Hawkes Moving to Vegas and Lets Get It On MMA


Hawkes lands a kick against Makdessi (photo by Sean McManus)

Lindsey Hawkes is taking significant steps to evolve his MMA game after losing to John Makdessi at CFC 4.  Today, Hawkes has packed up his gear, said goodbye to his parents and his Winnipeg Academy of Mixed Martial Arts (WAMMA) teammates and headed south to the Tapout Training Center to work with Sean Tompkins.

Its not that Makdessi ran him out of town, Hawkes had a good showing against the Bull on February 26.  Hawkes told Top MMA News:

“Despite the result I think I had a great performance. I learn from every experience, and believe that is the most important part of this journey. I feel like I was winning the fight until I got punched out! So I feel like I had a good showing even though the result was poor. I have to give Makdessi all the credit in the world. I think his greatest strength is his patience and killer instinct. Good fight Mr. Makdessi!

The reason for heading south has nothing to do with the level of training in Winnipeg.  Lindsey is quick to commend Curtis Brigham who is his WAMMA head coach.  He is leaving Winnipeg for the same reasons that many fighters leave their home towns and head to Las Vegas to train – the quantity and quality of training partners in the fight captital of North America. 

Curtis Brigham has the best Jiu Jitsu for MMA that i have ever seen. Hands down!! I am not leaving due the quality of instruction. I am leaving because i need to pave my own way and I need full time fighters to work with…Basically at WAMMA, I am one of the more advanced students. At Shawn’s gym, (Tapout Training Center), I will be a beginner… I am moving because of the opportunity to work with some of the greatest 155ers in the world!

Hawkes surrounded by his WAMMA cornermen. (Photo by Sean McManus)

Iron sharpens iron; to improve at any sport, generally means you need to practise with people who are as good or better than you are.  Lindsey desperately wants to get his game to a higher level and feels working with Shawn Tompkins will get him there.  At the same time, Lindsey makes sure to point out that there is a lot of talented fighters at WAMMA,

I am not moving because I am unhappy with the instruction at WAMMA. Home is where the heart is, and all the Winnipeg boys have my heart and soul. Remember the names: Curtis Brigham, Cory Houston, Eric Perez, Brad and Kieth Katona, Louis Fisset, Roland Delorme, Mars Książkiewicz… There are more but that is a start. These boys are doing something special in at WAMMA and many shall be famous.

The move to Las Vegas is not the only change in Hawkes’ life.  Lindsey just signed his contract to appear in Elaine McCarthy’s Let Get It On MMA promotion.  Lindsey will head to the West side of the bracket where he will compete in the Lightweight tournament.  With an improved game thanks to training at the Tapout Training Center, Hawkes hopes to turn his game around and win the eight man tourney.

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  1. Hawkes has a great future in this sport. When he can get his bite to catch up to the talent level of his bark, he will be the full package and a promoters dream.

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    Best of luck Lyndsey. Youre willingness to chase a dream is inspiring. Seriously.
    Dont forget how much you love me.

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  3. Alex Caporicci says:

    Really a big fan of Lindsey. Real nice guy and talented fight. Hope to see him do big things in the future.

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