Alves Off UFC 111; Fitch to Fight Saunders


The rematch between John Fitch and Thiago Alves will have to wait.  According to, Alves has been forced off the card due to a brain irregularity found in a pre-fight CT scan.

Although Alves is in no apparent danger, the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board used caution and will have Alves sit this one out. 

In turn, the UFC has pulled Jake Ellenberger from UFC 111 and will have Fitch fight Ellenberger’s previous opponent Ben Saunders.  Ellenberger will receive his show and win money for his troubles.  This leaves the winner of Fitch/Saunders as a potential contender for the Welterweight belt.

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  1. CR says:

    I guess GSP beat on him too bad at 100, gave him brain damage. Hardy better watch out! I’m glad they aren’t dropping the fight.

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