Unified MMA 3 Recap


Top MMA News was on hand for Unified MMA 3 on Friday night. A sick fighter and a medically suspended fighter forced the cancellation of the co-main event and the opening fight of the evening. The card was reduced to 6 fights but still had several explosive finishes.

The main event of Travis Briere vs. Tim “Shady” Smith lived up to it’s top billing by producing the Top MMA News KO of the Night after Briere ended Smith’s night in exciting fashion by pounding him out with huge hammer fists in just over a minute.

Top MMA News choice for Fight of the Night was a back and forth affair between heavy hitting newcomer Siarhei Misialik and undefeated Chase Maxwell in which the two went at each other for 2 rounds and exchanged heavy shots and submission attempts before Maxwell submitted Misialik with a triangle choke which also earned Top MMA News Submission of the Night.

Allan Primeau vs. Jeremy Smerek
Smerek rushes in to start out and Primeau side steps and forces him into the cage. Smerek scoops Primeau up and slams him to the ground landing in side control. Smerek fires away with an array of hammer fists, punches and knees to the body. Smerek pushes Primeau to the cage and pounds away with hammer fists appearing to break Primeau’s nose and forcing him to tap out due to strikes.
Jeremy Smerek defeats Allan Primeau via Submission (Strikes) at 2:21 of Round 1

Chase Maxwell vs. Siarhei Misialik
Round 1:
Misialik catches Maxwell with a hard right that forces Maxwell to tie him up against the cage. Maxwell throws a knee and then gets separation. Maxwell throws a kick that misses it’s mark. Misialik comes back with a big combo that forces Maxwell back into the cage. Maxwell responds with a take down but gets caught in a guillotine attempt. Maxwell escapes the submission attempt and Misialik utilizes a can opener to force Maxwell to open his guard. Misialik grabs a hold of the leg and attempts a heel hook, Maxwell responds by attempting a heel hook of his own. Maxwell releases his attempts and spins out to take the back. Maxwell lands one solid hammer fist before moving to full mount and throwing a few elbows and punches. Misialik bucks Maxwell off but ends up in a triangle attempt which he easily escapes. Misialik gets to side mount and lands shots to the body before moving to north/south position to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Misialik

Round 2:
Misialik opens with a leg kick before both fighters come together with wild combos. Both throw head kicks that fail to connect. Misialik connects with a big right but is too exhausted to capitalize as he backs off and drops his hands. Another right hand forces Maxwell against the cage and Misialik follows up with leg kicks. Maxwell clinches and throws knees that land to the body and head. Maxwell releases the clinch and throws another combo before clinching and throwing more knees. Misialik is able to get off the cage but puts his hands on his knees and bends over trying to regain his breathe. Seeing this Maxwell rushes in for a head kick but Misialik sees him coming and drops him with a huge right that drops Maxwell to the ground. Misialik lands in Maxwells half guard and gets locked into a triangle attempt. Maxwell softens Misialik up with numerous elbows while Misialik is still caught in the triangle until he’s finally forced to tap out.
Chase Maxwell defeats Siarhei Misialik via Submission (Triangle Choke) at 4:43 of Round 2

Zach Blaber vs. Patrick Gladue
Blaber opens with a quick double leg attempt which is briefly fought off by Gladue. Blaber finally gets him to the ground immediately moving to side control and then to full mount. Blaber grabs an arm and sinks in a deep arm bar attempt. Gladue appears close to tapping but manages to escape. Blaber takes side mount again and attempts another arm bar which again looks to be the end of the fight but Gladue fends of the attack again and works to Blaber’s guard where he gets wrist control before the referee calls a time out to replace Gladue’s mouth guard. The referee oddly restarts the fight on the feet despite the fact that Gladue had a dominant position on the ground. Blaber takes advantage and comes out swinging with a huge right that sends Gladue crashing to the ground as the referee jumps in between and rescues Gladue from an unnecessary hammer fist.
Zach Blaber defeats Patrick Gladue via TKO (Strikes) at 2:39 of Round 1

Corey Knapp vs. Kyle Anderson
Knaap opens with a leg kick that lands and a flurry of punches that pushes Anderson into the cage. Anderson attempts a guillotine but is picked up and slammed to the mat by Knaap who lands in side control. Knaap punishes Anderson with knees to the body and transitions to full mount. Anderson uses his sizeable weight advantage and bucks several times to get away from Knaap’s corner and get to the center of the cage before Knaap switches back to side control. Knaap rains downs a few punches before locking up an arm Triangle forcing Anderson to tap out.
Corey Knapp defeats Kyle Anderson via Submission (Arm Triangle) at 3:27 of Round 1

Tyson Russell vs. Josh Ladouceur
Ladouceur circles Russell a few times before Russell lands a solid body kick. Ladouceur responds with a big looping right that doesn’t connect. Ladouceur throws a wild combo and Russell ties him up and takes him to the ground landing in side control. Ladouceur works his way out and the two bring the fight back to the feet. Russell lands a push kick to the mid section that sends Ladouceur into the cage. Ladouceur responds with a leg kick before Russell takes him back to the mat landing in full mount. Russell lands short elbows and punches until Ladouceur gives up his back. Russell sinks his hooks, flattens him out and locks up the rear naked choke inducing a quick tap out from Ladouceur. A very excited Russell celebrates his third straight win by running face first into the cage.
Tyson Russell defeats Josh Ladouceur via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:38 of Round 1

Travis Briere vs. Tim Smith
Smith opens with a leg and Briere responds with a furious combo that bloodies Smith and drops him to the ground. Briere looks to get on top and finish the fight but is met with hard up kicks from the downed opponent. Briere passes the legs and drops heavy shots from inside Smith’s guard. Smith turns over and turtles giving Briere the opportunity to rain down hammer fists until the referee steps in to call a stop to the fight giving Briere the very impressive victory.
Travis Briere defeats Tim Smith via TKO (Unanswered Blows) at 1:19 of Round 1

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