Dana White on UFC 112


Dana discusses the terrible main event of UFC 112 as well as announces the bonus winners for the night.

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  1. Jake Robles says:

    Dana is pissed and probably thinking of having Silva fight Machida just because……

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  2. Garth says:

    So after this, does Anderson really have a place in the UFC or is he going to be stripped of the title?
    The first 2.5 rounds he taunts and showboats, then runs away for the last 2.5 rounds?

    If you’re that good standing up (which he obviously is) compared to the other guy, and you’re getting paid a couple hundred thousand for a fight, PROVE your the best, and get on the ground and beat your opponent at their game! Two bjj black belts in the cage and one is a coward to hit the ground?

    W/o a doubt, you can no longer call Anderson Silva the best p4p fighter if he will only fight one dimensionally. If you want to be the best, then PROVE you are the best at all of it, and hit the ground! Coward!

    I may be dissapointed with GSP’s last few fights b/c he went to decision, BUT at least he shows the world that he can stand and bang when needed (not much against Hardy, unfortunately), but then he’ll take them to the ground and beat on them there (Hey BJ – remember when your BROTHER lost faith in you and threw in the towel?)

    Anderson Silva should be forced into LHW if he wants to remain in the UFC, or just let go. He can go to Dream or somewhere else.

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  3. James Locke says:

    I think they should take points away for lack of action. If a fighter is not going to make a move, or refuses to fight either on the ground or stand up than it’s one point a round until he get his hands dirty. Dan waited too long to give the warning, he should have warned him in the second round and then deducted points for lack of action. I applaud Maia for trying.

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Man, I wrote this huge thing on my blackberry while sitting in a parking lot and it didn’t post. Damn!

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  5. sky101 says:

    No one has stood for Anderson Silva then me? lolol really

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  6. Dean says:

    As the champion I think it is up to the challenger to take the belt from him. Nobody made any comments about how Maia didn’t want to engaged at all when Anderson had his hands down or on his waist. You can’t win when you don’t fight.

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