Lets Get It On MMA Tournament Rosters


Here are the LGIO MMA tournament rosters according to the LGIO website last evening.  The fighters below are not ranked and are listed in alphabetical order. 


Alex Gasson
Nabil Khatib
Markhaille Wedderburn
Vanja Vojvodic

Victor Bachmann
George Belanger
Andrew Buckland
Colin Daynes
Jaret Evans
Ryan McGillivray
Jordan Mein
Jose Rodriguez

Aaron Berk
Victor Daychief


Dominick Blais
Jesse  Gross
Dave Hale
Gavin Hesson
Rory McDonell **

Pete Brown

Matt Bagshaw
Brad Cardinal
Lindsey Hawkes
Ryan Machan
Miles Merola
Scott Richardson
Spencer Rohovie
Josh Russell
Warren Phillips

1. Mitch Clarke removed from West Lightweights (3/19)
2. Alex Garcia removed from East Welterweights (3/19)

18 Responses to “ Lets Get It On MMA Tournament Rosters ”

  1. Rain-bows says:

    Not a lot of fighters in the east bracket… are they going to add more?

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Since I’m only really familiar with the West fighters I’m going to pick a few favorites!

    Lightweight – Mitch Clarke, Ryan Machan
    Welterweight – Victor Bachmann, Jordan Mein

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  3. latour says:

    Blais and Hawkes are training partners how are they east and west? No Torontonians or boys from Montreal? Don’t get me wrong looks like a great tourny just a little confused.

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  4. Blais and Hawkes would be separated due to the fact that there is much less chance of them fighting each other in separate brackets.

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  5. Johnny Beard says:

    This will not do well. Most of the guys fighting are B or C even D level fighters.

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  6. Chris Carson says:

    You’re concerned about B,C, and D list fighters? I might be wrong, but this is a showcase tournament and I’m pretty sure all the A list fighters started somewhere.

    I think this will be an interesting tournament. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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  7. Dean says:

    Johnny I disagree that these are low level fighters. These are guys that are making Canadian fans realize that they are the next generation of top qualtiy athletes by fighting other guys with great skills. Vanja is undefeated and a great fighter as is Jose Rodriguez. Warren Phillips has great skill and is a tremendous competitor. Lindsey has been fighting only high level opponents and doing very well in his fights with them showing great heart and skill. Dominick is coming off a win over Phillips in a fight that in my opinion was worth the price of admission alone ang Khatib has been fighting the best also. This is only a few guys but I can’t wait to see how this pans out.

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  8. Weapon x says:

    thanks for the plug dean! I’m really motivated for this tourney and am honored to be a part it. All the fighters in my division are solid fighters and I too am interested to see how it all plays out. 170ers better watch out i think Jose may have your number!!

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  9. BigBoi says:

    Didn’t Carlos retire Khatib? The guy has been showing up for a paycheck for the last year. He was a monster back in the day but has slowed sgnificantly lately.

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  10. mad peeps says:

    showtying all the way for the 170ers!!!!! you all look out!!

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  11. UPDATE: Mitch Clarke is out of the tourney. So is Alex Garcia. I do not believe contracts where ever finalized.

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  12. Puppettamer says:

    Mitch Clarke would of been a great addition, amazing shows this should make and I cant wait to watch it, a lot of these guys are some of the best young fighters in the country and I cant wait.

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  13. hawkes says:

    Dominic are on opposite sides of the bracket because we have trained togeather in the past. Plus, if you have ever heard Dom speak you will know that he is from the french side of canada.

    it is going to be a fun tournament!! I am preparing in the states with team tompkins for this and i feel supremeley confident in my skills and chances in this tourney. just waiting to find out who’s first!!!

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    Just announced on their Facebook Fan Page… LGIO signed an affiliation deal with Strikeforce and the winner of each weight class in addition to the $25,000 cash prize will get a contract with the Strikeforce Challengers Series! Huge opportunity for all these guys!

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  15. billie says:

    Jordan Mein will win @ 170.

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  16. OnTheMat says:

    Look out for Colin Daynes in 170 division. Hopefully his opponents know how to defend the double or it will be a bad night, guy has some sick wrestling behind him. He should definitely be a favorite going in.

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  17. Pierson says:

    Daynes to take this!

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  18. ..bbb.. says:

    Theres a good chance that the under dog Advin Omic might take this tournament! Lots of good competition!

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