XKL Evolution 1 Quick Results – Holst Wins XKL Title Fight


Are you ready for the Evolution?

A huge crowd in Michigan for XKL Evolution 1.  Here are the quick results:

Mark Holst vs Corey Hill
Leg kick by Holst to start things off.  Overhand right and takedown by Hill.  Hill in full guard for a while and only a couple short punches land by Hill before he lands a several left elbows as Hill postures up.  Holst cannot get off the bottom and he maintains a closed guard.  Not too much action as Holst goes for a Kimura.  Hill lands a big right and a nice elbow. Round ends and Holst is on his back the entire round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hill

Second round starts and Holst forgets his mouthpiece. Restart. Big right by Hill and another takedown by Hill.  Holst guillotine attempt but it fails and Holst is on his back once again. Five hammer fists by Hill. Holst taking punishment on the bottom but gets an arm.  Hill escapes a tight Arm Bar attempt.  Holst with some offense and in side control.  Holst going for a Kimura with his other arm trapped.  Fence is in the way a bit but Hill is not tapping and Holst gets the tap.
Mark Holst wins XKL Lightweight Title over Corey Hill with Kimura in Round 2, 4:06

Ricco Rodriguez defeats Bryan Ryan by TKO (Tapout due to strikes) in Round 2
Rodriguez dominated the fight, got mount in the second round, and finished with strikes.

Ricky Shivers submits Eric Smith by Rear Naked Choke in Round 4
*** for XKL World Light-Heavyweight Title
Shivers losing all rounds up to the point he submits Eric Smith.

Anthony Smith defeats James Brasco by TKO (Cut) in Round 1, 1:21
* Smith wins XKL World Middleweight Title

Abdullah Humdan defeats Brett Sbardella by TKO (Kick) in Round 1


6 Responses to “ XKL Evolution 1 Quick Results – Holst Wins XKL Title Fight ”

  1. Mark is destined for big things! Congrats my bru!

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  2. Ed says:

    WTH was Jeff Monson??? That is the only reason why I went. They did not mention his name. Did not mention he was not there. Did not mention that the advertised main event was not happening. I was screwed.

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  3. Mark F says:

    Congrats Kru Mark!!!!

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  4. Switzer says:

    Great effort put forth by all fighters…. Congrats to Mark for the win. OAMA!

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  5. Matt says:

    Seriously, the Monson no show was bullshit. They should have mentioned it at the beginning for people who wanted their money back. A replacement fight would have satisfied me. Overall fun show. Could have done without the Storm intermission numbers. The blood stoppage was lame as hell. Everyone booed it. It would have been a good fight. Best fight was Ricky Shivers vs. Eric Smith. It was a one way beat down for four rounds and then an unexpected tap out.

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  6. uwe says:


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