Davis Wants to Take Sheen Off of KOTC Belt


Clayton Sheen after beating Ryan Knysh (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

On the mats of Jiu-Jitsu tournaments or in the back rooms at MMA events, strangers can become friends as competitors experience the brotherhood of combat.  Then, the world of fighting can put that friendship to the ultimate test by throwing both individuals into a cage to face each other. Such is the case for Mike Davis and Clayton Sheen who will face each other for the King of the Cage 135 lb belt Friday night.

Over a year ago, Michael Davis was a fighter with a losing record who was vowing to improve his game when he first met Clayton Sheen at an Edson BJJ tournament.  Sheen, a superb ground fighter, “beat me in 16 seconds,” says Davis.  “He controlled everybody!”

“It was a lot longer than 16 seconds,” recalls the undefeated Clayton Sheen over the phone, “and that was over a year ago and Mike has gotten a lot better.”

Indeed, Davis has gotten a lot better since his 0-2 start as a professional fighter.  Davis has dedicated himself to his fight career and now trains three hours a day at the Canadian Combat Club.  The hard work has paid off as the 23 year old has reeled off three wins to bring his record to 3-2.   His last victory was an upset over the favored Tony Bibby in February. Davis, who prefers the ground, stood with the striker in a bloody fight and showcased his improved standup. “I used my jabs effectively and broke (Tony Bibby’s) nose,” says Davis, whose brother Tyson also won on the same King of the Cage card.

Now, after winning his third consecutive fight at Bantamweight (Editors Note: 135 is Flyweight in KOTC), he will face the man who helped him warm up for his last two fights, Clayton Sheen.  “I still have copies of Facebook messages where Clayton is giving me tips on how to improve,” laughs Michael, “He is a real nice guy and he has become a friend and we have seen most of each other’s fights.”

Davis dropping bombs on Corey Berridge (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

There is no trash talking from Sheen either.  “Its going to be very different fighting a guy that I like,” states the 31-year old Sheen, “I do feel confident, but the worst thing I can do is underestimate Mike.” The Murray Sholty student is an undefeated monster on the ground having submitted all four of his opponents in the first round of his fights, including Ryan Knysh at KOTC this January.  He is also an adrenaline junkie who not only loves MMA but has climbed mountains in Nepal and firefights for a living.  So what will the action-loving Sheen look to do in his title fight with Davis? 

Sheen’s strategy is obvious.  “I’d love to say I am going to stand and strike with him but I’d be lying.  There will be no breaks.  I like to get the fight happening quickly.  There will not be any dancing around with me.  I will push the pace,” admits the man who will cut 25 lbs to get to the 135 lb limit.

Davis is a little intimidated by the significantly bigger Sheen, however he does not feel any pressure. “I am expected to lose by everyone, so I do not feel any stress.”  Like Clayton, Mike is also very open about his game plan, “Clayton does not have the greatest standup.  I want to avoid his takedowns and keep it standing as long as possible.  He cuts so much weight that his cardio will be no where as good as mine and I see myself winning in the third, fourth or fifth round.”

It will be an interesting situation when these two meet in the cage.  One has to wonder how these two fighters will react when they see their friend opposite them in the cage.  Both of these combatants are effusive in their praise of the other. Rest assured, the KOTC will crown a deserving champion and one of these warm, friendly fighters will be wearing their new shiny belt home.  As Clayton Sheen says, “I want to win the title, but both of us would make outstanding champions.”

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  1. Jason says:

    Nice write up Keith – best of luck to them both…

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  2. Brodie says:

    Thats some good hype. I am going to watch for both fighters now!!

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  3. Davis says:

    well that did not go as planned lol, Sheen is a beast.

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