Fortier and he gets side control but Marcoux gets him back to his full guard.  Marcoux tries an arm bar but loses it and as so often happens when you lose an arm bar, you fall into a bad position.  Fortier lands some big rights from the side for his miss.  Marcoux keeps working and gets himself into Fortier’s half guard only to be reversed.  Fortier stands and lands a left while Marcoux is on his back.  Marcoux traps an arm in a nice move and obtains a full mount but is bucked off.  Nice ground work by both fighters and the fight ends with Fortier in side control where he locks on a Kimura.  Marcoux fights the hold valiantly but eventually relents with a tap.
Guillaume Fortier submits Pierrot Marcoux via Kimura in Round 1, 4:20

Daylin Logan vs Sebastien Deroy
Logan immediately picks up Deroy, walks him across the cage, and slams him with a show of power.  Deroy manouvers himself into Logan’s guard, but Logan returns to his feet.  Logan, once again, picks up Deroy and drops him hard and proceeds to follow up with about 15 huge lefts while Deroy is in the turtle position.  Referee Chartier should have bee earlier on this stoppage. Good win for Logan and his huge following of supporters.
Daylin Logan defeats Sebastien Deroy by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 1:28

Dwight Sutherland vs Tim Wadsworth
The fight starts with Wadsworth striking and getting Sutherland on his back. Wadsworth stands in Sutherland’s guard and lands some hard punches.  Wadsworth proceeds to pick Sutherland twice and powerbombing him. Wadsworth is great positionally and continues to keep Sutherland on his back.  Dwight keeps his hips active and tries to land one of his patented submissions but Wadsworth’s ground game is too superior.  Wadsworth continues to land rights and several elbows and Sutherland gives up his back.  Wadsworth softens him up with some more ground and pound and then sinks in the rear naked choke.  Wadsworth is definitely a force at 145, while Sutherland
Tim Wadsworth submits Dwight Sutherland by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:39

Alex Garcia vs Jaret Macintosh
Macintosh starts with a leg kick but that is all the offense he will get as Garcia lands a huge right that is heard throughout the arena that drops Macintosh.  Garcia rushes on top of him and pounds away.  Then he takes Macintosh’s back and pounds on him for the TKO win.  Garcia is a beast!
Alex Garcia defeats Jaret Macintosh by TKO in Round 1, 0:44

Jason Rorison vs Derek Gauthier
The Sex Machine opens things off with some big knees after some initial trading of jabs.  The two start wrestling and Rorison pushes Gauthier into the cage.  As the crowd chants ‘GAUTHIER’, Derek responds with two more knees. After considerable time pushing against the cage, the ref breaks up the action and restarts the fighters.  Gauthier lands a couple leg kicks and then a left high kick.  After the two exchange leg kicks, Rorison scores with a solid body kick and a straight right, yet Gauthier responds with his own right that appears to hurt Jason.  Gauthier is targeting that lead leg of Rorison with leg kicks, but Rorison counters one with a hard right.  Rorison is on the offensive now and lands a series of lefts and rights and Gauthier loses his legs and drops to the canvas but manages to return to his feet where he is greeted with a high kick.  Incredibly, Gauthier throws a high kick that really hurts Rorison.  The two trade while standing and Gauthier drops him with an elbow.  Rorison is in the turtle position covering up his left side of his face while gathering his wits.  Gauthier works some hammer fists while Rorison tries to grab Gauthier’s leg.  The referee stops it.  I think that was a little early but it was a great fight between two very tough fighters. 

This was Top MMA News’ Fight of the Night.  Its a shame that it was stopped with six seconds left in the first as it would have been great to see another round with these two.
Derek Gauthier defeats Jason Rorison by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 4:54

Michel Gagnon vs Guillaume Lamarche
The two featherweights exchange leg kicks and then Michel Gagnon lands a knee.  Lamarche shoots for a single but Gagnon traps him in a Guillotine.  The two hit the canvas and the Guillotine is tightened and Lamarche taps the mat.  Michel Gagnon is the Ringside Featherweight champion.
Michel Gagnon submits Guillaume Lamarche by Guillotine in Round 1, 0:52

Guillaume DeLorenzi vs Ryan Machan
The two challengers for the Lightweight title start tentatively before DeLorenzi scores first with a right.  DeLorenzi follows up with a couple leg kicks and several more strikes while Machan is keeping his distance with a jab.  Then Machan shoots for a single and takes several blows for his efforts but Ryan is relentless and get DeLorenzi down.  Machan gets DeLorenzi’s back but he is too high and DeLorenzi reverses and gets side control.  The crowd yells “ELBOW” but Machan works well off his back and gets DeLorenzi in his guard once again.  DeLorenzi stands and lands some blows while Machan is on his back and Machan returns the favor with an upkick that scores.  DeLorenzi gets back down and stacks Machan against the cage and issues a ground and pound beating to the Red Deer fighter.  Referee Yves Lavigne edges closer and it looks like he may stop the fight but Machan has a very active guard and the punches stop.  Guillaume stands, grabs Machan’s foot, fakes going right, and launches himself in the air to land in side control. Quite an acrobatic guard pass! DeLorenzi gets full mount but the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Guillaume DeLorenzi

Round 2
Machan blocks a left high kick as round 2 starts and Ryan throws some punches but does not appear to be landing many of them.  Guillaume closes the distance and lands a big knee. DeLorenzi follows up with some crisp combinations and then takes Machan to the mat.  Machan is very comfortable on his back and he works a Kimura to get up.  DeLorenzi escapes to side control and then mounts Machan.  Some great mat work here as Machan escapes and gets top position on DeLorenzi.  Machan drops a heavy right that lands as Guillaume stands up.  Machan shoots for a leg again and Guilllaume punishes him with right hands.  Machan answers with a knee and the two separate.  DeLorenzi throws a left kick to the body that really hurts Machan and Ryan drops to the mat.  In side control, Guillaume drops some lefts before Yves Lavigne stops the fight and DeLorenzi is crowned Lightweight champion.  A very entertaining fight between two of the nicest guys you will ever meet in MMA.  Congratulations to both!
Guillaume DeLorenzi defeats Ryan Machan by TKO in Round 2

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