KOTC Uprising II Recap


Gavin Neil wins LW Title (photo by James Locke)

It was a great night of exciting fights tonight at the Frank Crane Arena in Nanaimo, BC.  UPRISING II was KOTC Canada’s 40th show and fourth show in Nanaimo.  MMA fans were treated to a night full of explosive fights registering four TKO’s, three KO’s and five submissions.

The ZUMA team from Victoria, led by Adam Zugec, had another impressive night winning all four of their match-ups in this event.  Gavin Neil will take home another title belt for team ZUMA to add to their rapidly growing collection.  Other ZUMA fighters to win this evening include: Tarek Gabali (4-0), Ryan Janes (3-1) and Greg Church (1-0).

Referees for the night were Kevin Dornan and Jim Kipp.

Main Event
The title fight between Charlie Zak (Revolution MMA, Vancouver) and Gavin Neil (ZUMA, Victoria) opens up with Zak demonstrating his kickboxing ability.  Zak wastes no time landing a nice high kick followed up with a right hook and combo then a solid front kick to Neil’s chest.  Zak also lands a front knee to Neil’s solar plexus before Neil goes to the clinch and takes Zak down.  Neil has the top position in Zak’s full guard. With both fighters landing some shot, Zak cut Neil with an elbow from the bottom.  After shifting Zak around the walls of the cage, Neil swings out into Zak’s half guard and then gains his back and locks in a tight rear naked choke. 

“Charlie has some of the best kickboxing I’ve seen in a long time.  If he works his ground game more, which I know he’s doing with Revolution, and calms down, which he will do with more experience, he’s going to be a force.” “I’d like to give a big thanks to the team at ZUMA for helping me win this belt”– Gavin Neil KOTC Canadian Lightweight Champion
Winner- Gavin Neil- Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – 4:00 Round 1

Co-Main Event 
The Co-main event was only the second fight on this card to make it to the second round.  This international match-up saw Brazilian capoeira practitioner Marcus Vinicios take on Belgian Bastien Huveneers.  Marcus Vinicios won the crowd by doing a back-flip when entering the cage.  These two fighters didn’t waste much time as Bastien landed a few solid punches to open up the round, Marcus quickly clinched and the two slid down to Bastien on bottom with a half guard.  Marcus landed a few good shots from the top before each fighter took turns kicking off the cage to switch positions and referee Jim Kipp stands the fighters up.  Once again standing, both fighters exchange some wild haymakers, with Bastien landing several of his.  Marcus clinches and slides the fight to the mat into his half guard, Bastien quickly gains a full mount and lands some punches from the top until the horn sounds, ending the round.

Huveneers took the win over Vinicios (photo by James Locke)

Marcus starts the second round landing a spectacular spinning back kick.  Bastien quickly clinches and again the fight goes to the mat.  After several small changes in position, Bastien gains a full mount and starts a weak ground and pound with quarter strength punches.  Bastien maintains his mount throwing down the weak shots for approximately two minutes while referee Jim Kipp looks to the judges for a decision to stop the fight. Ref Kipp was very hesitant to call a TKO as Bastien’s punches were so weak and were not hurting Marcus.  Due to Marcus not advancing his position and Bastien landing 20-30 unanswered punches from the mount, Referee Jim Kipp calls a stop to the fight.
Winner- Bastein Huveneers- TKO (Ground and pound) – 3:54 Round 2

Nolan Clark (Revolution MMA, Vancouver) vs Garett Davis (Dynamic MMA, Vancouver) 
Clark opens the fight off strong with some leg kicks and nice combinations of punches.  Davis counters with solid hard leg kicks forcing Clark to go into the clinch, where he fails to take Davis down.  While Clark holds Davis against the cage, Davis lands several knees to the body forcing Clark back out into the middle of the cage.  Davis lands some hard leg kicks before forcing Clark back up against the cage, Clark reverses the clinch and lands a left cross dropping Davis to the mat.  Davis quickly stands back up, still in the fight when Clark unloads a flurry of right hooks trying to end the fight.  Davis seems unaffected by the punches and drives ahead with counter combinations of his own pushing Clark back up against the cage.  Davis, noticing Clark has run out of gas, unloads massive right hooks bringing Clark to his knees and forcing referee Jim Kipp to stop the fight.
Winner- Garett Davis- TKO (Punches) – 3:54 Round 1

