IFC Fight Night – Halifax – June 4


Date: June 4, 2010
Location: Metro Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Tim Sylvia vs Wes Sims
*** for IFC Super-Heavyweight title

Jeremy Horn vs Dante Rivera

Kyle Sandford vs. Shawn Marchand
Jason MacKay vs. Jesse Ronson
Roger Hollett vs. Justin Grizzard

14 Responses to “ IFC Fight Night – Halifax – June 4 ”

  1. Rain-bows says:

    Wow… Looks good so far!

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  2. Phil Baroni says:

    yup looks impressive so far

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  3. Update: This IFC card has moved to Halifax due to lack of commission in Saint John. Date has changed to June 4.

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  4. fan says:

    Local radio ad is saying Kyle sandford Jason mackay and Roger hollett all on the card.

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  5. Girlfriend of Fan says:

    Is this a decent fight to buy tickets for my boyfriend who regularly watches UFC?
    I don’t really know anything about it.

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  6. jon blah says:

    Does anyone know how much the tickets are for this event? Thanks

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  7. Girlfriend of Fan, your boyfriend would love tickets to a local show!

    jon blah, no idea.

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  8. Thatguy0001 says:

    Any one know why the event got canceled? It seems odd that it would have tickets for sale on Saturday, and be defunct on Monday.

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  9. Jack Livingstone, the promoter of the event, said that there were only 604 tickets sold the first weekend. Based on that they figured they would only sell 1500 tickets which was not enough so they scrapped the card.

    Nice article written by The Fight Forecast’s Derek Leblanc on it here:


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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    That’s too bad… Hold that card in Edmonton and you’d get a few thousand easily!

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  11. nickynoneck says:

    I think it was the ticket prices and the card wasent big enough for the metro center .

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  12. Tim Skidmore says:

    Better planning would have sold out that card! The promoter from St John had no idea how to promote An MMA show ! He is a concert promoter and has never had anything to do with MMA ,” EVER ” !

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  13. This IFC card post was one of our most popular posts these past few weeks.

    While I was unsure if Tim Sylvia would actually be fighting, I was certain that there was a lot of excitement from Halifax fans judging by the number of views, comments, and emails Top MMA News received. Maritime fans are starving for MMA.

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  14. Krista says:

    We knew a whole bunch of people that were going to buy tickets, we jut had to drive an hour for them, some people didnt have money that weekend, but a lot of people would have continued to buy them. We were going to have a very large group go for our anninversary..

    I think it was not very smart to cancel so soon.

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