School of Hard Knocks 6 Recap


Top MMA News was at Hard Knocks 6 in Calgary on April 10.  The School of Hard Knocks on April 9th was a tremendous demonstration of great technique and warrior will. The 1500 spectators left in awe at the stunning power of many great amateur and professional fighters. Many fighters of varying schools came out to test their skill. Here is a play by play of the action:

Keith Macduff vs. Gabriel Dugan 140 lbs:
The first fight of the night kicked off with some great aggression and technique from both fighters. Macduff came in throwing many flurries of punches and was matched by kicks from Dugan. After locking into a clinch and going to the ground it was obvious that both fighters were well versed in ground fighting. Macduff ended up on top but both stood up after a failed arm bar attempt from Dugan. A few more combos were thrown before the fight found its way back on the ground, giving Macduff the opportunity to sink a guillotine choke, forcing Dugan to tap out.   
Winner: Keith Macduff by submission at 2:13 in the first round

Chad Anheliger vs. Peter Orosz 145 lbs:
The second bout had some flashy looking strikes but altogether lacked in technique. These fighters came out throwing multiple haymakers as well as several superman punches. These were entertaining, although they rendered Peter Orosz tired very quickly in the first round. The second round was stopped by the referee for not blocking punches.
Winner: Chad Anhelinger by referee stoppage at 1:16 in the second round

Terry Macdonald vs. Riley Molyneaux 170 lbs:
This bout was a great demonstration of Riley Molyneaux, who showed great aggression and ring control. The fight started with leg kicks from both fighters, and a hook flurry by Molyneaux that almost knocked Macdonald out. Riley Molyneaux had Macdonald beside the cage for most of the fight and took every opportunity to try chokes and strike his body and head. Molyneaux knocked Macdonald out early in the first with a devastating hook.
Winner: Riley Molyneaux by technical knockout at 2:46 in the first round

Kris Leal vs. Wolfgang Janssen 135 lbs:
This bout was a very good fight between two aggressive fighters. Kris Leal came out looking dominant by throwing good combos and powerful lefts. After some successful takedowns by both fighters, the fight moved to the ground and Janssen became dominant. The round ended with Janssen breaking Leal’s guard and weakening him with some mid section strikes. The second round moved quickly to the ground giving Leal an opportunity to attempt an arm bar which was stopped by Janssen. This allowed him to gain full guard and finish the round with more pounding on Leal. The third round showed more of Janssen’s ground skill and wrestling ability. Leal showed more fight in this round with impressive counters and powerful rights that stopped Janssen’s leg kicks. Janssen however, took the fight to the ground again and showed his dominance with more ground and pound, as well as more submission attempts.
Winner: Wolfgang Janssen by unanimous decision

Chad James vs. Mitch Macphee 145 lbs:
Mitch Macphee showed excellent boxing technique against Chad James in this bout. Dominance of the fight was shown by Macphee who would not allow the fight to go to the ground. The first round was very even, both fighters landed several combos and takedowns. The second round Macphee brought James into his element. Every successful takedown by James was escaped and stood up. The third round was also taken by Macphee who not only used his stand up but brought the round to a close with some good ground and pound, as well as a rear naked choke attempt. James tried bringing the fight to the ground on many occasions, and although he had some great wrestling strength, Macphee’s defence was outstanding.
Winner: Mitch Macphee by unanimous decision

Lee Palichuk vs. Harley Davidson 185 lbs:
The Palichuk vs. Davidson fight was a very quick match that showed great strength and aggression but also some lack of control. The fight started faster than any other fight in the night and it looked like someone was going to be knocked out very soon. Davidson’s huge lefts and leg kicks. The fight went into a clinch and both were throwing as many shots as they could. The fighters took each other down and with little hesitation, Palichuk took back control and slipped in a firm rear naked choke, causing Davidson to tap.
Winner: Lee Palichuk by submission at 1:43 in the first round

Jeff Larkin vs. Robbie Lobello 170 lbs
Possibly the most exciting fight of the evening was Larkin vs. Lobello. Lobello came out with strong punches, a takedown and several submission attempts. Larkin took the top and dropped some great mid section punches and held on to a bit of dominance before the round finished. The second round started by Larkin slamming Lobello and unleashing some strong body shots. Larkin dominated take downs and strikes but Lobello’s defence was very strong. Larkin finished the round with powerful left hooks. The third round seemed in favour of lobello for his ground work as he tried to triangle choke, arm bar and ankle pick Larkin into submission. Larkin kept his defence strong and did not give up. In the standing it was very even, both showing many striking combinations. Although larkin seemed like more of a boxer, his defence for both takedowns and submissions was outstanding. The judges scored this match 28-28.
Decision: Draw

Beau Bentley vs. Chris “Auto” Mattock 170 lbs:
In the final amateur bout, Chris Mattock and Beau Bentley showed great ground fighting and jiu-jitsu skills. The first round showed Mattocks strong take down abilities when he almost managed a quick guillotine choke and landed both fighters in their element. The two battled over submissions and guard dominance with no visible victor. This was a slow start for what Chris Mattock usually shows on the ground. Upon standing Chris lost a point for hitting Bentley while he was down, and the match ended shortly after. The second round ended up on the ground quickly as well and most of it was spent with Mattock mounting Bentley and pounding at his body. Chris was deducted another point for hitting Bentley in the head while on the ground and the fight was stood up. Mattock and Bentley traded punches until the round was over. The third round had more aggression from both fighters who clearly were looking for a quick submission, especially Mattock who was down points and did not want his first amateur loss. Chris took the fight to the ground again with another impressive takedown. Chris locked a guillotine, followed by a triangle choke and when Bentley slipped out, Mattock swung into an arm bar and did not let go until he forced Bentley to tap out. Chris Mattock demonstrating outstanding jiu-jitsu for the third time in School of hard Knocks and looks to be an extremely promising jiu-jitsu fighter in professional MMA.
Winner: Chris Mattock by submission at 2:19 in the third round


Dave Krawczyk vs. Brent Keryluke 155 lbs:
The first pro bout of the night was a great demonstration of wrestling and how powerful it is in an MMA fight. Dave Krawczyk and Brent Keryluke both had some impressive takedowns in the first, Brent started with a powerful slam and submission attempt. Dave ended up on top but Brent’s full guard kept the strikes to a minimum. Both fighters went back to stand up only to have Dave suplex Brent and gain back control. After much time struggling to sink a rear naked choke, the round ends. Dave opened up the second round with another intense slam which gave him the half guard position. After more struggling for control, the referee stood them up. Much of the ground was dominated by Krawczyk and he proved it difficult to break guard for Keryluke. Dave Krawczyk slammed Keryluke again and they held ground position until the second was over. Krawczyk managed several more great takedowns in the third round and ground and pounded Keryluke until he took full mount and made a final submission attempt. The round ended before Keryluke’s guillotine could sink.
Winner: Dave Krawczyk by unanimous decision

Jamie Guminy vs. James Haddad
The final pro bout was a quick disheartening loss for Jamie Guminy who was forced to tap out very quickly in the first round. Haddad came out strong and took down Guminy, locking in a triangle choke just after they hit the ground. Haddad continued to punch Guminy’s face and tighten his triangle choke until Guminy tapped.
Winner: James Haddad by submission at 1:07 in the first round

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