Tarek Gabali (ZUMA, Victoria) vs Rob Bastone (Tofino Judo Club, Ucluelet) 
One of ZUMA`s up and coming stars, Tarek Gabali, ended this fight quickly, contributing to ZUMA`s 4-0 record for the evening.  Bastone entered the fight with lots of energy running at Gabali with a flying knee followed by a left hook.  Gabali quickly took the fight to the ground and gained Bastone`s back.  After failing a rear naked choke attempt, Gabali throws some furious rights from behind, opening up the chance for a tight rear naked choke for the win.  This fight, puts an end to Rob Bastone’s 2-0 record and increases Gabali`s to an impressive 4-0.  Fans were anxious to hear when and where and who Gabali will fight next.
Winner- Tarek Gabali- Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – :58 Round 1

George Texeira (Tasherra 2000BC, Surrey) vs Ryan Ballingal (Impact MMA, Nanaimo) 
This fight would be the fastest ending of the night.  Ryan Ballingal opens the fight with front kick followed by a combination of punches and a solid left hook that knocks Texeira to the mat for the win.  After the quick KO, a disappointed Ballingal looked to the crowd for Ryan Janes to call him out for a future match.
Winner- Ryan (Rhino) Ballingal- KO- :06 Round 1

Clint VanRossum (Surrey) vs David Perron (Creative Fighters Guild, Richmond) 
Another quick fight would show David Perron come out swinging and landing a hard right hook followed by a solid combo of punches all hitting their target.  Perron would knock out VanRossum in 24 seconds, also splattering blood on my face and notebook with the final KO punch and increasing Perron’s record to 2-0.
Winner- David Perron- KO- :24 Round 1

Geordie McCredie (Comox Valley Boxing Club, Courtenay) vs Ryan Janes (ZUMA, Victoria) 
Ryan Janes opens the fight up with a solid right hook forcing McCredie to push into a clinch where Janes trips him up for the take down.  Landing in Geordie’s guard, Janes lands a few punches to the body before referee Jim Kipp stands the fighter up.  Janes then drops McCredie with a solid right uppercut where he takes his back and throws down some powerful punches forcing McCredie into submission.  Janes was later called out by Ryan (Rhino) Ballingal, Top MMA News will keep an eye out for this fight in future events.
Winner- Ryan Janes- Submission (punches) – 1:33 Round 1

Dan Laughey (Crusher Combat Sports, Victoria) vs Zach Bye (Port McNeil) 
38 year old, Dan Laughey met defeat against an enormous right hook from Zach Bye.  The two fighters met in the center of the cage where Dan was first rocked by Zach’s right hook.  A dazed Laughey attempted to throw back a combination when Bye counters with a devastating right hook putting Laughey to sleep.  This fight bumps Bye’s record up to 2-0, with both fights ending early in the first round.
Winner- Zach Bye- KO- :29 Round 1

Brendon Kornberger (Dynamic MMA, Vancouver) vs Troy Hardy (Comox Valley Boxing Club, Courteney) 
After Troy Hardy met Kornberger in the center of the cage with a kick instead of touching gloves, Kornberger made short work out of Hardy.  After a quick take down, Kornberger landed some solid punches from the top of Hardy’s guard.  When Hardy attempted an arm bar, Kornberger simply lifted and slammed Hardy on the mat and stepped away bringing the fight back to standing.  Kornberger than again slams Hardy to the mat into Hardy’s half guard.  Kornberger then gained a full mount and rained down an intense ground and pound until referee Kevin Dornan called an end to the fight.
Winner- Brendon Kornberger- TKO (Ground and pound) – 1:36 Round 1

Greg Church (ZUMA, Victoria) vs Pendragon Smith (Impact MMA, Nanaimo)
This fight would be the first of only two fights to go past the first round.  Church would open this fight with a hard right hand. Smith would counter with a front kick then defend Church’s take down attempt with an impressive show of strength.  The fighters eventually slid to the mat where Church would attempt an arm triangle then an omoplata, both shaken off by Smith.  Smith then gains Church’s back where he would land some solid punches before the referee Jim Kipp stands the fighters up.  The fighter goes immediately into a clinch where Church would land a take down into side control.  Smith moves into half guard where Church lays down a solid ground and pound, when the timekeeper tapped signifying 10 seconds remaining, referee Jim Kipp was confused and stopped the fighter to stand them up.  Church’s corner was not happy, as Church was possibly about to finish the fight with his powerful ground and pound.  The referee would then call an end to the round after ref Kevin Dornan clarified the situation from outside the cage.

