XKL – Evolution 1 – Preview


XKL is one week away.  Its your chance to see Corey Hill, Jeff Monson, Ricco Rodriguez, and Mark Holst live in Michigan.  Get your tickets now. 

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  1. Jason says:

    Can’t wait to see Mark Holst vs. Corey Hill. The only scenario I can see Hill winning is by an over aggressive attack that Mark is not prepared for. If Corey Hill can get top position and ground and pound he might have a chance. However, if Mark can use his superior stand-up technique or put on a jiu jitsu clinic it will be a long night for Hill. I see Mark winning this fight.

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  2. Supposed to be neutral but Mark contributes to Top MMA News. I think he brings home the belt.

    By the way, you can watch this on Internet PPV. If you buy it before the 17th, its $6.95. If you buy it after it goes up to $10.95.


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