Alpha Fight XC Results


Saturday, March 13 marked the debut of Alpha Fight XC in Saskatoon. Here are the results from the event:

Cory Chambers vs Chantha Bunn (MMA – 147lbs)
Chantha Bun def. Cory Chambers via TKO, Round 1, 1:19

Cody Molinger vs Jeremy Mitchell (MMA – 155lbs)
Jeremy Mitchell def. Cody Molinger via Unanimous Decision, Round 2

Kris Myer vs Kelsey Enns (MMA – 155lbs)
Kris Myer def. Kelsey Enns via Submission (arm-bar), Round 2, 3:03

Claire Roberts vs Laurie Thomson (K-1 Max Rules Kickboxing Bout 140-145lbs)
Claire Roberts def. Laurie Thomson via Unanimous Decision, Round 2

Derek Gatz vs Derek Dayday (MMA – 155lbs)
Derek Gatz vde. Derek Dayday via submission, Round 2

Wes Cameron vs Brock Moran (K-1 Max Rules Kickboxing Bout 165-170lbs)
Brock Moran def. Wes Cameron via Split Decision, Round 2

Tyler Siwak vs Miles Anstead (MMA – 185lbs)
Tyler Siwak def. Miles Anstead via tko (unanswered strikes), 2:19

Eric Williams vs Derek Clermont (K-1 Max Rules Kickboxing Bout 150-155lbs)
Eric Williams def. Derek Clermont via Split Decision

Travis Brunner vs Dwayne Mombourquette (MMA – 195lbs)
Dwayne Mombourquette def. Travis Brunner via submission, Round 2, 2:35

Rondel Roberts vs Mariusz Ksia (MMA-190lbs)
Rondel Roberts def. Mariusz Ksia via KO, Round 1

Greg Parton vs Sebastien Tritz (MMA – 155lbs)
Greg Parton def. Sebastien Tritz via Unanimous Decision, Round 2

Riley Enns vs Paul Grebinski (MMA – 205lbs +)
Paul Grebinski def. Riley Enns via Unanimous Decisioion

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  1. L-Boutin says:

    Great night of fights !! Top quality show !

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  2. Saskaman says:

    Great fights and a big crowd. Lets get pro mma now!

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  3. Jeff E says:

    Hey everyone im wondering if anyone has videos for purchase of the nights fights or know of where they can be bought

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