Top MMA News – Canadian Welterweight Rankings – March 2010


Lightweights may be the deepest division in Canada, but the most talented group of Canadian fighters right now is, without a doubt, the Welterweights.

Out of the top six in this list, five are in the UFC now that Claude Patrick has signed a UFC contract.  John Alessio is the only top six Welterweight not in the UFC and he is currently campaigning hard to get on the Vancouver UFC card.

The top eight has really firmed up.  Sean Pierson solidified his spot with a win over a previously ranked top ten Canadian and got a Bellator shot for his efforts.  Ryan Ford keeps rolling over opponents as well.  Top MMA News really sees the last two spots in the top ten as up for grabs. 

Once again, Top MMA News encourages debate, criticism and maybe even one compliment on these rankings.  Please comment if you agree or disagree or if we have missed a Welterweight.  Sensible comments will be taken into consideration when Top MMA News revisits these Welterweight rankings.

Top Canadian Welterweight Rankings

1. Georges St-Pierre (19-2) – Previous Rank (1) – Simply the best fighter in the world at Welterweight and possibly the best pound-for-pound mixed martial artist in the world.  Total no brainer for Canadian #1.  GSP stopped BJ Penn and dominated Thiago Alves in fights this past year.  Next fight: vs Dan Hardy at UFC 111 – (buy tickets here)

2. TJ Grant (15-3) – Previous Rank (4) – TJ Grant had troubles early with Kevin Burns at UFC 107 but he finished with a bang.  A big enough bang to earn Knockout of the Night honors.  TJ’s performance also earned him stiffer competition in the form of the undefeated Johny Hendricks in Montreal.  Next Fight: vs Johny Hendricks at UFC 113 (buy tickets here)

3.  John Alessio (27-13) – Previous Rank (2) – Alessio won one fight since the November rankings but still drops one spot.  It was just felt that Grant’s win over Burns is a much bigger win than Alessio’s win over journeyman Matt Delanoit, so John slipped a spot.  John’s win was impressive as he finished off his Ring of Fire opponent with a Rear Naked Choke in the first round.   Next Fight: vs Chris Clements at W-1 March 20.

4. Rory MacDonald (10-0) – Previous Rank (6) – Rory MacDonald took a shot against Mike Guymon that dropped him momentarily at UFC Fight Night.  However, the young phenom quickly recovered to Arm Bar the Joker in the first round and preserve his record of finishing every opponent that he has faced.  Rory passes Claude Patrick and Jonathan Goulet on the rankings for his big UFC win. Next Fight: vs Carlos Condit at UFC 115

5. Jonathan Goulet (22-10) – Previous Rank (3) – Based on our rules, Jonathan Goulet should be moved to the inactive list as he has not fought in a year.  However, Top MMA News made an exception for the Road Warrior as he has recovered from his injury and is scheduled to fight Marcus Davis at UFC 113.    Big fight for Goulet.  Many have questioned his chin and Davis will be looking to take his head off.  Next fight: vs Marcus Davis at UFC 113 (buy tickets here)

6. Claude Patrick (11-1) – Previous Rank (5) – Claude Patrick was taken deep into his Aggression MMA fight before he finished Matt MacGrath with his patented Guillotine.  Even though he remains undefeated since 2002, Patrick drops a spot as Rory MacDonald moves up to fourth.    Next fight: TBD (maybe at UFC 115)

7. Ryan Ford (11-2) – Previous Rank (8) – Aside from his fights with Pat Healy, Ryan Ford has been flawless in his career.  The Interim TFC Canadian Welterweight champion has beaten ex-UFC fighters like Pete Spratt, Laverne Clark, and CJ Fernandes.  Since last rankings, Ford knocked out John Walsh at TFC 9 in a 13 seconds!  I do not care who you are fighting – it says something about your talent level if you win that quickly!  Next, Ford will take on The Ultimate Fighter 6 finalist Tom Speer at TFC 10 this weekend.  Next fight: vs Tommy Speer at TFC 10  March 19.

8. Sean Pierson (9-4) – Previous Rank (NR) – Last time Top MMA News ranked, we had three guys left for the last two spots.  Sean Pierson was left off the rankings and Fabio Holanda and Cory MacDonald made the cut.  Since then, Pierson beat Holanda in the main event at WRECK MMA (watch it here) and pounded his way into the Bellator Welterweight tournament and into the number eight spot of the rankings.  At Bellator, Pierson will face the very tough Dan Hornbuckle in the first round.  Next fight: vs Dan Hornbuckle at Bellator Season 2 on April 22.

9. Cory MacDonald (10-2) – Previous Rank (10) – MacDonald moves up a notch despite not fighting since the last rankings due to Holanda’s first round loss.  Over the past five years, Cory MacDonald’s sole loss came at the hands of Jonathan Goulet.  This Kingston fighter should be getting called up to the MFC after beating Thiago Goncalves in a close decision at Heat XC.  MacDonald has notable victories over Martin Grandmont, Dan Grandmaison, and Matt McGrath.  Rumored to fight at MFC 25. Lets hope so as he’s got too much talent to waste sitting on the bench. Next fight: TBD.

10. Fabio Holanda (6-6) – Previous rank (9) – Fabio dropped a spot after losing to Sean Pierson at WRECK MMA.  The loss dropped Holanda to a .500 record but check out the people he has fought.  Easily the best fighter with a .500 or worse record in Canada.  Holanda manages to stay on the list due to Gary Wright dropping off from inactivity.  Next fight: TBD

Just out of Top 10 (in no order):
Carlos Newton (16-14) – former UFC champion
Jason Heit (4-0)
Matt MacGrath (8-3) – Next fight: vs Chris Brennan at Aggression MMA III.
Nathan Gunn (7-1)
Chris Clements (5-3) – Next fight vs John Alessio at W-1 March 20
Dami Egbeyemi (4-0) – Next fight: vs TBD at Heat XC 5 on June 18

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:
Gary Wright (8-0)
Jeff Joslin (5-3)
Ken Calonego (5-0)

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5 Responses to “ Top MMA News – Canadian Welterweight Rankings – March 2010 ”

  1. Alex Caporicci says:

    Yes I’m biased, but I really think the winner of April 16th’s fight between Louis-Phillipe Carle (7-1) and Simon Marini (7-2) deserves a Top 10 spot. A lot a great talent at 170 in Canada, but these two are really good up and comers.

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  2. Jer says:

    is cory macdonald RORY Macdonald?

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  3. Jer, Both are on the list. Rory Macdonald is 4th and Cory Macdonald is 9th.

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  4. Jer says:

    oops my bad….so many macdonalds, Mcdonalds macdonnals, cory’s and rorys!!! hope yer well Marc!

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  5. Ronald kicks ALL their asses!

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