Top MMA News Talks to Martins Desilets


photo by Jason Bouwmeester

As previously announced on Top MMA News, Martin “Stress” Desilets has signed a three fight deal to fight for Ringside in Quebec.  Top MMA News caught up with The Fight Club Light-Heavyweight champion where Desilets disclosed that his first Ringside opponent will be Seth Petruzelli this June. 

(UPDATE) Unfortunately, while Petruzelli would be a tough opponent for Desilets, who is on a four fight win streak and is unbeaten since 2008, Desilets’ manager caught up with Top MMA News the following day and corrected his fighter saying there is a list of fighters that are being considered.  One of many on the long list is Petruzelli but nothing has been decided. 

Desilets also discussed his TFC Light-Heavyweight title win over Victor Valimaki.  Desilets was extremely happy to win the belt and said that he only hit Victor once in the groin during the fight.  He admitted he did accidently catch Victor hard in that tender area but stated that Yves Lavigne did penalize him for the foul because earlier in the fight Valimaki hit Martin in the same spot.  He believes a hard liver shot really hurt Valimaki before Desilets finished him off with some punches to the head.  Martin was surprised that Valimaki tried to call a timeout and said that Lavigne correctly kept the fight going because there was no illegal blow.

As for future TFC title defenses, Stress mentioned that he has not heard from TFC but would love to go back to defend his title after his fight at Ringside this June.

4 Responses to “ Top MMA News Talks to Martins Desilets ”

  1. Jason says:

    Thought his Ringside deal was an exclusive deal? Would love for him to be able to defend his TFC belt though…

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  2. Martin said he is exclusive to Quebec.

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  3. Jason says:

    Ah – so he’s still available to fight elsewhere just not for other promotions in Quebec?

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  4. According to Martin, he is available to fight elsewhere.

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