Hybrid Combat H5 – Gatineu – May 22


Date: May 22, 2010
Location: Pere Arthur Guertin Community Centre in Gatineau, Quebec
TV: None
Tickets: 819-246-2787, 613-880-4824 or 613-355-0915

Amateur MMA

170lbs. Gaetan Lauzon, Kung Fu Partoa, Ottawa, 0-0-0
Pierre Melon, Team Bushido, Ottawa, 0-1-0

155lbs. Guillaume Caron, Juvaldo, Val d’Or, 0-0-0
Eric Nadon, NX Martial Arts/Arts Martiaux Evolution, Ottawa, 0-0-0

155lbs. Chris Trembelas, Prodigy MMA, St-Thomas, 0-0-0
Jon Chiera, Team Bushido, Ottawa, 1-0-0

170lbs. Brendan Beavis, Prodigy MMA, St-Thomas 1-0-0
Paul Levac, Ronin MMA, Ottawa, 2-0-0

185lbs. Ralph Jean Pierre David, Juvaldo, Val d’Or, 1-0-0
Harley David, Fit MMA, Ottawa, 1-0-0

170lbs. Kris Baker, Ronin mma ottawa 0-0, 0-0-0
Stephen Lefebvre, Arts Martiaux Evolution, Petawawa, 0-0-0

155lbs. Nicolas Lynch, NX Martials Arts, Orleans, 0-0-0
Mike Tremblay, Alpha MMA, Carleton Place, 1-0-0

205lbs. Ryan Hawes, K2 Martials Arts, Greely, 1-1-0
Vincent Martine-Forget, Arts Martiaux Evolution, Gatineau, 2-1-0

155lbs. Shane Sparenberg, Prodigy MMA, St-Thomas, 0-0-0
Rob Tracey, Arts Martiaux Evolution, Pembrooke, 2-2-0

211lbs. Mike Weichert, Black Dawg System, Kincardine , 0-1-0
Roch Bosquet, Fit MMA, Ottawa, 3-1-0

155lbs. Patrick Gill, Zahabi mma, Montreal 3-0.
Matthew Richardson, N1 Thai Boxing Academy, Ottawa, 3-0-0

4 Responses to “ Hybrid Combat H5 – Gatineu – May 22 ”

  1. Jer says:

    Watch out for Levis From Zahabi! This kid is a fanastic prospect! Very talented andskilled and trains with some of the best fighters in the world.

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  2. wtf? says:

    what do you do a kid with 3 professional fights, and 4 amateur fights? i know, put him in the ring with an 0-0 guy from st thomas!

    Wtf Rob Tracey?

    good job matchmaker!

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  3. wtf says:

    Rob Only has 1 amateur fight behind him and has 1 win as a professional,so get your facts straight buddy

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  4. yohann says:

    Hi Keith , for the fight of Stephen Lefevbre its new oppenents its Kris Baker from Ronin mma ottawa 0-0 and the new oppenents of Matthew Richardson for the main event its Patrick Gill from Zahabi mma montreal 3-0.

    Hope to see you there or one of your guy.



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