TFC 10 Down to One Title Fight


TFC 10 had two scheduled title fights, but now that the weigh-ins have occurred they are down to one. Challenger Tom Speer did not make weight so the Ryan Ford/Tom Speer fight is now a non-title fight. This leaves the Valimaki/Desilets bout as the sole five round championship fight.

Here are the results from the event:

Tim Hague (264) vs Ed Carpenter (226.8)
Victor Valimaki (205.2) vs Martin Desilets (204.6)
Ryan Ford (170.2) vs Tommy Speer (171.8)
Markhaile Wedderburn (170.8) vs Victor Bachmann (169.4)
Curtis Demarce (156.6) vs Mike Bell (157.8)
Rio Wells (170) vs Timothy Skidmore (171.8)
Mitch Clarke (165.8) vs Brandon McArthur (171.2)
Doug Newman (155.4) vs David Bodrug (155)
Sheldon Wescott (183.8) vs Tim Smith (182.8)

3 Responses to “ TFC 10 Down to One Title Fight ”

  1. Mitch Clarke says:

    I would like to state that my fight was slated to be at a 165 catchweight

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  2. Eman says:

    Mitch don’t worry, your gonna demolish that guy even if he didn’t quite make weight haha

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  3. mad peeps says:

    go get em showtying!!!!

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