Unified MMA Weigh-in results


Well it looks like the Edmonton commission maintains it’s stranglehold on being Canada’s rogue commission.  The Commission is allowing Sam Osman who just competed February 26th at Canadian Fighting Championship where he took an illegal kick to the head and was unable to continue and was suspended for 60 days. This is documented in the ABC approved database, and if the Edmonton commission had looked, they would have noticed this.
Again, shame on you Edmonton Commission.

John Grant 198.6 vs Sam Osman 206.2* (Catchweight of 200)
Corey Knapp 148.6 vs Kyle Anderson* 161.4 (Catchweight of 150)
Allan Primeau 206.0 vs Jeremy Smerek 205.2 (Light-Heavyweight 205)
Chase Maxwell 187.8 vs Siarhei Misialik 206.8* (Light-Heavyweight 205)
Zach Blaber 243.2 vs Patrick Gladue 236.2 (Heavyweight 265)
Tyson Russel 133.2 vs Josh Ladouceur 135.8 (Bantamweight 135)
Cody Krahn 194.8 vs Jason Cecil 195.4 (Catchweight of 195)
Travis Brierre 178.6* vs Tim Smith 175.6 (Catchweight of 177.5)

6 Responses to “ Unified MMA Weigh-in results ”

  1. Matt Dunning says:

    Wow another suspension being ignored that is disgusting!!And all those guys missing weight what is going on out there??

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  2. David Letourneau says:

    wont that prolong his suspension in manitoba? and maybe other commisions?

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  3. The problem is this, he’s currently suspended and nobody should be able to use him now. Edmonton doesn’t seem to care, and would they care if Manitoba or any other commission suspended him longer?

    Manitoba most definately would suspend him longer for not honoring his suspension, and any other ABC commissions in North America wouldn’t use him currently.

    Edmonton Commission and Pat Reid have no business being involved with Mixed Martial arts in my not so humble opinion.

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  4. Matt Dunning says:

    I’m with you on this Marc-Andre!!!WTF is going on when I guy who has been suspended for all the right reasons can just go to Edmonton and fight whenever he want?

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  5. Submission king says:

    Kyle Anderson pulled a corey knapp

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  6. David Letourneau says:

    Maybe the name should of been catchweights mma. This is gotta be some kind of record for catchweights.

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