CFC 5 – Winnipeg – June 4


Date: June 4, 2010
Location: Winnipeg Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba
TV: The Score Television Network
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Main Event
Joe Doerksen vs Shawn Marchand

Semi-Main Event
Robin Black vs Eric Perez
Roland Delorme vs Sean Quinn
Lance Cartwright vs Steve Skinner
Dominick Blais vs Matt Spisak
Mark Durant vs Jesse Ronson
Dwight Sutherland vs Guillaume Fortier
Ronson Sabourin vs Chris Myra
Agostino DeNatale vs Kyle Anderson
Travis Gervais vs Justin Bloomer

34 Responses to “ CFC 5 – Winnipeg – June 4 ”

  1. Dan says:

    Jus wondering, With all the great fighters yall bring in.. When will we c a belt in the CFC??

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  2. CR says:

    Good question Dan, I’d like an answer to that one too.

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  3. No time soon.

    It doesn’t work for Regional shows IMO

    If we could have more cards in a year, maybe, but I think we’d screw ourselves doing it to soon.

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  4. Dean says:

    Personally speakin, I don’t care if there is a belt on the line or not as long as we get to continue seeing great match-ups that could go either way. The CFC cards always impress and the skill level of the athletes is always equally impressive. I can’t wait for June to get here!

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  5. Weapon x says:

    Lot of tba; show’s coming quick. How many fights are planned? Who is line to fill those spots?

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  6. CR says:

    Dean you are right, CFC puts on a good show and the fights are competative and entertaining. Belt or no belt.

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  7. Judy says:

    CFC fights are setup for the hometown guy to win.

    How can anybody say any of these fights are entertaining and legit?

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  8. Jay says:

    lol the “hometown” guys went 2 wins, 6 losses and a draw at the last event. The event previous to that saw CFC’s (arguably) biggest local draw get KO’d in the main event. Not exactly a good job of setting them up now is it?

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  9. Sean Quinn says:

    Disagree with Judy.

    That is all.

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  10. Dean says:

    Good one Judy! LOL, the stats tell the story. These matches are made to do a couple things as I see it:

    1. Help well trained, hard working, dedicated fighters climb the ranks of their respective weight divisions by facing high quality opposition and,

    2. Entertain us, the crazy, knowledgeable, Canadian fight fan!!

    Did you happen to catch the well set up, easy fight they gave Joe Doerksen when he last fought here?? The local favorite was pushed to the edge by a very game and tough opponent.

    Set up my ass!!

    Dominique Blais vs Warren Phillips?? Set up?? One of the best fights Ive seen! Back and forth action until the end!!

    Have you ever even seen a CFC? Just a question.

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  11. CR says:

    Dean, Judy has probably been to a show, but didn’t understand what was going on. I guess maybe her boyfriend got beat up by a local boy and so she says it was set up.

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  12. Dean says:

    How does one explain this,
    If the CFC is trying to showcase local talent by setting up fights, why are there fights with no local guys?? I guess Judy won’t be at CFC 5 which might be a good thing as someone who appreciates good match making and talented fighters can fill her seat.

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  13. sheila says:

    CFC provides us with awesome action fights, great match ups and certainly NOT set up for the hometown guy to win. Have a look at the past stats. Do you really think the fight between Hawkes and the Bull CFC 4 was a set-up. Give your head a shake. Two great fighters out to battle and thats exactly what you got!!!! A battle right to the end.

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  14. I met Giuseppe because I called him out on his matchmaking.

    It was nothing personal, I just thought I could do better. That was about 2 years ago, we have talked pretty much every day since.

    My point is to make matchups that make the most sense for the fans, the fighters coming in from out of town and the locals.

    I thin we do a great job of taking care of the out of towners and make them feel as home as they can here.

    and I would NEVER put a fight on i didn’t want to see.

    Hawkes Makdessi was a great example. I wanted an opportunity for whoever won that fight to get some recognition and gain from the experience.

    For example, Hawkes fell short in that fight, but it still did more for him than most fights have.

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  15. Dean says:

    Good call MAD. You do a good job at making exciting fights that could go wither way. I know that the athletes in CFC don’t want “fluffed” records and cant’t recall any lopsided fights yet. Every fight has a great win for one guy but not a bad loss for the other as the match ups are all good. Who wants a 10-0 record against shit opponents anyways? Hell, if I fought my 8 year old daughter I’d probably be like, 8-2 but that wouldn’t put me in the top 10 would it??

    Don’t worry about the nay sayers Marc, you’re doing an excellent job!!

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  16. Sean Quinn says:

    MAD, youre terrible. Get a day job. Leave the matchmaking to the lady trolls.

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  17. sheila says:

    agree with Dean. Looking forward to cfc5. Hoping that all fighters gain from the experience in the new cage. Treat the out of towners well so that they want to return to Winnipeg. Keep up the great stuff.

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  18. kris says:

    cfc is solid and always puts on a great show

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  19. Dan says:


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  20. Dan says:

    GET quinn and DELORME ON TOP MMA NEWS LIVE… Like to hear what they say!

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  21. Weapon X says:

    I thought the cfc show was well put together! I would love to return for a rematch! That was a hell of a fight! Round 2 would be twice as good!! Dominic is a stud and I would be honored to lock horns with him again…..

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  22. Scoop says:

    Sutherland vs Morvan, Both have lost their last fight and both have lost to Delorme. The fight makes sense…..

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  23. CR says:

    Looking forward to this card, it’s going to be great.

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  24. Sean Quinn says:

    3 weeks to weigh ins motherfuckers!!!
    Im hoping that i can make the weight, ive been walking around just under 120 lbs. I think i have to be at least 126 in order to be able to fight in the 135 lb weight class.

    Gaining weight is a bitch!

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  25. hawkes says:

    try growing some balls you tranny… might help with the weight

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  26. Sean Quinn says:

    Balls are overrated Leslie, lol.

    Are you still in Vegas? Do you have anything lined up now? Ive been following the LGIO debacles. Really sucks.

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  27. hawkes says:

    yes its quite gay… this lgio thing really skrewed me around.

    i had potential fights till 2011… now i have none.

    i got someone helping me out with fights though so i should be ok. i might come home for a bit to work and be with the boys at the old gym if i dont have a fight solidified by june 1st.

    i will always do my camps down here though. the level of talent on the mat is crazy… and shawn runs the best pro practice i have ever witnessed. im really happy with everything here. if you ever wanna check it out for a week (after you lock horns with rolando) gimme a shout… its a blast.

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  28. Dean says:

    Just wondering if this is the full card?

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  29. M says:

    Marc You are doing an amazing job with match ups. These people clearly havnt been to many different MMA events!!! And as for Judy…. look at CFC 3 where Gross vs. DeNatale!!!!!! The promotors BROTHER. Pretty sure if any fight was going to be rigged it woulda been that one. Hahaha I love when people bash things because they OBVIOUSLY knew someone who LOST to a hometown boy!!!! Keep up the good work your putting on amazing shows with Alot of talented guys!!!!!

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  30. L-Boutin says:

    Is the main event still a go with Doerkson back in the UFC ?

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  31. Doerksen is still fighting the main event even though he has a UFC contract.

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  32. hawkes says:

    he signed the ufc contract after the cfc contract i think… ufc will let him fight!

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  33. DeKo KaNe says:

    Travis Gervais….thats all there is to out for this kid..cfc isn’t ready for talent like this..justin bloomer i’m sorry you have to face him, you will be missed by your loved ones..good bye!

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  34. justin says:

    When are they going to show these fights and on what network

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