Boots Scraps – XKL Title Fight This Saturday !


Hello everyone!

I hope everyone got to enjoy the beautiful weather here in Ottawa, I sure did! For the last few days I have been out running short distances of 5km to get my weight down. My weight is ok now, still got a few lbs to drop. Its my favorite part of the fight game – the diet and cutting weight :p . Tonight I did my last training session with the OAMA team and tomorrow morning my instructor Pat and I will be flying out to Detroit. Hammer will be driving down tonight that way we have a vehicle to drive around. There will be a bunch of guys driving down from Ottawa on Friday night, making the 9 hour drive to see me fight, thanks guys! I will be in the sauna Thursday night and Friday morning, the official weigh-ins are at 6pm.

The training camp was great and I feel very confident and strong! I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported me and that helped me during this hard training camp! I cant wait to get inside the cage, its been too long!

Corey Hill will be my biggest challenge yet, dealing with his height advantage will not be easy but I am confident that the OAMA Muay Thai and Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu will get me the W at the end of the night. It will be a 5 rounds of 5 minutes MMA title fight, my strength and conditioning are ready for the challenge but I don’t believe that the fight will go the distance…

I will be the co-main event of the XKL fight card. You can expect a great fight, everytime I fight I try to make it more and more exciting and I hope to hear all you guys cheer from Ottawa on Saturday night! If you guys want to watch the fights live on the internet go to

This will be my last post until the fight, I will post again on Sunday night when I arrive home from Detroit, to let you guys know what went down and the details of the fight\trip.

Thank you all! Take care and enjoy today, it is THE Muay Thai day in Thailand and Saint Patrick’s Day here!

Have fun!


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  1. Go get him Mark, we will all be cheering for you and anxiously awaiting the results.

    You are very prepared and considering the extent of Corey’s last injury, you are a very tough guy to meet next.

    Take advantage and do what you do best.

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  2. As much as I am supposed to be neutral. I cannot help but root for Mark. I can’t wait to read your next Boots Scraps column which should have a picture of you with that great looking XKL belt.

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