MMA Ref and Judge Training with Yves Lavigne Available


One thing the sport of MMA requires is properly trained referees and judges.  So its great that the Vernon Athletic Commission is offering MMA training for both Referees and Judges.  This event is open to the public and will cost cost is $125 for referee and $100 for judges. If you are interested in attending, email Top MMA News using our Contact Us form and Top MMA News will forward you the contact information.

The seminar features Canadian referee Yves Lavigne and Nevada judge Tony Weeks. This training seminar is largely to keep pace with the increase in the number of commissions being created in BC and Alberta.

“Vernon Athletic Commission, co-sponsoring with the CBF, is glad to announce the upcoming MMA referee and judges training seminar on April 16th and 17th in Vernon, BC. World class referee Yves Lavigne and world renowned judge Tony Weeks will be presenting this fantastic training opportunity in Vernon, which is the first of many taking place in Canada of this caliber.” said Vernon Vice Chairman Saleem Taj.

CBF President George Winter added “This is the first of many seminars that will take place from coast to coast in Canada, co-sponsored by the Canadian Boxing Federation and its member commissions, committed to upgrading and standardizing the level of officiating in MMA across the country, at an affordable cost to the participants. We are extremely proud of this initiative, and look forward to working co-operatively with our members, and with two of the best officials in the business, Yves and Tony.”

CBF Director from BC Eric Hunter said “I’m encouraged to see the upcoming training and realize it will be an excellent opportunity for established officials to improve their acquired skills. People interested in becoming fully qualified MMA officials can learn the trade from two of the best in the business. Both Mr. Lavigne and Mr. Weeks have earned a great deal of respect from their peers. The knowledge and experience they will share will help to ensure a higher level of competency for MMA officials in Canada.

The seminar, sponsored jointly by the Vernon Athletic Commission and the CBF will ensure that the quality of officiating throughout Canada will continue to improve. Many thanks to all involved as cooperatively, we help to grow combative sports in Canada.”

The seminar will run in conjunction with the Extreme Fighting Challenge XFC 9 MMA event promoted by former UFC fighter Bill Mahood, which is slated for April 17th in Vernon.

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    This is real good.

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    Hahaha Yves Levigne is training people on how to ref???? What do you mean this is good Billy?? Have you ever seen this guy, he’s a fuckin monkey, zero observational skills

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