New XKL Main Event is Mark Holst vs Corey Hill


Top MMA News has been informed that the scheduled Jeff Monson vs Scott Barrett Main event has been cancelled for tomorrow night’s XKL event at the Convocation Center in Ypsilanti Michigan. No reason was given why the bout was pulled by the commission.

OAMA fighter and Top MMA News contributor Mark ‘Boots’ Holst will take on UFC vet Corey Hill for the XKL world lightweight title in the new Main event tomorrow evening as both fighters made weight.

This event is available on Internet Pay-Per-View at

7 Responses to “ New XKL Main Event is Mark Holst vs Corey Hill ”

  1. I may be a little biased but I feel Mark is a much more exciting fighter to watch anyway. Too bad for the promotion, but great exposure for both of these lightweights.

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  2. Totally agree Jeff. Holst/Hill should have been main event. I will be watching this one on the online PPV.

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  3. Bryan says:

    it was going to be monson on top either way (literally). as for holst vs hill, exposure is definitely the word. i like corey hill, he seems like a nice guy… but his supposed boxing ability will look a lot more like just a rangy jab tonight against mark’s thai toolkit.

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  4. Blake says:

    If it was a guaranteed victory for Monson why would he be the one that backed out???? Scott Barrett is the one who actually showed up for the weigh ins….

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  5. Matt says:


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  6. Switzer says:

    Mark Holst wins in 2nd round, great fight by both guys…. Corey is one tuff guy to hold on to the armbar then the Kimura for so long…. Congrats Mark.

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