KOTC Uprising II – Weigh-In Results


At the KOTC weigh-ins tonight, a solid lineup of fights was made official. Charlie Zak and Gavin Neil both came in under the Lightweight limit to ensure that the championship fight will take place. 

All other fighters made weight except for David Krawczyk who was two pounds over his weight limit.  Krawczyk was expected to make the weight after being given additional time to cut the excess weight. 

Here are there complete results:

Gavin Neil (154) vs Charlie Zak (153.8)
*** for KOTC Canada Lightweight title
Bastien Huneneers (183) vs Marcus Vinicios (183)

Nolan Clark (179.8) vs. Garet Davis (177)
Tarek Gabali (156) vs Rob Bastone (152.4)
Ryan Ballingal (182.2) vs George Texeira (177.4)
Clint VanRossum (174.4) vs David Perron (184.2)
Ryan Janes (182) vs George McCredie (183)
Dan Laughey (166) vs Zach Bye (167.6)
Brendon Kornberger (190.4) vs Troy Hardy (188.8)
Pendragon Smith (155) vs Greg Church (154)
Jordan Knippleberge (154.2) vs David Krawczyk (158)*
Dan Ring (173.2) vs Aaron Bourcier (175)

* two pounds over weight.

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  1. Denis Gomey says:

    Holy Shit, I’m at Kotc and it’s Bush league about 4-500 people here. Should rename it GAY O T C

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