Good luck Canadian TUF 12 Hopefuls


Top MMA News has been in contact with Robin Black from the Fight Network, and would like to wish all the Canadians the best of luck in their tryouts today. There are 5 confirmed Canadians so far at the trials, and a great chance more are lurking.

So far confirmed Lightweight Canadians trying out are Lenny Wheeler (3-0) from Edmonton, Guillaume DeLorenzi (7-1) from Quebec, Warren Phillips (4-2) from Saskatoon, Jorge Britto (11-6-1) from Toronto. For Lightheavyweights Craig “Farmer” Brown (6-2) from Ottawa is representing Canada.

Rumors are that Kurt Southern is also there, but Black has been unable to confirm his participation yet.

Alex Ricci, Canadian Muay Thai ace went down to the trials but due to not having any Pro MMA fights under his belt, he was turned away. (Requirement was to have at least 3 pro MMA fights).

There are about 400 competitors there to try out, and there is a blend of TUF wannabees and real fighters, but Black described the event as being very similar to an American Idol tryout, only everybody is wearing tapout gear, and can’t sing.

Top MMA News would like to wish all Canadians trying out for TUF the best of luck, and we will be speaking to a few about their experience at the tryouts.

**Update Warren Phillips and Guillaume DeLorenzi have both advanced to Round 2 of the trials.

3 Responses to “ Good luck Canadian TUF 12 Hopefuls ”

  1. CR says:

    Not surprised to read Warren Philips has advanced. I’ve seen that dude fight here three times in Winnipeg and the boy can throw down.

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  2. DizzyDoc says:

    Too bad Ricci didn’t get a chance. They’ve had lots of losers 0-0 in MMA on that show and their previous thaiboxer a few seasons back didn’t have a clue. I just hope that Ricci has some ground game, as he’s an excellent thaiboxer.

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  3. L-Boutin says:

    Kurt Southern was there. Heard he did well in Grappling, then moved on to Pad work but didn’t get an interview.

    Warren Phillips made it to the interview (So far so good !!)

    Haven’t heard any updates since then though.

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