Church would shoot into Smith to open the second round.  Smith wrapped a guillotine choke and dropped Smith to the mat.  Escaping the loose guillotine, Church would land some punches from the top of Smith guard before ref Jim Kipp would once again stand the fighters up.  Church would then throw a big right hook which would bounce off Smith’s shoulder into his forehead dropping him to the mat. Church would then land a series of elbows until the referee would stop the fight.
Winner- Greg Church- TKO (elbows) – 2:01 Round 2

Jordan Knippelberge (Pride Gym, Trail) vs David Krawczyk (Dungeon Grappling, Vancouver) 
Both fighters would exchange punches before taking this fight to the mat. Knippelberge would first attempt an arm bar that Krawczyk would roll out of. Knippelberge would than secure the arm for a tight arm bar.
Winner- Jordan Knippelberge – Submission (arm bar) – 1:49 Round 1

Amateur Bout – Aaron Bourcier (Nanaimo) vs Dan Ring (Dynamic MMA, Vancouver) 
This fight would be the first of many to come that would end early in the first round.  Bourcier would land a nice leg kick and jab/ cross combo that would put Ring up against the cage. After Bourcier failed to capitalize on the opportunity to pounce, Ring came up with a right hook that would daze Bourcier where he quickly jumped on his back attempting a rear naked choke.  Bourcier worked his way free from the first choke, but Ring would sink a second attempt and submit his opponent.
Winner- Dan Ring- Submission (rear naked choke) – :41 Round 1

Tonight’s card, put together by KOTC promoter John Cooper, was full of exciting submissions and knock-outs.  Although the early finishes caused some of the judges to mutter that the fights were mismatched, both the fans in attendance and fighters themselves were pleased with the event.  The indecisiveness and minor mistakes made by referee Jim Kipp was cause for some gossip after the event, but did not have any major effect on the outcomes of the scoring.

“It was another great night of fights on the Island.  I’m looking forward to our next show.  No dates have been scheduled yet for our next event as of yet.” – John Cooper

Tonight’s fights were entertaining and well organized.  Top MMA News looks forward to the next KOTC event on Vancouver Island.

8 Responses to “ KOTC Uprising II Recap ”

  1. Bastien huveneers says:

    Weak punch,. ?? U know what man u r full of shit. Whatever it looked like punches where not slow , Marcus was taking it like a champ .. Most people would ve given up but he did not .. Good for him. 20 to 30 punches .. Dude u can’t count or u re biased.. I punched the guy mounting for 2 min straight.. U know how hard it is to keep punching when u r outa gas?? I’ll show ya hard punches . Marcus is tough he took it, but punches where landing n where not weak ..

    Weak punch.. Man this review is biased against me and my team. I don’t care who you re working for or why you talk shit about me but this review is Bullshit!!!

    This review is biased again me and the whole dynamic team ( we also won 4-0 btw..
    Buzz off!!

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  2. Ruffian says:

    I hate a weak punch!! throw some gin or rum in there and make it a party!!

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  3. James Locke says:


    I am not biased against your team, you or for anyone. The reason the referee Jim Kipp allowed you to ground and pound for 2:05 was that he thought “the punches are weak, the punches aren’t getting through”. This is straight from his mouth.

    Also, you are right Dynamic did go 4-0 for the night. The reason I mention ZUMA is that they have won two titles and had two undefeated events in the past two weeks. This definitly deserves mention.

    I mean no disrespect to you or Marcus, I think it was a great fight by two talented fighters. I hold nothing but the upmost respect for all who enter the cage or ring to showcase the fruits of their long hard training for other entertainment. I also do my best to ensure I write unbiased truthful accounts of events.

    I look forward to your next fight and wish you the best of luck in your careeer.

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  4. Denis Gomey says:

    The reason the ref pet it go is because he was completely incompetant. Brutal ref, brutal show.

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  5. Ruffian says:

    Denis is right, dude had a goofy stache too, who does he think he is with that thing

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  6. Yeah, my appologies for the former comment, I guess my adrenaline was still a bit high.. I shouldn’t have snapped at ya James.. I’m sorry. I was tired indeed, punches where not strong enough to get a clear tko..

    Anyway I shouldn’t have got that pissed at ya for writing this review. Sorry.

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  7. Bastien don’t sweat it, we appreciate having you and many other fighters comment on our site, good bad or ugly. If it’s what you are feeling say it!

    We appreciate the comments and even moreso appreciate you coming back to comment.

    Best of luck, and congrats!

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  8. Jesse haywood says:

    i LOL’d at the end of Zach byes name. everyone else has some kind of training camp after there name but zach’s just says port mcneill, being from port mcneill and have trained with zach i just find it funny

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