LGIO East Tourney Gets a Shot of Adrenaline


Top MMA News has been able to confirm that both Jesse Gross and Alex Gasson have signed up for the East portion of the Let’s Get It On tournament which is scheduled for May 22nd in Gatineau, Quebec.  Both fighters are based out of Adrenaline Training Centre in London, Ontario.    

Jesse Gross (2-0-0) had an impressive professional debut at CFC 3 where he dispatched Agostino Denatale in the third round.  After amassing an impressive 8-3 amateur record, Gross recently secured his 2nd win in as many professional fights when he forced TJ Yakuber’s corner to throw in the towel in the second round of their fight for the Xtreme Cagefighting Championship in Mt. Clemons, Michigan.  The Lightweight prospect is the first Top MMA News has been able to confirm as taking part in the LGIO East Lightweight tournament.  

Alex Gasson, who last competed in 2005 is looking to make his return as he enters the Welterweight portion of the tournament.  Gasson (5-8-0) comes into the tournament with some solid experience under his belt.  He has faced the likes of Nick Ring, Sam Morgan, Jeff Joslin, Jonathan Goulet and Brock Larson.  Taking a five year hiatus from the sport is almost unheard of.  The infamous ‘ring rust’ always poses a concern, however someone who carries the competition experience Gasson holds should transition well.  The only other competitor for the LGIO East tournament Top MMA News has been able to confirm at this point is Markhaile ‘Showtime’ Wedderburn. 

As always, keep it tuned to Top MMA News as we bring you up to speed regarding Let’s Get It On MMA.

3 Responses to “ LGIO East Tourney Gets a Shot of Adrenaline ”

  1. Billy Beck says:

    is this a joke

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  2. Sean McManus says:

    No sir Mr. Billy Beck – no joke. I take it from a few of your posts that you aren’t a fan of LGIO. According to my source Gasson has been training for over a year to make his comeback, and Jesse Gross is a talented kid looking to make his mark in the LW tourney. Although Gasson’s record isn’t anything to shake a stick at he’s faced some of the best this country has to offer, so I’m pretty sure even though he’s known for his over the top personality, he’s all business regarding this.

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  3. Jay says:

    Is there a web site or email contact for the people in charge as i would like some info.

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